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Extract from the Hopi Blue Star prophesy:
There will be messengers that will precede the coming of the Purifier.
They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.
The messages will be found written on the living stone.............
Bear this in mind as you conclude Echoes from The Chamber !
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                   For the Very Ancient Past                                  For Higher Understandings                           For the Animal Heritage of Egypt





We welcome you all to the journey

                                          ... Richard Gabriel and Judith            


Our material and thousands of pics amassed from years of activity in Egypt and elsewhere will all find its way into the pages of our Foundation sites as time and finance allows. We recommend you Bookmark this page and check often to catch the new pages as they appear here, and from The Giza Foundation - Site Index page. (The Foundation pages will eventually return you here.) 


These sites represent years of our on-going work and our adventures so far in the quest to fulfil our calling to the Great Pyramid and to uncover any evidence pointing to our ancient Ancestors. Our journey arose from conjoined lifetimes of supernormal experience and the understandings gained from these events; and our task is still incomplete. Cosmic transformations have begun. We openly disclose our material and invite all readers to become participants with whom we will fully cooperate. Please always check the Message Board at the foot of this page for news updates on any relevant activities.


From our sojurns, contacts and private research we have encountered numerous strange things around Cairo and in the Western Desert. These have left us with huge questions we have been trying to find answers to.  We found compelling evidence that much higher ancient sea levels signal a shore line where future exploration could be concentrated with greater expectation.  We found a correlation from the ancient shore line to the Giza Plateau. We encountered compelling evidence too, of a highly sophisticated people living in a very ancient time, who left a legacy of achievement buried under the Giza plateau and the Western Desert.   We invite you to examine the evidence presented in the following page-files, then return with your own feedback using the Message Board at the foot of this page - or directly to us using our admin Mail link above.


Echoes from The Chamber, substantially tells the whole story and includes all that could not published here. It covers the journey and the detail of all that led to the disclosure files linked below, and much, much more.    All book details from HERE



The Giza Foundation Appeal


Our pages offer many files and a lot of fresh material.  Until now the obligation of our mundane work has severely limited the  time needed to present an even bigger collection of pics and evidence we have been sitting on.  We have gathered over 40,000 evidential pictures and we are working on over 20 New leading stories right now. Our mundane work sustains us.  It has wholly funded our multiple visits to Egypt for years and the costs involved to present them to you. We have always simply sought the truth, and we hope you have been enjoying the results of our journey.  We will continue to use all our spare resources and we want to do so much more.


Now we need your financial help especially with our Animal rescue work and to pursue explosive new story threads. We are dedicated to this task so you may be able to reclaim something precious - which a few others want to claim all for themselves ! If providence favours our cause, our Donations appeal may attract sufficient help that eventually we will work Full Time on your behalf to deliver so much more. Your support however large or small will help.  Any proceeds from our book, Echoes from The Chamber, will be directed towards our 25K target to build a planned new animal hospital which will serve Giza with free animal clinics.

Thank you, Richard and Judith



  But before the archaeology; first spare a thought for the animals!    

View our 2012 Christmas Gift to the World from Egypt. It is the shame of Cairo  HERE

Then see our vital new Report from amid the troubles, AUGUST 2013...HERE






 If we feature relevant original material from elsewhere, it will be respected with equal space, linked and be given full accreditation.

We ask only for the same Reciprocal Courtesy. Thank you - Richard & Judith (please notify us if you ever spot an omission)




For Egypt's Ancient Past  

When the Last Tank Has Gone



The Evidence of Our Gathered Files...




The Definitive Secrets of the NC2 Cave/Cavern System Beneath the Giza Plateau


INCLUDING SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF ORIGINAL PICTURES     (Newest files are dated & Key files are highlighted)



*NEW* Interviews from the BOB CHARLES SHOW    1st Hour     2nd & 3rd Hour

                 Discussing NC2, Echoes from The Chamber and a whole lot more (Apologies for a little stop/start interference with the sound quality in places)



LINK    The Re-Opening of NC2 Intro


LINK    The Re~Opening of NC2 Files :  x7 web pages - taking you inside the NC2 complex with hundreds of pictures and explanation.


LINK     2 Hour Live Stream with Camelot


LINK    The Agathodaimon Introduction  


LINK    The Entrance of Agathodaimon The File  


LINK    Download nearly 100 original NC2 pics FREE for your own investigation into the system


LINK    The NC2 Tube Tunnel Whistle Blower Report  x3 web pages  


LINK    The First NC2 Picture Galleries and Explanation Files  x5 web pages  


LINK    Earlier Gallery Examination of the Lower NC2 Tomb Chambers 


LINK    Rebutting the Detractors - Agathodaimon and Public Apologies - FREE  E Book       


LINK    First Camelot NC2 Video Interview 


April 2013 - Brand New Discoveries connecting NC2 secrets to the world and our very ancient past


LINK   NC2:  The profound images and their connections, starting with the underground tunnel and cavern system, and

                      giving a detailed primer to the whole subject.


LINK   NC2:  The Walls of Record - The Analysis Method Explained - How You can make your own discoveries from home.


LINK   NC2:  The first of images within - The Great Pyramid 


LINK    The Ancient Ogham Script Discovered within the underground system of NC2     (New File @ 12 June 2013)

         Please note that the Message Board attached to this file carries the results of latest script research as it unfolds.


All of the examples discovered so far, demonstrate a generic correlation across the world.

We have only just begun with finds from readily published world locations.

We hope others will agree with our findings before seeking more of your own sacred site HD pics.

Then to apply the analysis process to produce more and more validations.

The analysis is very time intensive. Please bear with us as we work to open the worldly LINKS below


The Osiris Shaft : The Sun Temple  :  Africa : Bulgaria : Japan : Columbia  :  Costa Rica  :  Ethiopia  :  India  :  

Ireland  :  Australia  :  Peru  :  Portugal  :  Saudi Arabia  :  Spain  :  Turkey  :  America  :  UK  :

The World Grid connection  :  The purpose of the Altar Stone, The Throne & Reception Tunnels



LINK   The Fabulous Iron Rock of Australia    NEW*@ September 1st 2014






2011  Matters - The Files


LINK    Unresolved Questions 


LINK    The Destruction of the Nazlet Alien


LINK    The 11.11.11 Fiasco


LINK    The Open Letter To Zahi Hawass - Christmas Day 2011



The 2010 Battle of Giza - The Truth Behind the Deceit


LINK    2010 - That Was The Year That Was - Intro 


LINK     2010 - SHAFTED on the Giza Plateau 


LINK    Radio Interview with Camelot



The Nazlet el Samaan Village Fiasco - 6 dead Men & The Big Underground Secret


LINK    The Village of Nazlet el Samaan & The Location of The Palace Tomb of Khufu - Intro 


LINK    The Whole Village Story and our involvement in the Exposure Process 


LINK    Supplemental pics and Accounts of Artefacts found from other Illegal Village Digs 


LINK    Comprehensive Gallery of the Death Site and the alleged Items from Below Ground 


LINK    This is what greeted the Authorities at the Underground Chambers where the men died 


LINK    Fake Videos mixed with Real just to confuse! See them for yourself and You decide 


LINK    Later we were taken blindfold to another Massive Illegal Dig by a Mosque in Old Cairo 


LINK    The Alien Archway in the Village of Nazlet el Samaan, also linked within the Evidences Files below 




...A Growing List Of The Major Evidence Files for YOU to help Solve


LINK     Aramu Muru, Stargates, & The Giza Plateau  


LINK     The Alien in the Village of Nazlet el Samaan  


LINK    The Ancient Desert Sea and The Strange Petroglyph 


LINK    The Cliff Cave of Horse and Human Bones   


LINK    Explosions and Skulduggery in The Western Desert   


LINK    The Crushed Caves and Ghosts of Abu Lifa  


LINK    The Forgotten Roman Temple in the Desert Wilderness  


LINK    The Osiris Shaft Mystery Mud Tunnel   


LINK    Strange Affairs around The Western Mastabas  


LINK    The Berlin Wall of Nazlet el Samaan Village  


LINK    What the BEEP are These  


LINK    The Secret Side of Giza   


LINK    The Questions you should be asking about Giza Now  


LINK    The Pharaonic Village - Alive in Cairo  


LINK    Wanderings and Romantic Mysteries Further Afield  



...Concurring Evidence from Other Sources


LINK    Other Sources of Material - Comment Intro 


LINK    Our friend Howard Middleton Jones and the Ambilac Site   


LINK    Camelot Productions - Whistleblower Interview site   


LINK    Tom Danley - Astro Acoustics in The Great Pyramid  


LINK    The late Philip Coppins - Author and Investigative Journalist   


LINK   Our friend Bruce Fenton's sharp focus on 2012 and more  



From our Stellar Origins to The Geomatrix Blueprint at Giza




LINK     What Is The Geomatrix Blueprint


LINK    Painting the broad canvas of who we are and how we got here  


LINK    Once Upon A Maybe, The story of how it all began  


LINK    Bringing the Cycles to Today with their Warning from Yesterday  








For Higher Understanding


 Who we are - Why we are here...


Book Order   HERE  or   HERE



All my life I had chased an understanding of the crazy experiences which singled me out as a loner with a single obsession; to profoundly understand the Nature of Things. In 1981 I had an experience to end all experiences. It was as a memory recall of how everything actually worked. It was instant and gave me back the whole knowing of the function of matter up to and beyond quantum. It addressed and answered every question about my whole life of Supernormal experience and every other question thrown at it. It was my Event!


Quite simply I offer my journey to you to test against your own experience. The book, Echoes from The Chamber is now in print. However the draft introductions and first chapter can be read here, and you will encounter other files where the Understanding has been exposed.... Richard.     As with everywhere else within this site, your own comments, questions, queries, challenges or additions - are welcomed in the Guest Book at the bottom of this page.






Our endorsement of first class alternative Books

- which explore aspects of Life, the Universe and Everything in the search for our true roots.




Life beyond Quantum & The First Contents of Echoes from The Chamber



LINK    www. Echoes from The Chamber : Details of the book and pages of photo evidence plus explanations leading

                                                                 from discoveries above & below ground at Giza


LINK   Pre ~ Rambles for the Homecoming Journey 


LINK   Finding Explanations - and The First Full Chapter  





Deeper Inspirations and True Stories from the Journey


LINK   The Difficult Case for Indigos  


LINK   Crystals and The 'Presence' of Illness  


LINK   Out of Body and Lucid Explanations   


LINK    Close Encounters of the Karmic Kind  


LINK   Explaining OBE's Lucids and Dream States   


LINK   The Man with a Broken Leg  &  A Fistful of Sand  


LINK   2012 or beyond - And Why We Should Be Preparing Now  


LINK   Visions In The Night


LINK   Meeting the Anubis


LINK    Open Skulls 



LINK   The Writings - A Primer Explanation 


LINK   One Foot From The Top  


LINK   Principles of Possession  


LINK   The Song of Diocretes 


LINK   A Mutual Understanding


LINK   My Epiphany of the 12th. October 2013 



The Places, The Stories, The Miracles from The Holy Family in Egypt


LINK   The Holy Lands of Egypt - A Primer Introduction 



LINK   Sifted Site Links with Invaluable research Material  





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LINK      09.0.13 Blinded by the Prophet ...and an answer  NEW



LINK    Of Conflict - Resisting the Dark & The Job Beneath The Plateau  



LINK    Delving Under The Giza Plateau   



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