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Time date : through 2004 to present..


The Fiasco of the Illegal Village Dig and 6 Dead Men


 Can You Keep A Secret ?


Bill at work close to the Pyramids


From the technology of the Geomatrix Plan,

 the Giza Plateau finally yields its Secret Chambers



Bill Brown:


For years I had been working with Star geometries and how they might apply to ground architecture. Deep intuitions and hard work paid off as a clear chronology appeared to me, showing how important archaeological sites especially on the Giza plateau, not only tied in to Star geometries, but how the time clock from all of them rolled back into major constructions and even to the beginning of construction a very long time ago.


Around 2004 I embarked on an obsessive task, visiting Giza three times yearly to do field research which would ultimately provide total validation for what I had discovered. In Egypt I met Dr Abbas from the Egyptian Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology and learned from him of the Polish Foundation. Through numerous EMail contacts I began to work privately in the USA where I lived and worked, to interface with Dr Adam Szynkiewicz of the Geology Department of Wroclaw University. He was working at the time in association with the Polish Foundation attempting to obtain a GPR permit for the Giza Plateau.


Subsequently I met formally with the Foundation. However, just 2 days prior to the meeting, Dr Abbas was privately assisting me with my own GPR survey, (unbeknown to the Polish Foundation.) He deep scanned the entire length of the Sphinx Causeway areas, (known today as: The Giza Report 2008 area #6) well as spending time to sweep the area #3 just South of the road by the GP. It was there we found signs of a Huge anomaly deep underground.


Over the next 4 years I worked intensively with Dr Adam Szynkiewicz of the Geology dept. of Wroclaw University, who was hired by the Polish Foundation to interpret the GPR data more accurately. It was becoming obvious that the Huge cavity anomaly found under the Sphinx Causeway would fit the GPR profile for possible discovery of the Tomb of another important Pharaoh; dating perhaps beyond 5,000BC.


It was during the work task association with Dr Abbas in February 2006 when I had returned to the Plateau for a 5 month period of private research that I met my wife to be, Ms Lucyna Lobos. We 'bumped' into each other on the Plateau while she was visiting through the work of the Polish Foundation. Lucyna's purpose was to validate her own private information, previously chanelled using hypnosis techniques, which revealed important underground locations on the Giza Plateau. Perhaps by 'coincidence' my private research purpose coincided... as did the exact ground positions identified by both of us!


From then to now, we have been concerned not only with continuing to validate other geometrical points within the Giza Geomatrix plan, as it has come to be known; but also playing cat and mouse with authority while trying to obtain access to sensitive areas for the same purpose. Although ‘I’ was being obstructed, I was able to note how sites I had openly identified were literally being researched simultaneously in the field by authorised excavation teams led by Egyptologist Mark Lehner.


From the Geomatrix Plan I had designed, in June 2009  I had identified one particular Hot Spot indicating yet another significant underground Temple complex. The complex, its chambers and accesses seemed to straddle ‘the Giza Berlin Wall at the corner section of the village overlooking the Sphinx. Lucyna had independently identified this same area 5 years earlier. I most recently and privately entered into negotiations to purchase a small piece of property in this same area to enable further private and secret investigation. 


My return to Giza in September 2009 greeted me with the news that men had died underground in the village in terrible circumstances and right in the same exact area where we had previously identified the location of the underground Khufu Temple complex.


But before continuing, we need to show how the journey of two other people inexorably merged with ours at this time. These were Richard Gabriel with Judith. I will let Richard tell it in his own way:







Richard Gabriel:


Judith and I came together in this life about ten years ago. Our painful early pathway was a classroom which opened us up to deep understandings on the nature of things. Out of a lifetime of Supernormal events and Out of Body experiences focusing on the GP, the desert and the plateau, we were finding our way and our purpose from the first of many exploration visits to Egypt which began in 2005.


Our purpose gradually opened to us from further adventures and experiences in and around the GP. It seemed wherever we quietly went, we were guided and assisted by unseen hands which propelled us invisibly into places where the general public were excluded. This simply brought validation after validation to the fact that our thoughts came from a memory of ancient times beyond this planet. We were carrying out a contract we agreed to back then, to be here now with others, and to reclaim the knowledge we hid for the purpose back then.


It became clear to us there were many in authority who looked to the unfolding Earth changes and also wanted to get their hands on the ancient technology; but for less altruistic reasons. We quickly learned how the baksheesh system worked in Egypt.


Just like the layers of archaeology in the ground, layers of corrupt practice have become a way of life in Egypt. Each layer has eyes and a price for the layers above. At the top, those ‘in the know’ are able to keep a tolerant eye on those at the bottom, ready to rush in and grab closure on anything which may expose the ‘secret.’


At the bottom, those ‘in the know,’ care only about the pickings they may scratch from the ground to supplement their impoverished lives, kept so by those who sit at the top as champions of Egyptian heritage. One villager commented, ’Why do they not keep their promise and turn the desert into a green village for us, instead of pumping millions of gallons of water from the underground lake into the sewers?’


Officially we are told the millions of gallons of water are being sucked from the  rock to alleviate the water table affecting the Sphinx and that no such lake exists. We should take a look at the huge water pumps lined up within view of the Sphinx and consider again!


Villagers know of the vast archaeology below their houses. They know, as do the authorities; as do the local bosses; as do the Russians and Japanese etc. when the Nile occupied a different course, their land was host to a very ancient civilisation.


For the villagers however, their lives are about concerns for an almost non existent infrastructure that keeps them poor. They worry about their broken down sewer systems, their intermittent power supplies, their suffocation to opportunity, and their fear of summary eviction. They worry about paying for food and a chance for their children to know better. Their income is integrated to tourist entrapment and supplemented from the black market sale of anything they can find beneath their houses.


This part of their activity is known and tolerated up to a point. If anyone sinks a tunnel which strays too close to the real secret, we are told an example is made to install fear for others going too far. News of important finds eventually filter up through the black market layers to the ears of those at the top, and appropriate action is taken. In recent years more and more private adventurers from other countries have been delving. Their funding is more available. Understanding of the secret has spread. This has drawn quiet cash into the pot to fund hapless villagers with new tunnels for backers who know precisely where to dig. However these powerful backers are in a race to get to the secret first. In the case of the men who died, their activity was perhaps discovered, and it appears they paid the ultimate price; but much more on that shortly.





The Village Connection


We were preparing for another trip in 2007 and by synchronicity I  made contact with Larry Hunter. I had little knowledge of his history other than the fact that he had a long pedigree of experience on the plateau and had been involved with recent intrigue regarding a member of our crew to visit Egypt in 2005. 


I took everything at face value, and it was not hard to be persuaded of his very clever patented rediscovery of the GP as a parabolic reflector for the energy from the Sun. I was keen to learn from his battling experiences in the village and with the authorities.


We were easily persuaded therefore when he suggested we need not book to a hotel for our forthcoming trip. He would place us with very welcoming villagers.

It would cost us very little. We would get to know the life and ways of the village first hand. We would be right next to the pyramids for visiting, and maybe the villagers would show us some of the quiet explorations they were involved in. The name of Larry would apparently be our passport to complete acceptance.


Our time in the village did not turn out as planned.


We were scalped of almost every penny we had - to help our hosts, especially as they and their friends had been primed to treat us as chickens. (A name some locals used for green tourists who fell to their clutches to be plucked clean.)


We heard terrible stories of previous chickens who had been plucked clean before us, and worse. We realised this was the price for remote cooperation and an information feed back to the organiser for all that was happening behind the scenes on the plateau.


Sure we were shown a few interesting things including artefacts. Sure we were told credible stories about illegal digs, but the closest we came to one of these was the tunnel we never witnessed which was said to originate from the very house where we were staying. Larry described it in detail. Our host described it in detail, but we were never allowed to see where it originated.


This was true of another illegal dig location where we were taken to meet other village friends (and for the baksheesh bank to be prised open again.) On that occasion, we knew from our own intuition we were next door to a powerful source of energy underground. We felt the same thing from the house we were staying.


In all we were introduced to the neighbours both sides, kept everyone well fed, and were happy to escape intact at the end of it.  Oh! did I mention by the way, there was one long trip where we were in-tow as passengers? We did not have a clue of its location except it was in Old Cairo next to a big Mosque.

(The trap for baksheesh was sprung again but this time with a different tactic.)

We found ourselves beyond a curtain in a very large living room which had been replaced with a huge cavernous hole disappearing into the ground. The spoil lay all around and we were only allowed to look-on. It disappeared into the bowels of the earth and the 2 years of digging claimed by the men seemed plausible. They said they had broken into catacombs with mummies etc and were continuing to dig. We managed to grab a few pics.


But back to the village now! I had noticed with interest the house next door to the one where we stayed was numbered 13. It stuck in my mind because of my association to the number (born 13th min, 13th hour, Friday 13th)… and Judith’s association with 3 also from her birth number.


Circumstances prevented us from returning in 2008 and we had plans for a 2009 return.

The year rolled on and due to the astute brokerage of Paul Bader of HOA group site ...   we were introduced to Bill Brown.

The synchronicities in our work and experiences were amazing. Despite our dubious placement in the village, we had been staying in the house which was slap bang on the Hot-Spot target area for the undiscovered Khufu Temple Complex that Bill and Lucyna had identified and verified by GPR.


Not only that , but we had been taken to visit other of their identified Hot-Spots for major deep archaeology. We had the pics. And we were able to give copious descriptions that were direct verifications for Bill and Lucyna.


Furthermore, on the latter part of our trip we had been taken in the most mind blowing circumstances, invisibly among swarms of police, to levels below ground near the shaft entrances down into the underground system.This was another of Bill’s Hot-Spot Stellar locations which had been awaiting validation. The same was true of other locations which will be discussed later. There was no doubt we complimented each other's purpose. Our 2009 trip would be in the village again, but this time under powerful family protection, and with Bill as our host!





The Deaths



 Bill greeted us and we arrived to the news that men had just been killed underground under house number 13 next to where we had stayed. We thought immediately it must be the Larry Hunter tunnel we had only heard about!


By now we had become fully aware of the soured reputation which pursued Larry in every direction and it came as a great surprise to hear he was back in-town! But our suspicions of an illegal tunnel involvement made sense if at least 6 men had been killed underground close-by. It would be a powerful motivation for anyone remotely possibly involved to visit and check under such circumstances?


It was no surprise there was a clampdown on any information from the authorities, and still is. After all, if Bill’s work was known, verified and accepted; and if it fell close to where powerful people and hapless villagers were already making finds…. And if it was almost within touching distance from where the Russians had been merrily probing below ground for years on the other side of the wall… And if authorities were complicit in some way, then big interests would be served with a cover-up!


The full truth has never emerged but having talked extensively to villagers and officials who were either witness; in part - before, during or after the horrible deaths of these young men; having examined the whole site ourselves several times; having thoroughly gathered evidential photographs; having listened to the secretly taped conversations; and having carefully examined the two fake cell phone movies (with real items mixed-in we believe,) taken before the supposed rescue effort, we have been able to piece together a possible chronology of the event.



The Devil in the Detail.. or lack of it...


The alleged Evidence: (Supported by copious pictures in following gallery links.)


Although this is non-validated evidence, you will draw your own conclusions as we did! It comes from what was reported to us in overlapping fragments from many different sources.


Our aim is not necessarily to point a finger, but to highlight the fact that deeds most foul took place in the village of Nazlet El Samman on Friday September 25th.2009.


We believe it has been whitewashed to protect something which would be of huge importance and interest for the world, but was of even greater importance to be kept secret by others.


 Our evidence does not give us the whole truth. At very least it forms a compelling indictment of private and official skulduggery.


The whole affair screams for an official open enquiry backed by an independent re-excavation. Only then perhaps the whole truth would emerge along with the repercussions for activities elsewhere on the plateau, (we are fully aware of these, and they will be disclosed in the fullness of this site)


Perhaps through public enquiry we may discover a reason, so important, that it 'may' have led to the murder of 6 men. The dead men, their families and the people of the village deserve honest closure.


We have compiled a dossier of complete diclosure which is in a safe place in third party hands; which would be passed on our behalf to the media only in extreme circumstance.





This is what we were told...


In the middle of the night the closest villagers reported the sound like a number of car doors slamming very loudly. It woke them from their sleep. Afterwards the gossip was of how these were the sounds of detonations which caved the tunnel down on top of the young men. First conclusions were that the men were forced to suffocate slowly in one of the chambers they had discovered.


Locals reported how a rescue was unexplainably delayed, and that an exquisite alien looking female sarcophagus and other amazing objects were extracted from the ground before they began to bring the bodies to the surface. The story of their deaths disappeared as fast as the fine objects retrieved.


I will describe the evidence we gathered in first person singular - but only to paraphrase and abridge the information given to us by many other people.


We were told at the time of recording these notes, the alleged illegal tunnel from the house where we stayed, & associated to Larry Hunter, - next door to house 13 and the location of the tragedy, ...remains undiscovered!


That tunnel allegedly started in a dead-room zone of the house and projected underground for several yards beyond its Southern wall. It had not quite extended beyond the boundary of House 13 where the main excavation activity took place.


Files and information had been stolen some time previously, belonging to Bill Brown. His work and calculations highlighted this location among others. It was rumoured that a sum of at least $80,000 was made available for a major secret excavation to take place at the exact location which William Brown had identified as a major hot-spot for astonishing deep archaeology, and now was the very site of the deaths.


Free speculation in the village 'supposed' the money to have come from either UNESCO or from another powerful National source. Many villagers raised the name to us of Larry Hunter yet again - in connection somehow with the events. One villager took the trouble to describe from his personal experience how he discovered him using expensive voice and recording equipment on a previous visit to the Village. Other associated claims were made which could only be substantiated through police investigation, but we would freely yield all we know to an open inquiry.


We were told the house number 13 comprised several rooms which were rented by several young men. Up to 6 of the male occupants were said to have been recruited to excavate a shaft. The operation was managed and directed by a Local, on behalf of the hidden backers. Another 'subjudice' powerful local name was given to us which we cannot openly disclose.


The exact target area for the excavation was precisely identified from person/s unknown. It was to encroach under house number 13 but as it was impossible to conduct a secret dig from house 13. A villager and her son allowed the shaft to be dug from one of their house rooms backing on to house 13. The house and target area is only a few feet from the Great Wall... and therefore only a short distance further away from where Russian teams have been burrowing for years beyond the wall and into the rock tombs and shafts.



By mid September, the operation had been planned, organised and was underway.


The amateur excavators had speedily dug a deep shaft and had broken into chambers which stretched some distance in all directions.


Incredible finds were reported to have been made, which included statues, (some of gold) and a wonderful sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was strange in that it was highly decorated with ceramic type tiles, gold inlay, was of a woman, and had distinctly ‘alien’ features. It is even said the sarcophagus lay protected inside another larger stone sarcophagus, and that many other incredible undisclosed objects were found.


We were told in one report that in the meantime, one the excavators travelled to Sharm El Sheik to try and raise substantial ‘pocket-money’ funds from the black market sale of one solid gold statuette. We were led to believe the police first became involved when he was discovered and arrested along with one other man linked to him. Interrogations alerted the authorities to the whole operation. The excavators however were not arrested and the operation was not immediately shut down.


In September, a village family nearby were reported to have been woken from sleep by bangs that seemed like four car doors slamming simultaneously.


Next day at 10.00am, the brother of one of the dead men received a breakfast telephone call to say there had been a catastrophic collapse of the secret excavation, and his brother was one of the trapped. He went to the house and failed in his own attempts to dig back into the chambers.


It was afternoon before the authorities were ‘officially’ contacted for help.

It was said that the collapse seemed like explosions had taken place down the shaft. Some villagers were convinced the authorities deliberately detonated explosives to kill the men and hide what they had found.


Soon, police vehicles were there and an attempt was made to move villagers away. The Berlin Wall of Giza enabled the whole section to be quarantined. We understand that up to thirty village families immediately adjacent were affected or displaced.


Two days after the telephone alert, the recipient was astonished to receive a death certificate recording the heart attack of his other brother. But we were told the deceased was later recovered from one underground chamber wearing city office clothes. He had been financially stable working in insurance and his connection to the disaster was a mystery.


Despite the police presence, some villagers and village children said they had witnessed the proceedings. Later, two cell phone videos emerged which were purported to have been taken before the deaths. One of these was immediately recognised as fake. Even the sarcophagus shown was recognised as one familiar to William Brown elsewhere. The second cell phone video is believed to contain deceptions to mask the astonishing truthful parts which show the ‘alien’ looking sarcophagus and other things. We have studied both videos carefully and it is certain at very least, they must have been professionally planned and created, and with foreknowledge or motivation!


After trying to quarantine the site there was an unexplainable delay for several days before the authorities mobilised a full rescue operation.

During this time it was reported that senior officials were able to communicate with the trapped men, and it was reported to us that even Zahi Hawass visited and spoke with them!



As time passed, the screams from the trapped men were said to have been heard above ground until several days later there was nothing more !



Finally heavy digging and engineering equipment were brought in. The house around the shaft was demolished. The original shaft was left openly exposed, but heavily disguised from proper inspection by gathered timberwork and shuttering.

Certainly a proper examination of this shaft would conclusively prove or disprove if explosives were used to cause the collapse!


A new shaft was sunk alongside the original one to get to the tunnel and chambers.

Witnesses reported that when the authorities finally broke into the shaft and chambers the six men were all found dead. It was reported that an extraordinary stench came from below ground and there was blood everywhere.


However witnesses said the bodies were not recovered immediately. Bagged objects and the sarcophagus were recovered first. One witness commented that the sarcophagus seemed to have a strange energy and affected all who saw it. The witness continued to describe when a police chief lifted the cover that had been draped over the sarcophagus he was moved to tears as other witness had been.


Some damage was alleged to have been done to this sarcophagus when it was manoeuvred out of the ‘rescue’ shaft and ceramic samples said to have been recovered, are being scientifically examined now. It is not known if all that was found was raised to the surface, but in due course the bodies were finally recovered. Even some village children who witnessed parts of these proceedings were badly traumatised by what happened. No one knows what became of the sarcophagus or the unknown objects or even the bodies of the dead men.


The site remained open to the elements and to the gaze of anyone who passed by until recently . However a powerful light-activated spotlight was fixed to shine down from the wire fence towering on top of the Berlin Wall of Giza alongside. Further to this, a walkway of dirt at just the right height allows police patrols on the plateau side of the Wall, to give perfect view over the Wall and down on to the site.


Down the exposed shaft there was a surprise because there is not only a clear tunnel leading to the chambers, but a second shaft at right angles at the intersection, heading north as if to the original shaft location. Local suspicion is that there may be another secret back-door shaft and tunnel which was used to break into the excavation from elsewhere - to allow the authorities to secretly remove other things and continue with work unobserved.


At some stage it is vehemently claimed by villagers that a ceremony was carried out involving prayers and the slaughter of a goat to appease the violation of the special sarcophagus. The goat’s blood was allowed to spill down the shaft. This was a story which fitted with the spillage of blood which  accompanied the bodies. But another commentator who had examined the shafts and chambers said it would have required a large number of slaughtered goats to account for the amount of blood observed down there.


By late September 2009, a report had appeared in a local Arab newspaper, but by the reaction of the authorities they were clearly very unhappy the story had surfaced at all. This newspaper focussed on the illegality of the excavation.


As all will now know, this story or any subsequent investigation were not reported by the international media. The deaths and the recovered items were just made to disappear… except from the hearts and minds of the families and villagers involved or directly affected. For the authorities it seems as if it is business as usual.


The site remained open and untouched from above ground as it was left. House number 13, which is understood to be over the undisclosed and further hidden third chamber, is in a state of near collapse. Other nearby buildings are similarly affected. Villagers have been unceremoniously forced out.

None of the circumstances now or throughout seem to add-up to sensibility.


The shaft and tunnel enters a rock cut tomb with a first chamber about 2.5 x 3.5 m. leading to a second chamber of equal size said to contain a false door. We know of at least a third chamber and of other corroborated features which can wait for the open inquiry and independent re-excavation.

From the videos the walls are evidenced to be covered in elaborate drawings and writings. The SCA actually provided William Brown with images allegedly taken inside the excavation.) So far unsurprisingly, Egyptian officials have stated that all the speculated evidence is untrue!


In a latest twist, as of Feb. 2010, despite the speculation and subterfuge surrounding the deaths; despite the supreme importance of the staggering archaeological finds there, the recovery shaft has been coursly back-filled and rusty junk pieces of iron railings have been strung around the section.


Futhermore,it had been alleged to us earlier that a lot of the clothing from the deceased had been soaked in blood, and roughly concealed under the spoil being taken from the shaft by the recovery party.


Now, as if in a mock Epitaph to the deceased, there are obvious items of clothing that have been raked from the ground-surface around the rough back-fill. You can see these for yourself in the gallery pics!


The hitherto undiscovered alleged shaft from the house where we stayed behind house 13 was indicated to us as extending almost the length of its access ramp, and almost reaching a level with the site of the chambers.


If this is true, the alleged tunnel would be a stark obvious tunnel choice for interested parties to covertly adopt and use as a secret back door entry for continued hidden work in these Ancient underground Temple areas!


As with other sites of world interest and importance that we are aware of, covert work can thus be proceeded with, secretly 'and' in-plain-sight! 


What better way ever to milk something of its value long before yielding any important associated knowledge to the world!!!





Bill Brown:  (as @ Feb 2010)



I had secured temporary legal tenure through an ownership sales agreement, during a 5 month negotiation period. It concerned the property close-by to what had since become the illegal dig site, and from which we could investigate further.


I was due only a couple of weeks ago to return and close a purchase deal according to the conditions which had been previously agreed.


Upon visiting, my instructions had been carried out to tidy the inside of the building. We departed to meet on the private deal closure, but for some reason I was prompted to double back for a little more information research on the site.


I found a number of men milling around the property and even on the roof. They said they had right to be there on behalf of the new owner; but conversation between them was in a foreign language, (not Egyptian) !!


From inside the building I looked up through a hole in the roof and met with the hostile glare from a burly man staring back at me.I felt I was in the wrong place at the wrong time! It was obvious there was something was going on 'behind my back.' 


Our entourage attended the charade of a purchase meeting as had been arranged.

The ruse to force me out of the purchase deal was suddenly based on a change of measurement and subsequent huge increase in purchase value!


The deal was off, and although was declined then, I am resolving it through the pen now!




Look everyone NOW to this corner of the plateau & Look at the photographs.

Think about the stakes involved that would lead to multiple deaths.

Think about the possible players who would have such power, money and influence 





The Dead Men, their Families and the World ...wait for the 'whole' Truth to be told.

The Villagers wait for the knock at their door to say they will be forced out next

...and we are waiting  for the authorities to begin talking to us



We call upon the eyes of the world to be watching and waiting. The game is almost up!


Link now with the story in your mind, and identify every part of it from the photo gallery coming up next




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