The Dragon's Truth Is The Geomatrix         

'Father!' ...asked the Shepherd boy,

 'Are there more grains of sand in our home than Stars in the night sky?'







          My Father replied,

         'I may answer this question easily for you my son, but I fear it will

          not convey due wisdom to your calling,'

          but he continued,


        'If the Stars fell to the sand before us, could you tell where even

         the brightest would be captured?'


         It was always this way; my questions answered with another



         Soon it would change; and as if catching my thoughts my Father

         interrupted, 'Yes indeed young one, since the Council of High

         Priests summoned you to their ancient School of Wisdom, I knew

         all your questions would finally be answered. Soon it will be

        'your' turn to catch a falling Star.'



         My time began as yours does now; and by the end of our time

         together you too may have gained the wisdom to answer all of

         your questions and catch a falling Star, yourself.



              The Journey Continues




In April 2006 a television film crew assembled on the Giza plateau. My  public story began that day with

a two hour interview under the show title, 'Atlantis, is it real.' The show covered my research into the

 origins of the Giza Plateau. My interview was culled to a five minute dialogue. The Egyptians had attempted to downplay my research; but the content of the interview, now in text, continues to be used as my official follow-up to this day. Since then my wife LucynaLobos and I have delivered our presentation hundreds of times on the international circuit. Though it carries our true story; the only thing to be concerned with, is its message!











Everyone knows of Atlantis.

The scientists disagree about its truth;

therefore everyone must surely disagree about its truth!?


So it is with the Giza Plateau.

It may all be true. It may not be true....

just like the following 'Maybe' story.




        Credit to Visionary Artist : Louis De Cordier






I remember many years ago on the plateau on one occasion, when we stood in the company of our great mentor.


Long ago our forefathers occupied this site.

It would be 'our' archaeologist's dream to probe among the ruins. They knew so much that we would still learn from.


Our forefathers had been here in the ages before us and had left the first blueprint upon the ground. Their's was the science of the cosmos and probability. It all came true for them, as it will for us.


Upon our return we were greeted by the scars of a best forgotten period, and the task was set for our archaeologists to uncover the remains - that we may show for all time how we are not alone in the universe.


I was close to one hundred years old and was becoming a polished architect. I still had my prime to look forward to, and indeed I 'was' proud to stand next to our leader and mentor, know to us as Master Juno. We had worked hard on the restorations and new-builds, and the gleaming pyramid forms were a testament to our labours.


Our King, Khufu had summoned me with my two colleagues for a new task. We stood together a little nervously waiting for him to speak. His deliberation allowed time for my thoughts to wander.


I looked back to the scene where we were interrupted in our play with a ball. Master Juno gathered us and held the ball aloft. He spun it on his finger and made us laugh as he exaggerated his attempts to balance it against the distinct wobble it had developed. He clutched at the ball and said loudly,

'I have planet Earth in my hands!'

He pointed in a slow sweep of his finger to catch each of us. "If one of you was an observer on its surface, see how difficult it would be for you to observe the rest of us against the spin of the ball and its wobble.

A voice said, ' We would become dizzy at that speed!'


But Master Juno was ready and replied instantly,'Yes, but we are as grains of sand on planet Earth, and as atoms in the cosmos, such that the effects of spin and wobble upon our observations, take an age of ages to measure.' The lesson sprung well to the fore as I overlaid the cosmic patterns in my mind and spread them over the vista before us.


My thoughts returned to the moment.


We were standing in the Temple doorway facing toward our King and presently he broke the silence.

'It is time for you to stretch your knowledge. You are decreed to follow a new quest soon, and it will be a new initiation for you all.' ' You shall learn the absolute truth of our origins, hidden within a greater cosmic map beyond the horizon.'


'The North Star guides us to understand the movement of the Precession and the wobble of the ball that is Earth planet. This has been sufficient for you so far. But pay attention now and I will give you new considerations.'


'Due North from where we stand is not marked in the night sky by any Polar Star. We all know it as the invisible Star.'


Our thoughts begged for a question, that we may show our prowess, but Khufu answered the question for us. 'Beyond the void, the Star hides within the pattern of the Great Dragon. Know of its secret connections to the geometry of other Star systems and it will help you also to understand our past.'

'Then follow the path of the Southern Star and you will surely discover the greater truth of our origins.'


'You are all too young to be aware of the disaster which took many of our ancestors from us. Now we are in the great transition of another cosmic realignment, and your new quest will help fix the knowledge of its function for others.'


'Several thousand years before the present, the spin and wobble of this planet were thrown completely into chaos by a cosmic strike to its surface. Before the disruption, the Temples of our ancestors aligned to a different North to South Star. Earth planet is again rebalancing to the order of the Invisible Heart Star of the Great Dragon. New foundations shall now be fixed in stone, with shafts and tunnels to fix the pathways of celestial accuracy.'


'The ancient and sacred knowledge of our forefathers will remain true and fixed through time, though the history of man will trace a jagged lifeline. All will eventually rise to ignorance or knowledge; but only those who are awakened - will follow the path of light to our legacy.'


Our Quest continued...


There were many seasons in passing until our adventures drew us back to our King. At last we were sure of our ground and the truth of its position. Soon Khufu would welcome our return.


The dignity of his Presence stilled the excitement we felt. The knowledge we sought from the Southern Star-connection, had steered our journey to Hawara. Its great lake was infested with crocodiles and other water animals; the very symbols used in our texts for a 'younger' god. The island out in the lake held the Temple of Sobek, which truly marked where his namesake fell to the sand.




We marveled at the secrets underground there in the place they called the 'Labyrinth.' So many mysteries were laid bare to us. A guide remained with us at all times to prevent us becoming lost in the vast system of rooms and corridors. Some chambers had become the resting place for many of our kindred forefathers.


It would become another task to add to the secret wealth of our past, but the Probabilities had been read. This whole site with its hidden complex had been modelled correctly upon the anticipated plan for our own Temples of Giza.


The greatness of our heritage encompassed even the probability for the secrets of our present.

We spent long months learning the workings of the whole system. It was truly fit for our King.






Deep below ground was the resting place of the Mother of our bloodline; their great Queen. Her Brother, who was then her husband - rests there to eternity in the company of his Father and Mother. We were to find that the gift of this knowledge would bring more knowledge. Our King used it to help us understand how it was all time-locked together through the Star patterns.


One of the Princesses accompanied us on our homeward journey. Years later she lay at rest in her own sarcophigus in the land at Giza where she died. In the future, her life would be reported as a secret through the geometry of Bootes; his being the symbol of the Hippo with the added Crocodile above its head. Enduring forever with the Hawara/Giza Prince; they would be marked forever by their symbol, waiting as a key to unlock the truth of their union.


All these things we recounted to Khufu. We knew that he knew this anyway, but it was a lesson for all of us. The Geomatrix had to be completed, and soon,  by the will of another Pharaoh we would be destined to return again to Hawara. This would be to organize the construction of Sobek's Pyramid atop the island.


Our descendents would remember its importance.


From thence, 6500 years would pass before many more of us would gather again for the quickening.


Khufu, ever wise, and ever knowing of the greater plan was not finished.


'You are sure now of the secret of the Southern mark of Sobek, but there was a deeper meaning to your journey.' We glanced to one another with a smile. The lesson thus delivered would always strike home.


Khufu continued,


'The Star from yonder South and far beyond the horizon is to be specially recorded. Our Great Stone Temple will be completed with portals from the inner chambers pointing to the firmament. Where we stand, you will stand yet again with other friends, clothed in unfamiliar flesh. 6500 years will pass, before you feel the memory of my lesson, and if you learn it well - the secret of our origin will return to you.


The portals will forever continue to point, and your history will have recorded their target.


The god of the Underworld was  'Agathodaimon'  the good Spirit and a Gnostic god in the form of a Serpent Being. He was the Lord over the Dragon Serpent;  host to our 'invisible' North Star


His Presence will be known but will confound all but those who vibrate in curves. Indeed Ouroboris will cover the Pillared Temple Tomb at the Heart Centre.  But Ouroboris will Smile through Thoth, Idris and Enoch when men fail to see the snake through the Dragon's eyes. He will become eternal in our land, but known only in Truth, through the goat's beard of the Greek Drakon and an English definition.


Mark me well my young ones and the memory will not be clouded. Not for you when you awaken to the world again - that you shall be lost to illusion. Let Agathodaimon weave a mystery through the Draconis Geometry for lesser men, while you follow his true path to our final knowledge through the tunnels and passageways of the Duat. He will be watching and waiting for only you to truly know and show the way.




For reference: Modern constellation boundaries were established around 1930 showing part of the ecliptic in Ophiuchus. It was of no concern to the astrologers because the zodiac concept requires a division of the heavens into 12 houses. The houses captured their aligned constellations in the time of Ptolemy. It was 'he' who inveted modern astrology around 1850. However the zodiac divisions have nothing to do with the actual constellations.


Since the time of  Ptolemy the precession of the equinox has moved the alignments by around 25 degrees., and the Sun has moved West by a factor of one constellation in the same time-frame. The constellations were fixed to their houses thousands of years ago, but modern astrological esteem is balanced on great inaccuracy.





From our gaze to the sky, the mists of time rolled forward. And so it was; the Great Stone Hallway to the Stars was completed. It's opening doorways would serve in remembrance to the great cycle messengers of Vega and the 'invisible' one.


The smaller passageway-portal due South, would be for 'us' to remember, and for mankind to discover. At the end of the portal pathway, the serpent tail constellation Stars would stil beckon. Their direction South would be to mark the return of the messenger and your future great Lord. The circle would be complete and Enki-Ra would preside again as for our very ancient forefathers.


Our Lord Khufu bade us follow one last request for when his lifetime with us ended.


It was done, even as Lord Khufu was reunited with his tomb; concealed for no common man to discover, within his Temple of Records.


His location would be the final mark to show him as the first King of Kings; with his own god icon - Hippo Bootes, waiting as the solar lock-keeper for the time when mankind may re~discover the Geomatrix plan we worked so hard together to create. In his right hand our Lord Khufu would be held until later, when Bootes Constellation would change position ...for Khufu 2.


But his right hand will forever point to the hidden location Tomb of 'our' lord Khufu.





The Lion King Sphinx holds the history of our forefathers and continues today in its charged duty to hold and protect its part in the secret to the end of time. It shall serve as the Gates and the Doorway to his tomb. Only when the Star of the 'Polar' constellation falls upon the tomb will the gates be opened.


'That' time beckons to us as the Probabilities gather strength. No common man may find and claim possession of the secrets. The truth shall manifest according to a 'higher' precession, when the door shall be opened once again to the people. The Guardians in their allegiance to the light will continue to help the worthy and confound the dark, until that day arrives.


At the tomb of Lord Khufu, mirrored directly above his head, will be a special Star marked from the great Star system of our own 'invisible' one. Those of you who remember this enduring sacred code, will understand how it will be revealed in the time of his future visit.


Finally from the Temple doorway of the great Stone Hall, and the headstone markers within the Stars of the Great Dipper Bear, there will be another sign to all those bearing witness to the Truth and the Way. These will mark the lower Temple; the Khufu Valley Palace Complex.


Let it thus be so, that all people may return to the greater knowledge about themselves and the truth of our past. It was so and it shall be again for those who dare to believe!





The knowledge belongs to the World.


It is time for all on both sides of the fence to play our part, in cooperation!


We are at the end of our beginning.


Where will our portals take you now ?


The Time ~ Clock Is Ticking



     The Giza Geomatrix (4)

The Fall 


                  Secret Egypt  &  The Giza Geomatrix (3)


                                                                Bill & Lucyna Lobos Brown  -  in collaberation with  Richard Gabriel & Judith