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Pre~Ramble to the book...       Echoes from The Chamber




This article is aptly described as a pre-Ramble as I jump head first into a huge subject with fresh sensibility. My book is intended to be like a mechanicís manual for anyone interested to know the meaning of life and everything. It probably pre-empts any other book you may have read on any aspect of esoterism or spirituality and will hopefully form a new grounding to anyone seeking enlightenment.


Letís face it, when you are concerned about meeting your Mortgage payment, or hanging on to your job, or buying provisions for the week, the last thing on your mind is any consideration of Spirit or life after death! So it is on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. These subjects may be brought to mind when there is a birth, death or marriage. Or otherworldly thoughts may be triggered in our quieter moments when our own mortality or vulnerability is challenged in any way.


Nevertheless, have you noticed how the public consciousness has been opened wide over the last few years to subjects dealing with ideas beyond our basic perceptions. Technology has advanced so much that we have been receiving a rush of new data on the greater Cosmos; or revelations from the smallest world of quantum. Computers and the internet have opened a floodgate for instant sharing, and suddenly we have access to information and knowledge that was strictly controlled before. Simplistically the reason could be explained just so; that human advances in technology, and information sharing, were bound to open the doors to formerly taboo subjects.


I would propose however that more subtle factors have helped open public awareness. Just think for a moment, the bastions of science in any direction have stood fast in our whole history against any progressive challenge to its authority. This is especially true where science touched on anything remotely connected with our origins or beliefs. Knowledge is more sharable now, but what else has changed. It seems that people are now more receptive to other worldly ideas that would have been heresy only a few years ago. The Church is loosing its moral control over the ignorant masses, but it continues to exercise significant control through its financial interests.


Let us look from another direction to see what may be happening in our greater world. What do we know? The resonance of the Earth has increased vastly in the last decade. Huge changes are taking place on all the Planets in our solar system that would make life unsustainable if translated to Earth. The Earth itself is undergoing huge weather changes, and the tectonic movement of its plates is unprecedented. Our Sun too, is acting in ways that are baffling scientific observers; or so it would seem. However, our new friend, the internet, shows us there is a covert truth. In this truth, energies beyond our imagination are being secretly developed, controlled and tested. These are energies beyond crude atomic power. They fall into the fields of Scalar Technology and the legacy left by men such as Tesla. We know how weather systems and tectonics are already being manipulated by such power.


We know that so called ETís have been working in collaboration with quasi military communities in countries for years. The collaboration has happened sometimes with the knowledge of world leaders, but mostly beyond even them. The trade-off has given us crumbs of advanced technology, while we have been the pawns of a much higher ET agenda.


We know categorically that our ancestors reached back from well before 10,500 years ago to an immeasurable time. Before their catastrophic destruction, they reigned supreme with their higher technology for eons. We know they were able to define the probability for the cosmic events that led to their own destruction. We know they were able to define the probability of equally destructive cosmic events that threaten us right now. We know theirs was a knowledge that embraced the multiverse universe which our scientists have only recently embraced once again. We know they were even able to function out of the physical and beyond into astral and higher levels. We know therefore they had a working knowledge of the dimensions that are occupied by us in continuation beyond physical death. It was only in Roman times at Lyceum when this was forcibly edited out of our modern consciousness, and heralded the most successful business the world has ever seen : Roman Catholicism.


We know that countries like Egypt became the seat of survival for those who remained after the last destruction. We know our ancient ancestors left a legacy of knowledge to help us as we face the probability of the same fate that befell them.

We can assume with their foresight they would have been very careful to ensure their knowledge would not fall into the wrong hands again when civilisation re-emerged. But we also know that the covert authorities of the world would be equally single minded to rediscover the same knowledge and power, with possibly the same disastrous outcome.


It is difficult, though not impossible, to find evidence for advanced knowledge and technology in our world today where it is either denied or kept from the public. The real power-masters control almost all forms of media and make sure there is little mention for stories that would shake everyone. These stories could explain for example:

The vast investment of the Catholic Church in astronomy and radio telescopes like one they have in the Arazona Desert!

The Japanese Yakazoo connection to Scalar energy.

The source of advanced sub-oceanic structures that have been found around the world.

The structures on Mars that have been retouched from surveys of its surface.

The ancient structures found from deep penetrating satellite surveys of Egypt.

The ET type craft that fly from underground bases in the USA.

The enormous secret facilities below ground in many countries,like the one beneath Denver Airport awaiting our Royals.

The many examples of advanced technology that have been recovered around the world.

The list goes on and on, but is verifiable thanks to whistleblowers and the internet.


We could bog down in discussion of all of these issues, but what chance would the discussion have while we remain prisoners of conditioning that has turned us into scathing sceptics for all but the crumbs of light offered in the media.

Perhaps if the clock could be turned back, and the Romans had been persuaded to protect the libraries for the world, instead of stealing them all away into the secret library of the Vatican. Perhaps if they had been prevented from setting a new Canon which eliminated common esoteric knowledge we would not need to debate these issues now.




One thing still stands however as a prerequisite to full acceptance of higher dimensions, and it is the complete but basic understanding of matter at creation!


Assume once again that many of our true ancestors did have such knowledge, and were able to read the probabilities for a cosmic repetition of their own destruction. If they decided to conceal all of their knowledge in deep underground stores, they would have been faced with the mammoth problem of making sure these could only be rediscovered in a time when needed, and by those who would use the knowledge wisely.


I propose they easily solved this problem, and the time has arrived for the right people to find them. Some of our ancestors had mastered the technique for going out of body to return with an objective experience. The ability is only possible when the vibration of a person is sufficiently raised through natural or trained spiritual development. Consider for a moment then how perfect a solution it would be if the stores could only be re~located by a search : Out of Body.


In this condition, any physical barrier would dissolve. In this condition, and assuming the existence of higher inhabited dimensions, descended watchers would surely be ready to help the right person/s to rediscover the hidden caches. If so then we must ask, Why now?  I propose the evidence to explain this is all around us, even if it is suppressed by the real power brokers in the world. Our planet and others in our system are undergoing unprecedented change. Our Sun is not acting according to expectation. Authorities at the highest level around the world are looking to a particular part of the sky, (including the Vatican with their Arizona desert telescope,) for the return of another system that is already interfering with ours. The vibration of the Earth is raising. We face monumental planetary change. The time is right for us to discuss the ET presence. (Look to the Dulce File for a starter.) The time is right for us to discuss our true beginnings, and for everyone to become aware of what the future holds in all probability.


I believe across the world in our generation, there are many individuals who have been schooled through their unique birth and experience to have a total understanding / gnosis of higher levels and their workings.


I believe it is from the ranks of those people that someone will emerge to locate the help prepared for us many years ago.

I believe it will happen Out of Body!  I too have had several Out of Body experiences and believe I have been blessed in this life to be one of those equipped for the job..


No person would be sufficiently prepared mentally or spiritually to perform the task without first having a complete knowledge of the workings of matter from physical through quantum to the states beyond. My journey from birth has been signposted by supernormal experiences and higher abilities. Almost three decades ago I had a particularly profound experience where I had a complete memory recall of the workings of life and the nature of the universe. I believe this was part of my preparation for the task. I believe also however I may only be the successful one if providence and my own efforts place me in the position to perform it. To do so I must return with my twin flame to the Great Pyramid in Egypt. On previous visits we have verified the reality of the process. You will read a little of this in a later article.


For now, I offer my journey and experiences for your inspection in Echoes from The Chamber. Perhaps by doing so I will unlock the key of knowledge to prepare someone else for the task. My book is now on the bookshelves or as an EBook for you to read. Certainly after reading it you will be left in no more confusion about the myth of religion or any other of the so called mysteries of life, the universe and everything. In the meantime from the Index Page, the next file will give you the introduction chapters.


Blessings, Richard  Gabriel                                                          Musings on the theme





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