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11.11.11 and Another Giza Fiasco




Dated this morning of 11th. November 2011


Location: Apartment overlooking the Pyramids and the Giza Plateau




We were buzing as we woke to the day. This time we have been here almost two weeks and according to speculations from the fearmongers we were facing the prospect of protest and mahem at the gates to the Plateau. However we already knew the real outcome would be quite different!


But little did we know how bountiful the day would actually be for us as. More adventures among the ruins gave us a bagful of scoops which we will share fully with you. ( When we return home, this article will be followed with indepth articles and pictures dealing with these topics individually and thoroughly)


We have a scoop on the older and recent excavations/shafts which continue to be uncovered along the right hand length of the Kephren Causeway.

We are able at last to share personal observations from what they revealed to us.


We have a bagful of site observational photographs from the heights of the satellite pyramid, SE corner of the GP. At any other time in a lifetime, no-one would be permitted to climb anywhere. During the festival this week, thousands of Egyptians made a statement of ownership to defy the authorities they wish so badly to be replaced, by crawling over and into ruins on the Plateau.


We gained pictures and observations and a hair raising background sleuth story alleged to acompany an important tomb at the very heart of the plateau.


We have pics into a tomb which 'hides in plain sight' the potential route down into the underground tunnel complex that had to have been used by others in authority to block the tube tunnel into the ancient system from 350 feet into the NC2 tunnels and caverns.


We have pics and commentary from a completely undisturbed photoshoot at the Temple of Isis, E of the GP which also picks up clues for controversial building construction methods.


We also were privilaged to have had our own private 11.11  moment in the company of a mysterious guide who was offered up to us and conducted us to visit new tombs in the Eastern field of Kephren.


Our visit was topped by the friendly exchanges and photo shoot with soldiers and police who were on duty to provide discrete security through the day.




Continuation from home....

The pundits were sending messages around the internet that the plateau was blockaded by soldiers.

The world was being told that access to the Plateau was going to be denied to everyone for the whole day.


The background to this event and the political subterfuge weaving its tangled web of deceit and misdirection has been a wonder to unpick. At the heart of it, a planned and SCA approved proposed ceremony of described energetic -spiritual invocation was to have taken place within and around the Great Pyramid. The ceremony was organised through the auspices of  Project Cheops 


Those who visit their site will note that all description and photographs for the proposed ceremony are gone now. They were followed with a simple message to bemoan its cancellation. The ceremony was to involve a private morning session of invocation in the GP to include the site Manager, the encumbant Medium of the organisation plus a couple of other select participants. The group of four, self proclaimed, were there for the chosen Polish people, & as Human Angels. Use was to be made in the coffer of a specially prepared crystal. (Its photo had been shown in the promotion material,)


The crystal was formed loosely in the shape of a squashed tetrahedron; but as noted by another victim of the fiasco, its design followed the dimensions of the GP more than it followed a regular star tetrahedron. By other accounts it could have easily been described as a 3d actualisation for the star of David.


Accompanying the crystal tetrahedron, 2 rods of gold were to be used. These had been instructed - to be inscribed with words from the Bible: Man does not live by bread alone. Incredibly, one rod inscription was to be in Polish and the other to be in Hebrew. We only have the word of the Medium at the heart of the Cheops group as to why they had to be prepared in this way, but it had been noted that the Hebrew version potentially exaulted its Jewish origins.


Many people had been attracted to visit Giza to attend the second ceremony. This was to be a hands around the Great Pyramid by the required minimum of 12 - 1500 people. We understand that while the united people directed their energies towards the event leader, a simultaneous second ceremony would be held in private in the King's Chamber. This was all to take place much later in the evening. Previous visitors will know how unprecedented it would have been anyway for the Plateau to be opened late in the evening for any public ceremony at all.


Right up to the day, as we can vouch for ourselves, people were arriving for the event. In the background a row was developing where the former and then the current director of the SCA publically announced their opposition to any ceremony which in their view possibly sought to continue the 30 year effort by the Jewish nation in their claim upon Egypt's heretage as pyramid builders. The allegation was even reported that specifically Jewish people had been recruited to form the human ring around the GP!


The whole issue became very loud publically. People were openly discussing it; and it was only just before the event that the organisers took down the event description and replaced it with a message which effectively implied that arrangements were in obeyance subject to security concerns being sorted out.


Finally there was a summary cancellation of the event. Tickets had been bought and even the group leaders who organised the event flew in for the day, only to be confined to meetings and discussions from their hotel base. It was to no avail and speculation was rife that there would be a whole lot of bovver on the plateau on 11.11.11.


However we knew different. We knew that ordinary people had been turning up from mixed countries and with mixed beliefs. Those we spoke to were united in one aim and that was to generate a positive spiritual vibration on the day. Wild speculations were rife. From more than one source we were told that Zahi had reached out in bitterness and had spiked the event to embarrass specific high officials who had helped his downfall.(names witheld)


We were told with far more certainty however by good fiends in the village that there would be a police and army presence there certainly; but only as a security precaution because of the whole whoohaa!


So it was. On the day we wanted to go up on to the Plateau for other reasons. We arrived at opening and went through as normal. At the gate and inside, the Army and Police were there as a predictable show of force. Initially it was a bit surreal to be met with the sight of tactical army vehicles sporting machine guns and a number of police decked in riot gear. But they did not resist us taking photographs of them and even posed. Within the plateau it was absolutely fine. It was still a local festival day. The police and watchmen continued to play a hands-off role. This was fantastic for all as it enabled free access to areas which would not be allowed any other time.


Later I will reveal the findings of our own agenda - of evidence gathering for a number of areas. Suffice to say we were able to climb the satellite pyramid to the GP and took extensive photographs of the Plateau. We did not follow the lead of the local invaders of the whole sphinx compound the previous day; though later in the day we believe it was over-run again.


We got all the information we had been targeting. Judith and Bruce waited while I was able unhindered to inspect the whole of the most recent excavations to the right of the Kephren causeway. I had been able to take laser measurements and make many invaluable observations of all of the deep shafts. (On a previous visit when excavations were underway closest to Kephren on the right side of its causeway we were warned off sternly by plain clothed police and we were followed for the rest of that day on the Plateau. Our crime had been to simply take a couple of photographs in the direction of the shafts!)


I will single out these shafts for a separate discosure in another section.


There was a watchman I greeted in passing by, as I rejoined with Judith and Bruce. We walked away but a gut feeling told me not to pass him by. I turned back to him and gave him a cash handshake. He seemed reluctant but embraced me and indicated for us all to follow him. The guide was unlike the usual. He was humble or almost meek, and spoke only using gently gesture. He spoke on one occasion to chastise some children close to a deep shaft, but spoke only a little more before we parted company.


Judith and I have been in and around the Mastaba field East of Kephren many times. There are constructs of huge importance there. However our surprise-guide took us to see a host of places we had not seen before. This gave us validations for things we had been working on. They too will come out in later appropriate sections.


After a lenght of time we needed to return to base but we noted the time approaching exactly 11.11.11.

For whatever importance anyone felt the time and date may have had; it seemed spontaneously important for us to just halt for a minute in silence. Our guide motivated the moment, and we all felt a spirit rush as our tiny group stood there, lost to the rest of the world amid the shafts, tunnels and Mastabas of Kephren. It was golden, and we went on our way, leaving Bruce to continue for a time with our guide.





11.11.11 ..What's in a date?

It would be remiss of me if I failed to make a comment about the date itself.

With regularity the web buzzes with the latest sexy date! 8.8./ 9.9./10.10 / 11.11 / or whatever!!


In the scheme of all things as Virtuality swells forward with competing strength of probability, Actuality beckons to score the moment of a noticed passing. And in its passing, the event Actualised, becomes part of the Virtuality presence for yet more possibilities.


Remember Schrodinger's cat? Could there be another more perfect example than the 11.11.11 date to validate the boxed cat experiment? At what point does the anonymous and coincidental passing of a similar time and date become a promise of great expectation in people's consciousness? Is it that person's will has been so subjugated that they fail to question why; or that they have lost the ability within themselves to discern unreality any more.


The case would be different - if we noted within the strengths of probability for the future - that a host of colossal events were gaining strength to Actualise something significant.


The progress of a Virtual event in such a case can be debated; and even by the concentration of mass consciousness can be changed to produce a different outcome.


Great danger awaits however when an event is proclaimed because it is convenient to circumstance. History shows time and time again where the instigator/s slip away from a failed event; but usually with their consolation prize jingling at the bank.


Even more difficult is the task of hindsight where the probabilities have been genuinely altered as a result of alerted mass consciousness. Now contrast the fiasco of 11.11.11 with the strengths of probability for the year of passing ...2012.


Will our judgement match up to the indicators?




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