Richard Gabriel with Judith 2009  All rights reserved






                                                 A Mutual Understanding 



A Crowd of people fills this place

Two strangers from the crowd collide

As fate has fixed their eyes


The gaze of bonded friends denies this shabby place

Each friendly gaze compelled to pierce the other, in Mutual Understanding


Across the crowd, one second split,

It lasts for now, forever, to control a love exchange


Instinctive hand is lifted, forward stretched to touch; and the stranger follows suit

Compulsive force, two fingertips with lightest thought have met.


Ecstatic force;

And no words have passed.


There is no need for words

As the strangers who are friends have spoken truth


Simultaneously, see, the friends have signed a nod; as they turn to go their way

A final smile to say farewell for now

They each have whispered sadness at their world so filled with strangers

Such low resolve to know the love, of Mutual Understanding


I sometimes see a stranger but a friend, who's heart and mind are screaming

..with Mutual Understanding


The beauty of the word

The need to be proclaimed

To speak, when first you meet a stranger - but a friend


There is no need for words




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