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The Fall 



'It seems strange to be talking about yourself in future tense, but from the Probabilities it is easy to say that nothing ever changes much… at least it seems so from within our small time frame!’


5 to 14,000 years may seem a very long time, but we only have to look to human intrigue and man’s Principles of Possession to see how the cycles repeat themselves in ever smaller or larger fractals.


In a time long gone we were instrumental in laying the foundations for Earth's part in the great cosmic plan. But that was out of our former lives when the fighting spawned from ego and greed hastened the day when everything was turned upside down.


From ancient times there existed only one science of precision which could convey  information about the most important events and dates in the Earth’s history.


That science is astronomy and it is our lifeblood. Across eons of time, our kind, and many others have navigated the cosmos. Like a busy gathering on the ground, the traffic of visitation; the interaction of species, fills the spaces between the galaxies, eluding all but the young or retrograde races like those of Earth.


The timespan of perishable life from birth to decay looks out in its waking moment to the aparrently imperishable Stars.  A Sun rises, a Sun sets. From each world, the distant Stars weave patterns together.


On Earth these patterns track with the Sun across the sky, rising and falling through precessional ages above and below the horizon.The geometry of their pathways together, provides the most imperishable time-chart to record the progress of civilisation on the ground - through the positioning of our most important constructions.





I remember we asked Khufu why had to develop our skill in the devination of minerals, water or other targets below the sand. It was not immediately obvious what this had to do with stellar geometry. He had one of those thoughtful moments before answering us as usual with another question!


'Do you think that the differing energies you detect are manifest simply because you seek them?


and without waiting for the answer...


'These energies are present throughout Earth and universe. It is wise to become familiar with them so that you may know if your temple should be placed here within a small distance or nearby. If the temple is to convey energy, should it not be placed squarely upon its most natural resource? Learn the energies well therefore, as they form an equal part in the geometry of the matrix. When we debate a new foundation, you will become qualified to tune its position to its rightful place in the order of things.'



Importance of the 13th.


Night time has always been the best time. When the work of the day is done, there is nothing better than to gather under the Stars in an ink black sky to study the patterns and movements seen from this world. Below the cliffs near the canal, the great Sphinx always seems to take upon itself a darker hue, silhouetted even against the darkness of the sand. What a story it could tell! On the springtime rising of the Sun, its role was fixed so long ago to honour its bearer and our home. Ophiuchus was our pillar of heaven, but Ophiuchus would become the hidden house for a great cosmic year to confound all but the most knowledgeable in times to come.


The years have passed. The ages have passed, and still the precessionary cycle slides the original blueprint across the heavens with its secret locked-in. As we look out to space we see the movements, circling inevitably to the left; but for a brief period it was not so. How far we would have progressed if the asteroid had not visited. In deep regression we have recaptured the memory of that fateful time.


At the halfway point of the great celestial year the cycle was suddenly interrupted. The rock came hurtling in from the North East across the lands you will know as Siberia, Europe and to the south of the British Isles. In a couple of minutes the destiny of Earth was changed forever. Your wise men will note how even the records of Dendera capture the moment. At the head of the Crab, the Sun had been between Leo and Cancer, but now it would sink down into Leo as the precessional pathways began to reverse their direction.


Our texts survived the aftermath along with some of those who chose not to leave. A terrible wrath was exacted upon the surface. The North Pole tipped to the South and the displaced waters of the seas scoured away the traces of our first lives here. Here is what the scribes said,


'The pillar of the sky collapsed. The Earth was shaken to its very foundation. The sky began falling northward. The Sun and Stars changed their course. The whole system of the Universe was thrown into disorder. The Sun was eclipsed and the planets changed their tracks. There followed four times of the Sun passing when there was confusion. The Sun rose twice where it had set, and twice it set where it had risen.Winter came like summer; the months followed in reverse order and the hours became confused.'


It was terrible for us to view it from afar. How much more terrible it must have been for those souls who remained in the networks below ground. We have seen to the future and how other records would remain of that time; of how...


'The celestial vault fractured, the Earthly balance was broken. The sky tilted to the North-West. The Sun and the Stars moved. The Earth to the South-East proved hollow and so the water and silt rushed there…


Every culture which evolved thereafter would hold a record of the inundation which occurred.



The Wheel turned again


It was a new dawn. The compass points had moved. It would take centuries before the motion of the Earth began to balance one again; but not quite as before! Our sky presents itself still 15° displaced where before the catastrophe it had been 9˚

For us and our direct predecessors it presented a problem because we knew the Geomatrix had to record the change. As Lord Khufu told us,


'When the Pillar resumes its position, fear not, because we will be there in new guise and with awakened memory as star children, seeking to balance its effect. The quickening will come, but this time, more will be prepared for  its effect. Hasten to the work now so that others may understand our message in the future.'


In meditation I have visioned the next right-of-passage. I see the mirror of our past when there was political and social conflict before the end. Even as I have described, those in service to self will rise again also to try and conceal the gift of knowledge we bestow upon you. Will our decendants see it and claim it as they must this time?

Will my eyes seek out the markers that we are helping Lord Khufu to lay down now?  As before, as ever, the measure of the spirit of One within us will determine the outcome.




Now we shall leave the world of Maybe



It is time to unpick the story and see where 'maybe' came from. Our proposal for a chronology that passes through 10,5000 years to the present day, can be traced from evidence that is in plain sight. We will deal fully with the Star Clock in due course, but current developments force us to deal with matters of today first. Then it will be for You to decide what is Maybe and what is Not.




The Next Reality


Chinese Lanterns


Have you ever seen one of those Chinese lantern - lamp shades?

You know the type, made from hoops and joined with paper.

They start as a flat pack and expand into a globe shape as you pull them apart.


When you are familiar with them, it is easy to imagine them as a globe surrounding your lamp even before you form them into their full shape. They can be bought in different shapes and painted with all kinds of exotic designs.


So it is with a Merkaba! The only difference with a Merkaba is that in its 2D state like the flat pack - chinese lamp shade, it may comprise a myriad of patterns, lines, shapes and designs. It is not quite so easy to imagine what the finished shape is meant to represent.


I remember a TV documentary about Tibet. The monks spent days using fine lines of coloured sand to create the most incredible vast Merkaba on the ground. Their deliberations were focussed to recreating,  layer by painstaking layer - the entire construction geometry of their most sacred Palace.


However the design was imbued with a far deeper vision. The monks carried out the exercise in a state of Grace and were able to convey the high spiritual signiture of the Holy Palace through the 2D representation on the ground. Those who knew, knew.

To most people it would seem like a fantastic two dimensional pattern of coloured sand on the ground. For a few, the design would lift in mind, Spirit and Presence to its virtual 3 dimensional state. For a few, the energies of the original Palace would lift their vibration through the Merkaba to share in the Holy grace of the ones who created it and in the place of its origin.


When it was done, the perfect energy had been Actualised. The sand could be cleared away without remorse.


How many therefore realise the true purpose of a Merkaba or a Mandala. How many know to meditate upon such a thing and raise its infinite structure and spiritual power within themselves. How many have been able to meditate upon a genuine Merkaba and see the dimensions rise in their minds and spirit.


We occupy this 3rd.dimension life in no less a state than the 2D flat pack lantern. It is within us all to raise the vision of our true nature to expand and actualise our own Mandala through the multitude of dimensions beyond the 3rd. and manifest the Law of One forever.





The Mandala Blueprint


Would you would like to know another little secret? The Giza Geomatrix Blueprint is a living Mandala which actualises the fabric of the Universe.


But it was not even created by its makers. They had already advanced to such a level that their understanding of the fabric was supreme. They had no need to invent it. All they had to do was to carry its representation to planet Earth and lay it down in compatable 2D. They knew the only way to live was 'within' the Mandala. So it was then that a race expanded and enjoyed their cycle of eons within the geometries of balance on Earth.


But their cycle was not that of other cycles, and the wheel must always turn again!

They anticipated it long before their time came to leave. They would return to their other distant stellar homes secure to know that the work they had done would leave a Merkaba of strength, spirit and knowledge that would survive as the Universe does.


They knew that they would have the opportunity to return again when other cycles had spent their force. They knew they would be able to repair and raise the lines of coloured sand from the ground to recreate the finished product. Theirs was the knowledge of Probability. They knew there would be a final return as the wheel prepared to turn yet again. If their determinations were correct, then this time their kind would be clothed as us-among-us already starting to awaken to the truth; already starting to reclaim their true nature. So it is then as we look around us and head into transition. Some are awakening. Some cling to ego and try to prevent the inevitable. But the probabilities cannot be denied  ...because we wrote them ourselves!




Upon Arrival


At the time of their first arrival, the geometries of the Cosmos and the individual Stellar geometries were conveyed to the ground. At the time of their second arrival these were repaired and completed.


The precessionary view from our home had been plotted through three turns of the wheel, reflecting the times of axial change in our great cosmic year. 


On the ground, our living Mandala would survive through the geometry of the remaining structures around the world, but especially in the central mass of the land known as Khem.


Time would pass and the next change would approach. Who then would begin to expand the Merkaba in time, and actualise its true shape within themselves as an intrinsic part of the whole of creation. Who would join them and explode the awakening to others. How many will be in time to return to their higher level this time?






The next part of the Giza Geomatrix will endeavour through 'Animation' to raise the Mandala we speak of. The structures of the ground will be lifted through their time frames and precessional ellipses. Their interaction will be shown and their time fix will be established back to the sand.


From this point the Mandala will have been raised because from this point the time-clock of our modern development will be revealed.


It will provide its own validation, because by using this actualised Mandala we will be able to examine the time-clock for any point throughout history and recognise the prediction of probability for every event.


We will then turn to every power site on the ground at Giza and elsewhere and we will fully expose all we know of them and how their part in 'your' birthright is being stolen by others in 'service-to-self.' We have more evidence to show than ever the STS people could imagine!


But for its main purpose, we will be able to use its power and simplicity to validate the probability for what is ahead of us. When we reach this point; when others see it; when everyone begins to reclaim their memory and right within it... then our part in the awakening will have been fulfilled.


We possess resources, bare but sufficient for the task.

It has not been easy to develop a best and most basic way to present it.

This has taken time and will take a little more time yet.

It will be a small price to pay if we raise others from their sleep.





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