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The Broad Canvas




February 2010 and Dr. Zahi Hawass has released a statement heralding many archaeological discoveries which will be disclosed to the public over the coming months. We are aware of what many of these finds are likely to be. We are aware of many greater finds with their incumbent knowledge, suspected but not yet known to Dr Hawass, which we intend in due course will also be released to the public in a spirit of cooperation for the betterment of all people.


Since the earliest recorded exploration on the Giza plateau, hosts of explorers have worked to make sense of what secrets may be awaiting discovery. These have included Egyptologists, archaeologists, wayfarers, tourists, thieves, either openly or covertly, representing personal, political, or national interest.


By our own understanding and experience another grouping has been drawn inexorably to explore the plateau. These people known only in mind and by the product of their driven purpose, to follow an obsession which ‘they’ may even struggle to understand.


By their motivation and tenacity they seek purely and simply to re~discover a heretage which many of them already accept was ‘theirs/ours’ in the distant past.


This motivation sets them apart from all others in authority who are confounded by the invisibility which always seems to enable such people to usurp those in apparent ‘service to self’ - who control all knowledge and disclosure appearing from the sands of Egypt. There ‘is’ interesting disclosure, but it is the tip of a knowledge iceberg which would overturn our whole institutionalised view of our origins and history.


We have heard it said that to argue for a civilisation greater and more advanced ‘in their own way’ than our own; and which stretches beyond the religious threshold of 6,000 years, would be an affront to sensitivity and a denial of the archaeology which has been knitted to an established view of history. We would contend if a much older and more advanced ‘in their own way’ civilisation existed; and if such a civilisation, pre-world catastrophe, laid down foundations of knowledge which led to the emergence of the great land of Egypt; then what better discovery could there be to exalt the position of Egypt as a true cradle of modern civilisation?


Perhaps then there is another view to explain the denial of discoveries that would corroborate such an outrageous idea. We know the possibility is denied publically but is accepted by a whole spectrum of experts in highest authority behind the scenes! We appreciate that knowledge of a more distant, advanced origin, would have to be suppressed by the establishment. National and personal interest would be seemingly served by the covert exploitation of any advanced artefacts and knowledge from such a source! It would be naïve to deny this. But the truth is too big to contain and must inevitably break forth.


From within the ranks of those who privately follow a calling, there have been many who have pursued investigations, trying to understand how the ancients devised their plan for the ground architecture, (The Geomatrix) There is no secret to the fact that some kind of stellar/geometrical/mathematical order is contained in the layout of all the pyramid and temple fields. The question has been how and why! Books have been published with brave theories which fail because none of them account for the ‘whole’ picture, and they have not always relied upon accurate data.


In the meantime, invisibility continues to allow others to bring usurping evidence and information to the public arena to push the establishment view of history closer to the edge of its pedestal. We have worked hard and quietly for years in Egypt, in an effort to open the whole truth of our origins to the public. By our own experience and understanding, our blessed pathway and the knowledge we have been privileged to gain, has been as a result of a contract we made for ourselves and with others in a time before this life. It matters nothing if others do not believe, understand or accept our premise. The only thing that matters are results and public disclosure!


The same is true of our friends and colleagues Bill and Lucyna Lobos Brown. We are as one with their purpose. Together we have gathered tangible new evidence particularly over the last decade, which was destined to surface at this time during colossal cosmic change. Who can ignore the galactic changes taking place that have begun to affect us here on Earth, and we have a good idea of the future probabilities!


We acknowledge the role played by ‘everyone’ who has a hand in the re~discovery process. All have an importance, even if it may not seem so to a thirsting public.

Other interests from their singular and national view points ‘must’ be served within the cycle of it all.


We acknowledge all the explorers and authors who have contributed to the debate. Especially we acknowledge the work of Dr Zahi Hawass, who despite the ire of many, fulfils his  predestined role, perfectly. He holds the difficult position of presiding over a multitude of self interested groups from around the world who would all serve themselves if allowed. If his personality clashes, it must be understood that he too is a returning Presence, perfectly suited and contracted for his chosen purpose.


However, it must be also be understood by Dr Hawass and others in authority; even if they only follow ‘private’ beliefs in a greater past, the process of evolvement is inevitable.


For those of us who return to follow a ‘calling’ of  re~discovery in Egypt, we have no motivation to disturb, to violate, to usurp, or to insult. We are part of a process which cannot be stopped. It is our birth plan, and we would much rather that our contribution could at last be recognised in working cooperation. If this had already been the case, then other notable people before us such as Hancock, Bauval, Collins and so many others would not have had to fight for recognition and assistance for their valuable re-discovery contributions. If it had been the case, then perhaps the six young men whose lives were sacrificed recently, may still be with us to ‘openly’ pursue the same goal under lawful supervision.


The following pages may speed the time when self interest at every level may be swept away. Then all people of the world may learn from the timely and open disclosure of a past which will overturn every view they have been conditioned to accept so far.


The Geomatrix plan has been cracked by William Brown. Evidence from its code will be validated by past archaeological activity on the Giza Plateau. It will be validated when we disclose where and why unannounced excavations are taking place now.


It will be validated when we tell you what the excavators have found and are finding.

It will ultimately be validated when we are able to show where future excavations should take place, and the nature of what will be found at the sites. You will understand from the material exactly ‘why’ the secret has been kept. We will show from thousands of photographs and detailed accounts, tangible evidence to support our explanations.


This sub-domain is now open, but it is only the end of the beginning; and more will be added as fast as we are able. We welcome your participation through our site E mail address. Your further disclosures or knowledge will be accredited and published here in context and according to whatever rules of confidentiality you may wish.


The knowledge belongs to the world

It is time for all of us on 'all' sides of the fence to play our part in a new cooperation!



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