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The Re-opening of NC2

 In The Shadow of an Advanced Pre-Civilization?



With a huge File Presentation

..7 Long Pages & Nearly 480 New Pictures




It is time for us to light a fire under this subject again!


               (This is a Huge File. For ease of use we have had to separate it into sequential pages, but please let us know if any problems arise in its use. )


Previously we had promised we were sitting on a lot more information to do with the NC2 tomb/sub-chambers/connection tunnels/and deeper cavern system system than we had released. It is now time to bring everyone up to date!


Within this long 7 page Report you will find NC2 information never before presented which reinforces the immense unique importance of the NC2 system to the world.  If our new findings are verified it will take us a step closer to the legendary existence of a more advanced (in their own way) pre-civilization. We know from our own copious evidence and personal experience that the NC2 system urgently needs to be protected as a World Heretage site and dealt with as such! Our findings may be considered Lay evidence, but that does not dismiss the overwhelming stark reality of their presence, nor the obvious conclusions that can be drawn from them. Furthermore, let it be understood once again, our findings were observational throughout. They were copiously gathered - without disturbance to a single thing within the system. No item was ever disturbed. No item was ever removed, and our means to the system implicates no-one beyond ourselves; suffice to say, we consider ourselves blessed to be always guided on our investigations!  


As the politics in Egypt evolve into a People's administration we can only pray that someone within a new authority will champion an inquiry into the administrative handling of NC2. As our compelling evidence will show, a forensic archaeological investigation of the whole system should be motivated forthwith. It should be official and transparent! A lot of people have undoubtedly made an obscene amount of money under the table already from it, and that must be prevented at all costs from this point forward.






It is essential for background information, that readers will have first visited the contents of our previous reports and our huge photo galleries which present the findings and conclusions from our earlier benign visits into the NC2 system. These can be accessed from our site front page links or below:  




In particular please view these next 2 hitherto latest report files and picture galleries. 

1 - Endeavouring to make a serious study of the findings and reach conclusions,

2 - Breaking of the news of the tube-tunnel blockage that we discovered approximately 250 -300 feet into the system, but blocked from below. (file in three parts)



Our previous reports go hand in hand with what you are about to read and they are an absolutely necessary preparation for this latest presentation     


(1)   The Entrance of Agathadaimon Report



                    PART 2

                    PART 3







NC2 - An Investigation Primer




It is also absolutely necessary to offer some investigative advice for you to carry throughout this Report. Presently you will begin to see original pics from the caves / sub-system / new-found connection cave tunnels and the penetrating tunnel and cavern system deep into the plateau.


These pics are accompanied by zoomed pictures cropped from the originals which have been enhanced via adjustment of light, colour saturation and contrast.


However, just like those modern abstract 3D pics which require a re-focus of the eyes to see the detailed pics that are concealed within them (sometimes more than one layer) the cave pics are exactly the same.


I remember a couple of decades or more ago how fascinated I was when those 3D abstract pictures appeared on the market. I was one of the ones who could not see the pictures hidden within their abstraction. However we bought a couple of the pictures to hang, as even in their abstract form they seemed attractive. One evening I was sitting day dreaming and staring at one of those pictures on the wall. My depth perception shifted and I was shocked to no longer see abstract. In fact the whole picture had changed into a fantastic detailed landscape with figures. Now I experimented with the de-focusing and found the hidden scene immediately on our other abstract picture. The final prize was when I found there was a third level complex picture in the first abstract.


So it is with the NC2 system walls and roof/ceiling surfaces everywhere. You will view but may only see some of the images, unless you train your eyes through careful study of them - employing different depth perceptions. These images have been extracted from beneath many centuries of deep deposit.


They are original masterpieces, covered through subsequent generations by plaster, over-paintings, carvings and scratchings. The original artists used a technique where an image was created, (and to use one example) ....The dorsel fin of a large fish may then have been used as the tail fin of a smaller fish, which was over-painted within part of the profile of the original fish. Multiply this idea a thousand times and you have what is presented throughout the NC2 system. Master images everywhere contain sometimes incredibly complex image gatherings within their shapes. Our investigations were more complicated when we realised the artists also used relief carvings and the natural shape of the rocks to present image forms. 


This is to say, it will be a waste of time for anyone who comes to this report and just skims through. You will miss the obvious. The concealed images are there in plain sight - Fact!  ..But you need to develop the right eye penetration to be able to see many of them. You need to give time to look deep into each example. As soon as you master the first couple of hidden image pics. you will be able to apply it to all the others. We show you a very large number of random examples but we have hundreds more that will need months to continue analysing.



P.S. Please note throughout this whole Report, whenever we refer to 'original' pics on display, you are in fact always viewing a reduced-size copy for Web Publishing - and therefore sorry, but it is inevitably a degraded version of the actual HD original.We will collaberate the actual HD originals with any other serious investigators.



We have been completely overwhelmed as you will be by the end of this presentation by the sheer volume of the exquisite new images and carvings we have found throught the sub-system and the cavern/tunnels so far. We were shocked to realise their nature appeared to verify at last what we suspected about the origins and purpose of NC2. Even with our limited resources, the evidence we have could keep us going for many months. A Pre-Dynastic time beckons you now as it did us. Sample just one image from the caverns as a small taster.


On the left, the original picture from deep within the system 

..and from bottom right of the same pic ...Just look for the male profile

Then study the streched/cropped/adjusted version below and you will see the reason for the Investigation Primer advice above.

The third version shows there is a complete collage of images within the more obvious larger images.



Buckle up then with drinks and provisions. It will take a whole lot longer than 5 minutes to wade through the seven heavy file pages and nearly 480 pics that constitute this comprehensive Report.



Here, for the first time ever, we present an accurate Scaled Schematic of the NC2 tomb system..


 We will repeat this depiction later when we focus on important first-hand descriptions and our conclusions





Now: The story brought up to date


It is necessary to state yet again there is more than one way to gain entry into this system!   We confirm that a pathway for us to access its depths has always been open. We believe also that nothing happens by accident!  In our previous reports on NC2 we presented evidence to show that the system, after a distance of approximately 250 -300 feet under the plateau, was stopped at a forced tube tunnel - which had been blocked from its other end!



          Our previous depiction of the Tube Tunnel blockage

  We have since conducted copious research especially on

  the plateau itself. The NC2 system has yielded much more to us

  which we will now share; but as with right now, it is prudent to

  keep-back any information which may compromise ongoing

  investigations - but more of that later.



  We are able to prove  that the iron door placed by the discredited

  and deposed Zahi Hawass was not as he alleged, to keep the

  curious and the pyramididiots out. It was to stop the world from

  discovering that under his jurisdiction the system had been

  secretly raped from within! (The world has already concluded his

  NC2 movie Chasing Mummies was a disgraceful whitewash.) As

  persons otherwise most familiar with the whole system, we know

  this to be true absolutely!



  We were also able to prove the likelyhood of connections between

  the differing levels of the natural cavern system and the lower

  tomb chambers, which had undoubtedly made use of an original

  huge water scoured fissure system. Our evidence shows the

  existence of the unexplored further natural tunnels,accessible from

  the roof levels of Western sub-level hewn chambers. Unsuccessful attempts have been made in recent time by others to disturb the rock-boulders blocking them, and the raiders have dislodged many boulders from when I penetrated inside them as far as I could previously.


We were able from our findings, in previous reports, to say that the system likely gave rise to the deep plateau legends of repositories and connections from a previous civilised time, and that these had a promise of truth.


                Our previous photo of one simulacrum

  Our photographs showed the evidence of simulacrum, and multiple

  depictions of animals on the walls, covered by centuries of deposit.

  We offered-up from the NC2 index page, almost a hundred original

  high quality pictures from our collection hopefully for other more

  expert investigators (or anyone) to download, scrutinise, and test

  our conclusions. (to date these have been often downloaded but

  have not yielded a single feedback to refute of confirm our

  results.) We had challenged that the system needed to be

  photographed professionally throughout with infra red or Xray

  photography to determine its exact ancient legacy. We have proof

  there has been deliberate defacement of specific wall and roof

  sections where we previously made such identifications.


  We offered our entire research portfolio to anyone in the Egyptian

  administration who would openly investigate our serious

  allegations and who would pursue the right course for Egypt and

  the world with NC2. No response was ever directly forthcoming!


  We have proof that other secret working teams have been in the

  system and have put in a herculean effort to displace and turn

  over tons and tons of rocks and boulders to search throughout,

  presumably to completely sanitise the audit trail which points to

  deeper within the plateau. The saving grace firstly is that in the

  sub-level chambers, none of the chambers have been cleared.

  All of them require clearance down to their actual depth. On the Western side, the chambers are predominantly still filled with broken floor rocks. On the Eastern side despite significant progress to clear them, their true depth is masked by tons of deep sand, and in the deeper system our analysis shows the robbers missed small priceless items - many of which lie dmaged beneath rocks and boulders.


However we can reveal, we have reason to be certain there is at least yet another level of chambers below the existing sub-level... and why should there not be? This system was created post ancient catastrophe when waters were hundreds of feet higher. Those waters originally scoured a huge system of water courses from the natural fissures as the waters gradually receded. At some time post catastrophe, the population said thank you very much and carved their way into them to form NC2.


Right now, NC2 appears to end with a ground level tomb, a sub-level system of connected chambers and the remaining natural cave and cavern system beyond the ground level tomb. All of them (at the moment) hide where all those millions of gallons of water must have flowed! It is pure common sense that as the waters receded, the fissures of the NC2 extended system must have had an outlet lower on the plateau for the water to exit. How else would there have been such a river flow to create it in the first place? We have compelling, specific evidence which we believe proves the existence of continuing deeper chambers.


Then there is the tube tunnel at its current deepest point.

From 1817 we have the words of Henry Salt and Giovani Caviglia to tempt us:


I have little to say. We entered into one, and followed up our researches through rude and craggy vaults, several hundred yards into the rock, creeping at times on our hands and knees, among the bones and carcasses of camels and other animals carried there by the hyenas, which frequent these caves. At last we entered by a forced passage through a thin wall into a spacious chamber, which presented nothing to our view, but bare and mouldering walls. This chamber communicated with three others of equal dimensions, which issued many labyrinthian passages, which had too intricate and uninteresting an appearance to induce us to advance. Captain Caviglia informed me that afterwards he advanced in another direction, three hundred feet farther but found nothing to tempt him to continue his researches.


It would be impossible for anyone to draw accurate conclusions from these notes without a familiarity  with the internals of the system itself. (At this point we must say that despite our previous differences, we are indebted to Andrew Collins and Nigel Skinner-Simpson for highlighting the notes of Salt and Caviglia and subsequently re-identifying the entrance into the deeper natural system. We are indebted also to William Brown for specifically drawing us to its relevance in our own quest, through the Geomatrix Blueprint)


However to return to the notes in conjunction with our personal experince, from our time inside, we are able to draw some logical conclusion.


     Here showing the Plateau - major deep earth fault lines

  # The system naturally has to travel further in several ways deeper

      under the plateau.


  # There have to be other hidden points lower on the plateau where

      the water made its exit.


   # The system pre dates a previous ancient catastrophe,

      beyond even the last ice melt to a grander event circa 12,500+

      years ago which produce  inundations of several hundred feet

      higher than the water  table now and reamed out the


      We contend the clues of this are in the lore attached to the raped

      contents (but are captured in our records.) We know however

      that as deliberate as the pillage has been, it was not 'so' clean,

      because evidence remains; and it includes more than one other

      obscured way we know of to penetrate deeper.


   # Almost 200 years ago during the time of Salt and Caviglia,

      they were still exploring by the light of candles and burning

      torches. The environment is entirely dangerous and hostile and

      would have made a daunting candidate for deep cave

  exploration, especially if no pristine hewn chambers presented themselves filled with booty!  Down there dark is dark, and even by the light of powerful modern flashlamps it is easy to understand how some would be reluctant to continue. Futhermore in such an environment it would have been entirely understandable for those early explorers to have missed any manner of physical evidence of early usage.


# The explorers reported the remains of animals dragged into the system as food for hyenas etc. We know it would be unreasonable and impractible for a wild animal to drag animal parts very deep into the system. It would also be illogical. A cave is a cave, but what wild animal would need to go hundreds of feet or hundreds of yards deeper into the system. That possibility does not make sense and therefore allows us to factor it when studying the notes. We contend, the early explorers' adventure on hands and knees among the bones and carcasses and other animals, would have therefore referred to the main body of the first section of the deep tunnels and caverns; and it does travel for a few hundred feet. It is so easy in the system to be fooled by length and distance. We think Salt and Caviglia over-estimated the length of the initial tunnels and caverns. We used Lasar measurement and due to the suspension in the air, we cannot claim them to be scientifically and wholly accurate; but it gave us a few hundred feet as opposed to several hundreds of yards.


    The Tube Tunnel at the final current point of the system


   # The notes refer to a forced passage, through a thin wall into a

    spacious chamber. There is such a forced passage which we

    named the Tube Tunnel, and which has now been deliberately

    blocked from its other end!

    The description of entering the spacious chamber is troublesome -

    unless beyond the blockage the tunnel does open through a thin

    wall into a spacious chamber. We will not know for sure until and

    unless a legal, and transparent excavation takes place through

    and beyond the deliberate blockage. We will not know until a

    similar excavation takes place within the system in other more

    obscure but equally promising locations we know about.


   # We know there is far greater importance to the Tube Tunnel

     than Zahi's squealing superficial television presentation portrayed!

     Within the Tunnel itself at a depth of about 16 feet, there are

     carved creatures on the Eastern wall. There are also holes in the

     Western side of the tunnel opening through to other almost

     inaccessable small tunnels.

     We can also state that images and relief carvings throughout the

    whole system, as within the Tube Tunnel, were mostly created in groupings where they are all peering in the same direction of significance. In the case of the Tube Tunnel, the carvings and images peer together down deeper in the direction of the tunnel flow. See the next two pics below which highlight these two (from many) pieces of Tube Tunnel evidence.


# The very fact from our conclusion that the tube tunnel has been blocked from its other end, if correct, verifies the existence of a countinuing system. The blockage would demand a motive, but no less focused than the motive behind the secret rape of the entire system and the theft of its treasures, including (we claim) at least one magnificent sarcophagus from the lower chambers.


  A view into the small tunnels from the wall of the tube Tunnel         A closer view of the rock carvings 16 feet into the Tube Tunnel



If it happened as exactly as we said, the perpetraters in their wildest imagination would not have believed that anyone would penetrate again soon into this forbidding system beyond the irons at the entrance, into the tube-tunnel - and record their grave error. Their act proved the deeper system, while validating Salt and Caviglia, and indicated their own guilt.  Their act also pre-supposes other ways into the lower system as we previously determined and will return to shortly.


Repeatedly we have argued for the sensible possibility of a motive which seeks the potential private recovery of ancient advanced artifacts and technology. Such a motive would explain the establishment secrecy and the extraordinary lengths that have been taken to sanitise all serious audit trails to the very ancient past elsewhere on the plateau, and especially within this key system. Incidentally we have gathered evidence from elsewhere to show where other underground links exist into the sub-terrain complex. We will reveal this in forthcoming sections as mentioned in our 11.11. reports index.



  The Radar photo with the shadow indicators of a sub-system

  # If such an underground complex exists with NC2 as an original

     entrance, what other evidence exists to support it?

     Well we have the Radar photograph in 2007 taken by the

     German Aerospace Centre partnership.


     Many have seen this photograph. In fact beyond the significance

     of the re-discovery of the entrance to the system by Andrew

     Collins and Nigel Skinner-Simpson, the discovery of this Radar

     photograph by British Engineer Rodney Hale C.Eng. MIET., we

     believe is of equal importance to help validate the deeper tunnel

     system. We spent much time analysing it in conjunction with

     Google Earth and especially with what we found on the ground.

      If the Tube Tunnel was blocked from its other end, this would

      again pre-suppose the fact that another way had been explored

      into the deep system.We hold this belief and we speculated it

     would have to be an easy prospect for the recovery of artifacts

     too. We are certain however even if this is true, then any access

     to the stuff of legend had not taken place - because some news

     or rumour of the fact would have surfaced by now,

     however secretly done.




In pursuit of the theory, our instant strength of probability zeroed in on the new excavation licenced to the Japanese for the recovery of the new solar boat at the side of the Great Pyramid, bordering its South Western corner. The work was much heralded recently with a press call to present the excavations. However the presentation appears unsurprisingly to have been stage-managed. In the information released from the event, including photographs, there was careful omission of descriptions and photographs of the closely guarded chamber of the boat - further protected inside the huge new canvas building designed for the purpose.



 The SW corner of the GP showing the new solar boat compound

 We decided upon this location as possibly a way into the deep

  system for a number of convenient reasons. Its protected status

  for a start, and more so for the fact that just by the SW corner of

  the GP, running obliquely through the whole plateau NW to SE

  there is the recorded biggest underground fissure/rift. Just as with

  NC2, what better way to penetrate deep into a system -(which

  could have easily used the very deep underground rift system to

  create a repository and tunnel/chamber complex.)


  This rift is a relatively very short distance from the line of the NC2

  cave complex, and the shadow line of the 2007 Radar shadow

  photograph, which arches across from NC2 to the cliff bordering

  Kephren, in two places.


  Even if at this stage we use speculation, it is resonable to assume

  that the water courses from NC2, and the ancient tunnellers-

  would have used a tunnel link from the NC2 entrance to gain their

  access to the deep rift of the Great Pyramid. For now this cannot

  be easily proved or disproved because of the security lock-

  down on the solar boat excavation site and areas close by!


  The second natural location for the plunderers to have done their

  deed is indicated again by the X ray photograph. We can confirm its line picks up on ground-visible features, like the open rifts which strike across to the cliff at the Western and Northern sides of Kephren. The shadow line shown by the photo splits, and its Southerly progress is interrupted by a perpendicular line; but again from this another anomaly line emanates and crosses the short distance to reach the Kephren cliff.



In the pic below, the feature between 8/5/9/3 represents the Radar shadow as it splits to form the lower Radar shadow line to the Western side of Kephren.   (7 is NC2 entrance)    10 to 4 is where the upper shadow strikes over the the Kephren cliff, while 1 to 2 shows where the lower shadow line meets the cliff at a more Southerly point on Kephren's Eastern side.


This is where the story becomes exciting because the Kephren cliff is host to a series of tomb/chambers at its base - (or as some claim, - ancient workers quarters.) One of these in good position is barred with a solid steel door, while others are either completely choked or deliberately blocked with placed rocks. The possibility that one of these entrances gives deep access is bolstered by the 1977 Stanford Research Institute/Cairo Aim Shams University, GPR survey of the area. The survey confirmed the deep fault anomalies close to Kephren's West side.



 Pics below show the cliff area on Kephren's W./N. side; on top showing some fissures, and below, some of the sealed entrances.


These locations await further investigation, but even they are not the last possibility for another secret access to the sub levels. We know of locations East of Kephren where there are confirmed shaft/tunnel connections which tie to the causeway shafts and continue for sure towards Kephren.


# The old Harvard Camp building sits on top of the highest point of the plateau and coincidentally overlooks NC2 by a couple of hundred yards. A recently adjusted police post is concealed beneath its balcony and although invisible to the wanderer, gives its occupants a clear and unrestricted panoramic view of the whole plateau starting with the NC2 area. Two police officers hold vigil at all times. The whole area around the Harvard Camp is now an accumulated mechanics yard and a dumping ground for tons of excavation spoil. This is scheduled under the Plateau Rehabilitation Plan to be wiped clean as it looks directly on to the new incomplete electric car roadway and the heli-pad.


Three pics below show the remaining Harvard Camp building perched on the hill by NC2, and a panorama view of the NC2 area with clear sight of one of the filled old shaft heads, sitting on top of a rift. The foreground cleft (3rd pic) is the start of the Radar shadow-line reaching to Kephren. The first pic shows NC2 in the centre alongside the dark shapes of the other North Cliff entrances to the left.


The Harvard camp was established by George Reisner in 1902 to pursue the aims of the Hearst Expedition of the University of California. Its patronage shifted in 1905 to The Boston Museum of Fine arts with the Harvard University. For 50 years it was the base of operations for Reisner, passing to the control of the Egyptian department of antiquities in 1947 and finally closing in its prime role in 1952. In its prime, there were multiple buildings forming a widespread Camp. Almost all of these have been levelled. On the ground it is just possible to determine the foundation remains for some of them.


However despite the turmoil of the ground surfaces it is also possible to spot where excavation shafts (now filled with sand) - were sunk directly over the fault lines that are picked up near the start of the shadows of the Radar photograph of 2007 ...and one of these shafts is interestingly close to the reception chamber of the NC2 system. (They can be picked out from Google Earth and can just be seen on the Radar photograph, and one can clearly be seen in the right hand photo above.. The spoil from NC2 can be seen to the left of the shaft-head below the hill) Either these shafts missed the prize of forced entry into the NC2, or somewhere, from all those years of site occupation, there are notes detailing hidden findings. At least it can be concluded that there was sufficient interest to sink the shafts at all. It is a subject for more investigative research, and where others could help.


 Panoramas over the approaches to NC2, blanketed with spoil.   Right of the left hand pic -the new electric car roadway construction.


We will continue doggedly with our investigation in an effort to uncover the truth of it all. Primarily however, we follow our driven desire to penetrate the deep plateau, seeking fulfillment in a task of significance which must surely be revealed if and when we gain entry into the much deeper system. So many people have contacted us from around the world claiming a similar obsession. The difference for us is that we have committed all of our private resources for over a decade, dedicated to visiting the plateau multiple times to follow whatever destiny draws us there. Until recently we went about our pathway gathering experience below the radar. Our conviction stems from private extraordinary (well tested and ongoing) experiences which would only be scoffed at by the ignorant. As an added bonus we coincidentally uncovered information along the way which others of self interest would have preferred to have kept secret, but which belongs to the world. We hope readers have been enjoying the fruits of our experiences. We have no regrets for sharing it with you. Ironically our natural love for animals along with our coincidental involvement in situations often involving animals in Cairo, the plateau and the desert, led us at the same time to become champions for their cause. Hence our sister site featuring and promoting this work.


For this and the plateau research we desparately seek Patrons who share our vision and are in a position to help fund our move to full time with this work. We must continue to believe you are out there and will be steered to us as we have been to the plateau. And if a donation is beyond your means, then please share our links through your mailing and facebook etc lists. It will come back to you in good deed. ...So it is ...Nothing is by accident!        Mail: admin@  either/or previous






But wait:  We have not completed the story yet!


There is more to add about our findings in the caverns. Please follow below as we share more of our new pics and explanations from NC2 with you. By the way, we will respond to any sensible feedback and ask in any case that you make free use of our Message Board on the front page of our site.


We have noted on a couple of occasions, feedback to say we have used pics not our own. Where we have very rarely used pics from elsewhere, this has been for illustration in context and to our knowledge they have always been credited, but we draw all our main pics from a library of tens of thousands of unique pics which we have gathered ourselves. We retain absolute copyright to these while knowing that multiple web users have used 'our' pics and have not afforded the simple decency we ask for, and that is simply a direct credit and reference back to our site. With our shematics for the NC2 system and new pics we will be vigilant to their unauthorised use. If they do not have our references credited, then judge the user harshly! They will be using them for their own self service without our sanction.





(1) The Sub-Chambers



We mentioned earlier that we would re-use the following pic illustration in order to discuss its interior more specifically.

However our next set of descriptions and comments can all be related to the corresponding pictures we gathered inside.

You will find them in the photograph galleries lower down this page.


  We want to focus on the primary reception chamber of

  the natural NC2 complex.


  The photo gallery below shows the doorway leading

  from the ground level tomb into the caverns - which is

  an opening knocked through rocks that were cemented

  in place a long time ago to block the chamber. Their

  constitution could easily be analysed to pinpoint a date.


  Our before-and-after pics show how cemented rocks at

  the header of the entrance have been defaced to

  disguise the way they were carved into crude snake



  There was a large rock on the floor just inside

  the entrance which was another carving in process. It

   is now gone.


  The opening, steps on to a platform of rock reaching

  into the primary reception chamber for about 10 feet.

  The rocky floor then dips away considerably to a lower

   floor section for almost another 10 feet. However on

  the platform before the dip down, there is a huge

  boulder which looks like an Altar. It is supported on

  rocks either end which raise it a little from the floor.

  Upon examining this from below it is plain to see that the supports in fact are part of a complicated rock-hewn arrangement that seems to funnel from the rock to the lower part of the cavern.The schematic clearly shows the dead end passage of the right-hand sub-chambers finishing almost exactly below the altar stone arrangement - and coincidentally lining up with the real start of the cavern tunnel above, leading deeper. It cannot have been constructed this way by accident! The floor of the primary reception chamber at the foot of the altar we believe, will reveal a through-connection to the sub-chambers below.


If the primary reception chamber does not hold this connection then the next likely candidate is the cluttered but equally huge 30 feet long secondary reception chamber. This is negotiated through a central entrance from the primary chamber, over boulders and rocks which we know have been massively shuffled about in recent intense searching. Both chambers have natural random rock walls but in places they have been hewn to better shape. In both chambers considerable arduous excavation is needed to make full sense of everything, but we contend the walls of the primary chamber hide delicate irreplacable drawings. (These chambers are specifically dealt with in their own page section later.)



     The repeated sketches for reference to the text


    When full excavation is complete, we are sure that from the floor of the

    Northern end of the secondary chamber a tunnel connection will be found

    which connects with the blocked natural tunnels (accessable from the roof

    of the sub-chambers & marked G & H in our drawings)


    The chamber marked (H) is one of the most interesting. It still requires

    considerable excavation to remove an initial huge sand bank. The rear end

   has a stone floor, complicated by strew rocks. However, running across the

   width of the chamber in line with a protruding rockwall return; there is a line

   of broken stone and plaster. This pile across the chamber quite clearly we

   believe had formed a false end wall to the chamber. In an earlier visit I

   photographed through the pitch darkness to capture the shape of the large

   sarcophigus displayed at the head of this page. It was particularly unique

   because it had small statuette figure fixed with a band to its middle. Its head

   was crafted in a sweeping curve which rose and turned into the aparrent

   head of a crocodile. This sarcophigus has also been stolen away! ...but our

   photographs prove before and after to record the fact. Its former position is

   marked with a boxed (S) in the schematic diagram above.


   Without being too specific yet, we discovered something else in locations

   which convinced us without doubt that there are more chambers

   hidden beneath this sub-level. In one chamber we found the possible

   remains of flaming torches. We photographed these and returned

   them to where we discovered them.




  Another chamber revealed some deliberate wall painting close to the

  floor line where it intersected the sandbank, and in chamber (C) the

  ceiling was covered in crude name-initial graffiti. There was evidence

  of possible wall depictions in other chambers.


  Chamber (A) is not a sub-level chamber. At the end of the passage in

  the ground level tomb there is a step-up platform from where the

  reception chamber of NC2 is accessed. Just before this there is a

  step-up entrance to (A) Inside it , there is still an artificial floor of

  packed sand, but the chamber sits directly above the oddly shaped

  chamber (D) ..and a tunnel connection may be revealed on this West

  side of the system. The sheer elaboration of the initial tombs and

  caverns points to copious involved use in old and very ancient times.


  In chamber (B) high on the back S.E. wall the rock suggests laid

  blocks. It has not been possible to survey this exactly but they raise a

  mystery as to their purpose, especially if they were artificially

  disguised as such.


  In one specific location within the sub-system a thump with the foot

  produces a very loud boom from an obvious subststantial void below!





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