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Showing NC2, The Cave of the Birds, (The Bat Caverns)  ...and a speculated line of tunnel which runs toward Khafre before joining into the main central geological fault line on the Plateau under the corner of The Great Pyramid. Certainly the known tunnel network below ground has connections between the huge natural fault lines. Logic dictates that any major tunnel most likely taps into the central system also. As old survey pics show, there is in any case the appearance of a fault line directly from the NC2 area to the corner of Khafre, though this is likely to be a tunnel - & as the fault lines are known.



Understanding the Caverns    Introduction     Richard Gabriel with Judith 2009



We brought no great academic qualifications with us. We were armed simply with our experience and the drive from a lifelong calling to uncover the knowledge of our ancient past. We had long appreciated that knowledge and understanding do not belong exclusively to the academic; nor do they have the right to prevent its open exposure into the public domain.


It would seem, according also to our higher understandings, there are those on other levels who agree, and who pave the way for us by manufacturing a clear path and creating invisibility when the need arises. When such things are contrived on this level they never work. But when the spirit is ready to receive and the desire is manifest, then amazing adventures unfold like the ones that Judith and I have enjoyed for years into the forbidden territory of our most ancient heretage.


It is a prerequsite that we never disturb, interfere with, nor damage any archaeology along the way.

We go about our work quietly. Our  singleminded approach to simply seek knowledge and understanding ensures our safe passage.


We knew already of the area of NC2. We knew of it through the work of our colleagues and good friends Bill and Lucyna Lobos Brown. Through their combined work, the Giza Geomatrix was emerging as a consolidated blueprint as the ancients knew it for the motivation and layout of the pyramid fields and much more. The Geomatrix blueprint was coming to fruition and simply required more ground validations to confirm its accuracy. The NC2 area was one identified target which would eventually be checked to see if it would yield one of the expected entrances to the underworld below Giza.


For us the correlation was not fixed to one constellation. For the blueprint to be valid, not only must all the constellations be valid to the ground, they must be valid according to our whole chronological timeline, and it must be explainable within terms that accurately trace our true origins on this planet or beyond. The Geomatrix Exposure originating from within this site is the result of our collaberation with Bill and Lucyna and it will do just that.


So it was that one day we were on a loose end and were spontaneously directed to the area of NC2

Less than half an hour from leaving home with no particular plan in mind, we found ourselves being bombarded by crash-landing Bats at the entrance to the Caverns at the far end, inside the Tomb.


By then we knew plenty about the Tomb because a short while previously the work of Andrew Collins with his wife and his colleague Nigel Skinner-Simpson had been published. Their sterling detective work had publically re~identified the location and its hidden secret. We knew also the issue had stirred up a political storm with the authorities who denied its existence. Our aspirations stretched simply to the knowledge concealed deep within the system and so we were pleased to know that Andrew had been a pathfinder before us. (A Link to Andrew's writings and research on the subject will be found at the end of this presentation.)


I will turn to our findings in a moment, but I wish to reiterate one genuine warning to anyone involved now or in the future down there. The different vibrational qualities to be found within the system is a tangible reality. We absoultely know that any workers in there now, or anyone other who may venture underground, must be prepared on 'another' level, or they will certainly suffer harm. We have evidence from other similar entrance sites on the plateau stretching back years where plunderers and opportunist journeymen have come to grief... and the matter has been hushed over and over. The effect may be manifest from an energetic level, but it still conforms to scientific principles, and it is real.


Here then is a listing of our findings; from the entranceway to the end point of the caverns where the descent would start.....


This presentation is in the form of 5 Pages.


Page 1, this introduction along with a summary of our findings.

Page 2/3/4 filled with 100's of gallery pics and explanations to support the summary.

Page 5 special gallery pics and our conclusions.




Findings Summary


Under NC2

Beneath the actual Tomb, steps lead down just inside the doorway each side to an extended central gallery interrupted by hewn rock pillars. Either side of the gallery there are huge hewn chambers. At time of visit these were being worked and still required extensive clearance just to see what may be revealed. The left hand chambers were choked almost to the roof. Within the right hand chambers a lot of sand had been cleared. This revealed how their ajoining walls had been broken through in a couple of places. On the far right some walls had been broken through to the rough bedrock behind, and at least one large and very special niche had been exposed. You will learn of the incredible find there on later pages. From the wall and roof damage at the far right hand end, it was not hard to speculate a connection directly from here into the tunnel system beyond, but much more clearance was required.


At the start of the right hand gallery the workers were having to use wooden planks to traverse a step-down, or sump. This was unusual as the entrance to the ajoining 1st. chamber was above.

Far more likely therefore that the sump perhaps concealed a new shaft decending to even lower levels.

The underground complex was far more extensive than the actual Tomb above, and held great promise for new discoveies. It was obvious within the partially cleared chambers there were a lot of items to recover. Extensive cabling and workers tools confirmed intensive work proceeding already.


From Within the Caverns

They have their own eco system based on Bats, Bugs and Snakes.

Highly poisonous bugs and camel spiders at least were identified.

No live snakes actually confirmed, but the whole complex has hundreds of snakes of all sizes, either preserved in death, or depicted on the walls using carved stone relief or as rock art.

There are many examples of rock art, rock markings and rock carvings.

The whole system is absolutely stuffed full with tons of items and artefacts of all descriptions.

Many of these are buried under rubble or under calcification layers.

We believe we have identified two possible shaft entrances; plus two plugged side or tunnel entrances and at least one niche side entrance.

Very old areas had artificial plaster walls which have mostly collapsed or have been covered by time.

The birds theme has been continued from the outside tomb, but inside there is a much greater predominance to the crocodile ..and especially the snake.

The crocodile connects with Sobek in the lower chambers and the snake will be dealt with at the end.

A form of plaster mortar has been used to embed multiple objects and snakes to the roof in two particular sections where an apparrent guardian snake shrine has been constructed.

Items believed to be of Gold were observed, and in particular, geese.

Though there is evidence of ancient water errosion, there is possible evidence of human enhancement to the passages.

There is blackening throughout to the ceiling as if evidence for the extensive past use of fire torches.

There are examples of stone/blockwork craftmanship within the entrance chamber and interior side niches/caves.

Pots, Gourds, and apparrent funerary vessels abound everywhere, and in particular, the ones embedded to the walls and roof simply must still have intact contents.

Substantial past rockfall impedes the passages in several places, but generally everything seems stable.

There is a thriiving colony of Bats in the caverns.

Only yards from within the entrance, sound is completely trapped to silence.

Where the caverns ajoin the Bird Tomb it is clear there once was a wide squared hewn stone entrance, but this was restricted in modern (old) history by being bricked-up... only to be partially opened again in moden times.

The caverns have a tangible energy presence within them which we found comforting.

The ammonia density increases considerably farther into the system at a point where the caverns end and the tube tunnel begins, where the air is almost unbreathable.



See our conclusions and how the system ties to what we already know, on the last page.