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the late James Wilkie & Howard Middleton Jones



Perpetual Tribute 


We wish to pay tribute to James (Jim) Wilkie of Winnipeg, Canada. Jim passed away in the early hours of Sunday June 28th. 2009 after a long battle with cancer, which he bore bravely to the end.  Jim was the main partner, originator, co-author with Howard Middleton-Jones, of the Ambilac articles and books. ( Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secret -and - Giza-Genesis: The Sphinx Revealed)


Theirs is a magnificant information site on so many aspects of Egypt and our origins. 

Take time to study it thoroughly as it is packed with first class information on many associated subjects.


Jim and Howard pioneered a great deal of research into the hidden possibilities within the Great Pyramid. In meetings at the time with Zahi Hawass, Jim imparted highly precise information about hidden mechanics and chambers within the Pyramid; and validations came from first test borings.


Along with the information, Jim conferred the responsibility personally to Zahi Hawass of what would become of the information and its outcome if pursued within the GP to a conclusion. Before Jim's death, he continued to pressure Zahi Hawass for an update response; but as with so many other reported (secret) discoveries or sources of great knowlege -when it reaches the feet of officialdom, it vanashes into suppression.


We are privilaged to have worked and liaised with Jim and Howard over a number of years and we explored the sands of the Western Desert together. Jim was a troubled Genius. He will be sadly missed. The Ambilac work is its own strength and was way ahead of its time. Many new researchers are turning over the discoveries made by Jim and Howard and time will eventually record their first discovery of the still hidden chambers of the Great Pyramid and the mechanics necessary to get to them. The Ambilac work is still obtainable.



0ur friend and colleague Howard Middleton-Jones shares here, some collaberative

material from his own years of learned research and book writings..





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