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The Difficult Case For Indigos




Judith and I can vouch personally for the advanced insights and wisdom that can come from the mouth of a spiritually gifted child. Only the other day this infant child was asked why she was feeling so sad. She said it was because of the trees. She said they were all going to burn because of the Sun.


Maybe it was something from her mind that was not supposed to be taken literally? The little girl however has always displayed a great affinity to trees. She has often voiced spontaneous insights about worldly and personal things that would normally only come from the mouth of an adult.


Could this be classed as evidence to support the purported wave of indigo /crystal/adept children, supposed to be emerging into our world?


Will she be a part of the new leadership when we all pass through the forthcoming vibrational changes? Maybe so, but there is no doubt the hype surrounding the publicity of gifted children has taken hold like a benevolent virus.


Should we be so welcoming of the messengers who carry the news of its arrival? Should we be taking a closer look to see what is being said about the children?


First I invite you to read the words of our good friend Bruce Fenton on the links below.


Any changes in our lives which herald a new enlightenment are to be embraced. But as Bruce defines in his articles, we should always do it with eyes wide open!





The Indigo Aura Children – New-Age Confusion, Delusion & Conspiracy

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In reply to the articles above from Bruce....


I applaud your article Bruce because you have exposed yet another example of how the frailty within us can rise in arrogance and greed, as another manipulating service to self!

From my own un-normal experience I have another take on the issue which may help to clarify matters. In my book I labour hard on the description of what happens to our Presence before and after we have done with our time in a physical life. A simple understanding of the process would remove much of the myth about alleged queues of higher adepts waiting in line to incarnate as our modern day saviours.


The process involved is universal and is always in balance with the spiritual/vibrational evolution of the people it serves; ie. here and now, the human race.

We live on the brink of a time where the scales are about to tip us into another era. The influences upon us follow a pattern of Probability we have manifestly created for ourselves, and which follow a balancing cycle of Probability involving cosmic forces.

Our whole system; our whole Planet and all the people on it, will be profoundly affected.

The accelerating vibrational changes taking place already are having a polarised effect throughout or world and our individual lives. A person would have to be in total denial or plain ignorant, to deny the accumulating evidence.


Energy is polarising. Vibrational extremes are evident in the Cosmos, in our weather, our institutions, in Politics, and in our personal lives. As more ivory towers collapse, so too, there are greater but less flamboyantly examples where selfless spirit has triumphed. In the process of Birth to rebirth, these changing patterns of energy in our evolution are also reflected. As a fundamental example, if ‘everyone’ living a physical life had a Presence that equalled the collective Presence of all our Prophets, it would not be possible for an incoming Presence with the vibrational signature of (for eg.) Vlad the impailer, or Hitler, to survive. The conditions would not be of a low enough, condensed vibration to sustain them.


Right now, the polarised conditions exist at the balance point where it is as possible for a much more refined Presence to return here, as it is also ideal for a very base Presence to return here. We therefore have the predominance of Probability for children to evolve to become greater spiritual guides, or to become manipulated suicide bombers. The former are motivated through service to others and a strengthened bond to the higher levels of valid reality. The latter are motivated in service to self and their choice of slavery to sensation and illusion.


This process will continue and accelerate. The opposing vibrational frequencies will create increasing resistance and therefore conflict. We will continue to see the results in nature and in the societies of the world until a time when the impact on our environment coupled with balancing cosmic events of Probability, will produce a final sort out!


In the meantime, all the mundane manipulations of misguided, wicked or selfish individuals to hijack part of this process for their own gain and glory, (such as the New Age Indigo etc. movement) will bring a consequence to them of equal fate.


If you wish to normalise the process involved in birth to rebirth, I offer below a couple of extracts from my book dealing with it. They are taken from a heavy context within the chronology of the book, but will still serve their purpose I hope.



From: Down to Earth (the way it is)





It would be impossible for someone from a lower Realm to appear suddenly in a higher Realm. The visitor would encounter a vibration so bright and powerful that it would cause them serious harm. Stand next to a five-bar electric fire when only one bar is lit and the heat would comfort you. Light up all five bars and you would soon jump back in pain. The differences in energetic value or vibration, ascending through higher levels of valid reality must be appreciated.


 There is a circumstance where a lower level inhabitant can visit higher regions. This usually happens to special purpose and under the strict protection of higher guides who can manipulate the vibrations around them.

Conversely, the occupants of higher regions very frequently work at denser levels. They are able to make use of their power to help resolve situations, while appearing natural in a lower level by borrowing from the denser vibrational substance around them. 

They could appear quite physical to the locals, or as a spectral entity just like a ghost to someone on the physical plane for example. In summary, a person displaced from their own higher level would immediately appear as a blinding presence in lower regions or as dark as night to even higher regions.


It would be reasonable for you to speculate what happens when a low vibration person awakens from the death, and rebirth to spirit process. As I have already described, they eventually find themselves conveyed to a region among others of a much closer vibrationary signature than the variations on the Earth plane. Where possible they will still be helped to attend the last rites of their memory in the ceremonies on the Earth plane. There may even be a time of assisted recuperation where helpers can neutralise the vibrations created from circumstances beyond the person’s control.


However, eventually the person’s senses awaken to the new situation. For such a person, the memory of their Earth life will be suppressed within them, to the same degree that the living reality of the higher realms was suppressed to them in their Earth life.


 Paradoxically, the new life of closer affinity with others of a similar vibration actually helps to accelerate the vibrationary development of the individual. It works like this: If you filled a house with liars and deceivers and forced them to live together, it would be hard for the individuals to act according to their character without being challenged. Each person would be able to spot the liar and deceiver in the behaviour of others there. All would be constantly challenged or be the challenger when such bad behaviour occurred. Living in such an environment would defeat the negative power of each person. They would be no longer able to discharge their destructive energy because everyone would be carrying a similar vibration.


In a similar analogy in a room full of alcoholics, one alchoholic would soon spot another alcoholic in their midst despite any protestation to the opposite. Every worst effort would be frustrated until discomfort and dissatisfaction set in. The constant failure of their negative power would generate restlessness.


The individual would begin to examine their own motives and reasoning to discover the cause of their impotency. Sooner or later they would yearn for something better. They would begin to search for an alternative while rejecting all they had hitherto considered acceptable. An evolvement of spirit would be taking place as the vibrational field of the individual became more refined. The cycle would feed upon itself as it gathered momentum toward an inevitable upward gravitation.


Just as on the Earth plane, the memory of the person would slowly return in proportion to their capacity to accept the understanding of it. Helpers would have anticipated the timing of these important changes and would be ready to help the person ‘move house’ to a region of higher refinement. Once installed there, the process continues once again.





And in relation to the seemingly impossible task of ideal placement for rebirth to physical…..





This task is not as hard as it may seem. It would be natural to assume a vast search having to be organised, visiting everyone, in every country of the world to find the best match of potential circumstances.


Some factors would be easy to deal with. For example, the person’s proposed race or nationality may not have a probability bearing on the person’s future. So let us suppose our returning Presence would be best matched to an inner city life in Britain, as the sibling of a deprived ethnic family.  A baby is soon to be conceived by the couple who will eventually become the host parents to our subject. Their probabilities will have been gathering strength not only to produce the event, but also to determine all the other factors that will go to make up their unborn 'Person to be.'


These probabilities and the event they portend will ensure the existence of the event before it happens. It will exist as a virtual event of growing Probability. This coming together of impulses, heralding the probability of an event will produce a collective vibrationary signature. If someone therefore is searching for such a situation, it will not be necessary to research all the factors that may produce it. The person searching need only have the means to identify the vibrational signature that matches their requirements.


Try this analogy. An English speaking person does not have to examine a thousand radios to find one that plays English programmes. All they have to do is switch on any radio and carefully tune it to find/recognise the channel they seek. So it is then, the ideal match is found by the instantaneous quantum recognition of compatible energy.


Careful examination of all close and wide factors for the forthcoming life for the new individual, will indicate a strongest pathway of probability for them to achieve the task they will set out to achieve. A perfect outcome from this process would be if the individual followed their perfect pathway of probability and achieved a stage of enlightenment from their forthcoming life. However free will distracts to self indulgence and it would be rare for any individual to follow their strongest pathway of probability.


 More likely by free will, they will deviate from their best route. Every twist and turn will simply modify the strength of probability for all that lies ahead, and provide invaluable harder learned experiences and lessons. Whenever possible, when the time is right for our person to return to a new physical life, they are made aware of what awaits them and the reasons for it happening. An already enlightened Presence who wishes to return for a special purpose, will take an active part in the process themselves.


At time of conception, a bonding takes place. The spiritually sleeping Presence is brought together with the couple and an earthing-out of substance takes place between our incoming Presence and the new inert child yet to be born. The earthing-out between them is possible because of the harmony of vibration between the incoming Presence and the predicted vibration of the Person to be.


The whole process is a bit like an arranged marriage. The bond between an incoming Presence and the growing standard baby-package is made at any time between conception and birth. The incoming Presence may be a willing participant in the whole process, but swapping a familiar environment for this new restrictive alien physical environment is not pleasant. Perhaps now you will see why the screams of protest at birth are not just from the shock of leaving the warm environment of a mother’s womb.


The process of re-emergence from spirit into a new physical life seems complex at first glance, but the requirements of a Spirit Presence create a very specific vibrationary signature which can be matched with choices available, because the choices available create cross-matching impulses.









In our world today as the vibrational influences are indeed polarising, so we see this reflected in the external attitudes of people generally. As the vibrational qualities of the physical level rise there is an increasing tendency for like to be drawn closer to like just as it happens to ever greater degree naturally in higher realms.. and for the quality of difference to become stronger. This leads to greater resistance between opposing vibrational factions, and hence greater conflict. Look around; it is exactly the process taking place.


In the recycling process from higher levels through physical birth and death, the opportunity for a traveller has changed. Now it is possible for someone to be born into greater extreme.


The polarising of vibrational quality in people here means there will be the attraction and possibility for those on higher levels, (either of much higher, or much lower Presence) to enter the opportunity of a new physical life.


This produces the effect of more new born children who are indeed, of a higher Presence... or who are of a much darker Presence.


If  the process is not understood, it is easy to see how modern day STS Gurus have an opportunity to hijack people's minds from a platform of ignorance to put their own label of control on it. 


The actual process is natural and universal, and cannot be contained by the predictions of Gurus!







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