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The Sad Disappearance of the Nazlet Alien




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This intriguing archway in the village attracted us from the moment we saw it. Elsewhere in the Village of Nazlet el-Samaan there are other features and at least one other arch which seem to be reaching back to a hidden time. We know from previous archaeology and subsequent work by Hawass and Lehner that parts of the village  occupy the former vast temple complex of Khufu. Recently we have learned much more about the sensitivity and significance of the excavations where the men were reported murdered during an illegal dig at the corner of the village. Elsewhere on this site we have presented copious photographs and exhaustive descriptions to cover the event.


Elsewhere also, we have covered the 'quiet' work of the Russian Mission which presides (for over a decade) of licenced excavation along the cliff bordering the village. We will be presenting new information and photographs on this from the 11.11. link page soon. Otherwise, you will be lucky if you find anything openly published about their findings at all!


What are, or were the links into the past that could have been drawn from the strange old architechture in the village. We discovered every time when we tried to investigate this site in particular, we were met with the same sinister sensitivity surrounding the dead men's site. It was abundently clear to us that the site was being looked after! On one occasion despite being accompanied by a village elder, burly men appeared in no time and made it clear they wanted us to move on.


When we returned on a latter visit we found the archway had been disfigured, and plaster had been crudely plastered over it as if to disguise it.


Now we have to say if anyone visits the village and tries to find it, you will search for evermore. The whole archway feature has been demolished and removed. Behind it there was a deserted building plot. Now a new building is being erected on the spot. So as far as the public are concerned, this is just another audit trail to the past which has been eliminated. We are happy at least that we have been able to record the transition for posterity. See below the sequence over the last few years to the building site as of a couple of weeks ago.



                                                BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER


                                            BEFORE                                                                                              AFTER


     BEHIND THE ARCH,  BEFORE IT DISAPPEARED                                   NOW THE ARCH IS A BUILDING SITE AS AT 11.11.11



   When we are able, we will check this other featured archway nearby on our next visit,

and any other architectural archeaology in the village that we already know about 



Someone, somewhere knows the potential significance of the archway features, and also knows where it was taken after its demolition. It will not stop the search for the truth of our past.


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