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Arumu Muru, Stargates, and The Giza Plateau 



Some while ago I watched a UTube offering from Jerry and Kathy Willis of Xpeditions TV. The link is above, and in order to follow the Stargate explanations below, it is necessary for you to watch their documentary about what happened there when members of their expedition endeavoured to activate the Stargate!

The video is not too long and is an excellent documentation of an expedition led by the hosts to a location in Puno, Peru called the Aramu Maru Stargate. The site is a huge outcrop of sandstone rock in sight of lake Titicaca, which once lapped to its base. The vertical face of the rock has been carved flat into a giant central panel, separated by deep vertical channels from flat side wing panels. Dead centre there is a niche let into the rock for several inches like a giant door entrance. In the centre of the rock face of the doorway there is a bowl/hollow cut into the rock.

Powerful legends tell of strange effects beyond sunset where people have disappeared in its vicinity or who have returned with tales of a city existing on the other side of the rock. Locally the place is named the doorway of the devil. Apparently if three separate notes are intoned by someone kneeling at the niche and with their forehead in the bowl, they pass through the rock into a nether world from which they may never return. Serious explorers visit to experience the effects and on this occasion Jerry and Kathy give us interviews with the participants immediately afterwards. They had visited previously and Jerry described how he felt he had been gone for hours and finally had difficulty penetrating back through the rock to return to normality. In reality he had been participating in the experiment for only a short time. Observers had described it seemed as if he shimmered and completely disappeared for a while.

All the descriptions struck a deep cord with me as they related to personal out of body
experiences and understandings gained from my own supernormal journey. I hope by these I may be able to share some explanations which will put several Stargate properties into perspective.





I’m going to concentrate on a bulleted summary of effects recorded from those during the experiments as they tried to, or did - activate the Stargate.

# Only possible to be activated at night time
# Breathlessness, or no oxygen to breathe
# Pulsating or rhythmic waves of energy
# Falling partially into the rock, but being barred from full penetration
# Needing to know the destination you wish to reach or the sight you wish to see
# Needing to link back to the group to escape back out again
# Appearing to observers 30 feet away as if to shimmer and/or disappear for a short time.
# A rushing feeling
# Penetrating and seeing a vast cave with stone warriors as if by torch light which always shone to illuminate the

  line ofsight.
# Seeing a giant shining crystal illuminated by light and static discharges from within.
# Flying/floating over a beautiful landscape , with people working in the fields below. A river flowing across the land and with snow-capped mountains in the background. A prevalent feeling of love and harmony
# Seeing a star filled sky and zooming with alarm up towards them at great speed. 
#Feeling scared and snapping back with relief to get back through the portal.
# In almost all cases, distracted by trembling or shakiness and discomfort from their kneeling position.




Here is how I felt able to de-mystify the whole issue..&  by my own understanding.

First of all I know that convictions are not transferrable and it will therefore be hard for those who have not recalled an OBE themselves to accept some of this – even though almost all of us travel out of body to some extent every time we are asleep. However now we are talking about an induced OBE.

First it is necessary to assume the fact that we are each a coherent Presence of higher substance, occupying and motivating the physical body. To go OOB it is necessary for us to detach ourselves from the input of physical sensation from our physical body. This requires that we lower the function of our physical body to the bare point of it sustaining its physiological processes. Our consciousness along with the gathered energy of our Presence is then projected from our physical body and we are able to act both subjectively and objectively within the higher environment we travel into.

The ability to do this depends a lot on the vibrational state of the person. Remember that the Presence functions in a symbiotic way with its temporary physical host/counterpart and therefore the vibrational signature of the Presence is reflective of and to its physical body. This translates that a low vibration blockhead of a person would have no chance of inducing a conscious 
 . Their vibrational signature would be too low for their consciousness to separate from their physical body.

So now the question is: How does all this relate to the experiences of the Stargate of Aramu Muru?
Well… on our site you will find a full account of an 
 we carried out in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. I had found I was able to match the signature frequencies of the chamber with an intonement and Judith and I set up an experiment. We were spectacularly interrupted, but the equally spectacular experience provided us with complete validation for what we sought. One purpose of the chamber construction is to enable signature qualities in the environment which would massively aid the induced OOB process. During the physical shutting down stage and the ‘drawing-out’ I was aware of the feeling that my body was crystallising. This was much more powerful and different from any previous occasions.

Here are some things to add, which I know generally about the OOB state.
If a person is completely aware of the whole process and what it is likely to involve before, during and afterwards, then there is no problem for that person to simply get on with it. Their general preparation will have been to prepare the physical body for days by reducing food intake, slowing down with sensory input, and rising into an alpha withdrawal. This would eventually allow easier separation due to their symbiotic raised vibrational signature.
There would be a developed inner feeling of deep tranquillity and withdrawal from the physical world – to be replaced by reflection from a higher viewing point.
Done correctly, the motivation and vibration would allow the process to be as natural as I believe it was for many of the adepts during the lifetimes of our ancient ancestors. I believe also that as they used this ability as easily as we use mechanised transport now, they developed ways to assist the process.

Their knowledge enabled them to select sites across the world where natural lay energies caused a lift to vibrational Presence, (but would be discomforting, fearful, or dangerous to anyone of a low vibration.) On these locations they built structures in stone which were finely tuned to enhance the natural flows of energy, raised higher by the use of sound. They knew also that the harmonising frequencies of ‘sound’ from a person, directly affect the vibrational signature of the person – especially when those frequencies of ‘sound’ are used at the special sites. The Kings Chamber is one of these. Aramu Muru is another, and there must be thousands of other places around the world.

With all of this in mind, we can turn back to the descriptions given by the Aramu Muru Stargate participants.
# Only possible to be activated at night time
At night the vibration of the rock would be raised naturally from the intense heat of the day, but in pitch darkness all physical sensory input would be ideally depressed for visitors. Also in the direct light of the daylight Sun would be like trying to work with a charged battery with the mains power still connected.

# Breathlessness, or no oxygen to breathe
Remember we are talking here about a site of ferociously powerful raised vibration. The participants were expecting to kneel there and travel Out of Body; but how could this be ideally so, when their bodies were being attacked by the pain from their aching knees. It was hardly the ideal position to induce a state of virtual stasis. Nevertheless, the power of the place is clearly so great that effects can still be motivated. The high vibrations and their intent would have first been enhanced by their harmonizing intonement. This would cause a conflict of vibration from the higher processes fighting the increasing lower physical vibrations. The body would be trying to physically shut down, while the discomfort of a less than ideal position would have been trying to wake it up. It is no surprise therefore as they tried to intone, they felt as if they could not breathe properly, or that there seemed to be a lack of oxygen. 

# Pulsating or rhythmic waves of energy
This speaks for itself and reflects the natural inducement process when the body’s (energetic) rhythms resonate with the intonement sound and the natural frequencies of the site/ rock capacitor. 

# Falling partially into the rock, but being barred from full penetration
This perfectly reflects the partial success of an induced OBE due to flawed method.

# Needing to know the destination you wish to reach or the sight you wish to see
This highlights a very important aspect, and harks back to my earlier explanation. For a journeyman explorer with incomplete knowledge of what the site represents, a successful OBE despite the drawbacks would place them in an environment which would randomly reflect the imbalance of their vibrational Presence. This could mean a journey to a lower level of the (higher) environment, which may be very unpleasant. By contrast a person fully aware would be able to interact through motivated higher thought, to go to wherever, and possibly with resident helpers, into any harmonious higher environment/place they wished to choose. 

This brings us neatly to the feelings of panic and fear. If a participant does not have a full awareness of themselves and their state, the negative feelings creep in. This drops the vibration and causes a snap-back to the physical. However if the person also holds a reality in their mind that they have actually passed through a rock barrier, they will meet the same reality upon trying to re-join with the physical. It could feel to them as if they were trapped behind the other side of the same solid rock where they began. In rare cases it is entirely possible for a person to lose their motivation in complete confusion. If this happens, the astral can become trapped in separation while the physical body is reduced to an unconscious lump, or even expire. Thoth aptly talks in the Emerald Tablets about travelling in curves and never angles. It was this he was warning about. An aware person would have a complete command of themself and would only need to manifest thoughts of their awaiting body to return and awaken naturally. For all of these reasons it is also why it is absolutely necessary to have an aware physical guardian on standby to watch over the person’s physical form, and to be able not only to spot if there may be an out of body difficulty, but have the ability by previous practice and arrangement to bring the person back to themselves.

# Flying/floating over a beautiful landscape , with people working in the fields below. A river flowing across the land and with snow-capped mountains in the background. A prevalent feeling of love and harmony
One of the participants gave this account of a beautiful harmonious experience and described the normal feeling of floating/flying in a harmonious environment.

# Penetrating and seeing a vast cave with stone warriors as if by torch light which always shone to illuminate the line of sight.
Another gave the classic description which showed how his motivation to see was confined to the narrow tunnel (like a torchlight) wherever he looked – but not so harmoniously as if he had full command to see and understand the whole scene.

# Seeing a star filled sky and zooming with alarm up towards them at great speed. 
Jerry experienced the feeling of looking up to a star filled sky. It must have triggered a powerful longing to reach for them because he clearly motivated his Presence to go to them in a whoosh of movement. It scared him. His vibration dropped and he was uncomfortably snapped-back to his physical reality as previously described.

# Seeing a giant shining crystal illuminated by light and static discharges from within.
This was seen by two separate participants, one of whom had wished for a vision of god. The crystal presence I believe was a representation of the energy matrix which functions at the site. God per sec of course is the containment of an order of existence which just ‘is’ and is therefore a misnomer. The order of things cannot be contained. The crystal vision was a much truer representation of an aspect of the Law of One in action.

# Appearing to observers 30 feet away as if to shimmer and/or disappear for a short time.
This finally was the simplest effect to explain in that to a nearby observer, the confluence of energies during each experiment would have produced a vibrational haze to obscure the subject.

What conclusions can we draw from it all?
It would help for everyone to become more aware of the energetic processes which motivate our own bodies. By this it is easy to have an easier understanding of the exact nature of a Stargate. These Stargates would be better renamed as Energy Portals. They enable the conscious projection of the aware consciousness of a person to any place – and the ability to interact with others within the same vibrational tolerances in similar state from elsewhere. (A great method of instant distance communication!)

We can separate the meaning for a true Stargate which uses advanced hard technology to enable the passage of physical matter from one place to another. However even with this it is not that the structure of the person is disassembled and reconstructed, it is that the fabric of space is affected to produce a route of passage – just like hopping instantly from one side of a Mobius loop to the other. They are on the same continuum, but just out of phase. The more aptly named Worm-hole allows movement between the two… and finally makes the Stargate description redundant completely!

I mentioned at the start there was another surprise finding which relates to our work at Giza. It is another validation but on reflection deserves separated thread so we can include pics to support the subject. I will post a signpost to the new thread here when I have prepared it. I hope for now however that others will chew over this subject a little and add to the feedback

Richard, with Judith.


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