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The Pharaonic Village of Giza



A Romantic look into the Past ...and later, a Reality check to the Present



               3 El Bahr El Aazam St. Giza, Egypt                     See here for visitor details:


If you visit Cairo and want to get away from the hustle and bustle and noise and dust, the Pharaonic Village is one place that is worth visiting. Despite its stage-managed stylised presentation, the comfort of a river barge, and a tableau slipping past is a fair way to spend a couple of hours. 


The site sits like an oasis in the middle of Cairo and presents depictions of all walks of old pharaonic life. The village is almost self sufficient and it is possible to sample the wares at its restaurant and shop, in pleasant surroundings.


A word of caution: If you travel to the village with a guide, always insist to pay for your entrance tickets yourself. Otherwise you will make it an easy job for them to invent their own entry fee, and you will be none the wiser. This is another baksheesh common practice; and remember also if your guide is arranged to visit with you, they will not expect to dip into their own pockets for food or refreshments on the way.


This is one trip you can organise yourself. Find out from your hotel well in advance what the cost of a taxi would be, and unannounced on the day, just ask them to get you a taxi, (or hail one yourself.) Agree the fare with the driver before you get into the taxi, and refuse if it is more than you expected. They will agree your price ...or try another taxi. Bargening is the way. and don't be meek, or your hard earned cash will be eaten from your hands !!




























Time now to take a Reality check to the Present !


Romantic is fine, but next time you want to take a ride on a horse or camel, spare a thought for these typical emaciated animals following a day with you on their back. One was already dead, the other was dying. We saw them unharnessed from their day's work and we saw them beaten because they could not remain standing.


Real life is not Romantic. Remember this when you want a camel or horse ride at Giza !!













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