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      Echoes from The Chamber


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Richard Gabriel


Chapter 1


Formations and the Event



What a roller coaster it has been! My memories reach back to my first few months and I have always been aware of it operating on two distinct levels, like two lifetimes rolled into one. My mundane life has been in constant competition with my compelling Supernormal journey. Of course they are intertwined, even during times of abject despair; or when burned by the searing heat of love and frozen by the pain of its loss. I have known them all. But I also know that my route has been my own choice. The harder it has been, the stronger the lesson as I survived each distinct phase. My life raft and eventually my rapture has been the understanding that came from the higher experiences. I am grateful of the pathway and the light it has given me. I regret the pain I may have caused others during my lesson, but enlightenment cannot be gained without scars.


My Supernormal experiences have happened randomly, frequently and in many different ways. They include most of the phenomena you might expect, such as precognition, clairvoyance, out of body experiences, manifestations, automatic writing and a multitude of other things. They are just aspects of the exploding gnosis in my life.


It is said that every effect is normal, and is only described as Supernormal because our scientific understanding has not yet caught up to it. It is said that in science, every effect can be described in terms that eventually lead to the cutting edge of quantum physics. The understanding I have been awakened to, passes through and beyond that barrier with precise attention to detail. It is said also that every effect to quantum and beyond, has a mathematical value. I leave mathematics to the mathematicians, but for me the recorded numbers of my birth can have been no accident. I was born 13th minute, 13th hour, of Friday 13th October 1950, and the number 13 has followed me with significance throughout my life.


My Supernormal experiences led me on an extraordinary journey to enlightenment. In 1981 I had a monumental otherworldly experience which changed my life forever. I can look back and see the distinct phases of my personal development leading to the Event, and through the pages of this book I hope to be able to share their significance and outcome. Despite the distraction of experiences that spiced my pathway, I was always aware of the loneliness of the journey. Even as a small child I felt singled out in some peculiar way. Strange things would happen to me that I could discuss with no one. Of course I experienced the normal things that kids do, but it was always spoiled by the crazy ideas filling my head.


I remember one occasion, not long out of short trousers; and instead of rushing off to play with pals, I invaded our front garden and built a faithful replica of Stonehenge in order to study it better. I wasn’t savvy enough at the time to know my father had just beautifully prepared the ground for new grass seed. He caught up with me! It felt so unfair that my excavations and my big wonderful Stonehenge replica should be rewarded with stinging legs for the rest of the day. I can look back and smile though, because it sure gave a heck of an exhibition for neighbours to visit and gape over!


By the time I was old enough to think, I was already withdrawing into self for answers. The process was inevitable because my personality clashed with my father. He was working out his conditioning on me and this led to brutal incidents that were branded on my mind. The need to know why things were as they were became an obsession, from the roots that were firmly embedded during my childhood.


I was drawn to mysteries. My mind pondered the Pyramids, the Planets, the nature of matter and other untouchable subjects. I saw things before they happened. I sensed and saw people in another misty world. As a baby-child my mother comforted me to sleep when the faces appeared in my bedroom to talk with me - but only succeeded in scaring the hell out of me. I received inspired thoughts and ideas beyond my years. On another occasion as a young lad, I was sent to my bedroom for breaking the kitchen window. I was interested in physics, which of course led to pyrotechnics. I wanted to see what power could be generated from matchstick heads. So I built a home made rocket from a cigar tube. I set it up on the bird table feeder in the garden and lit the spirit burner underneath. On its test-fire it zoomed across the garden, straight through the kitchen window. The punishment lasted a while, but the joy of the experiment is still with me now. Hehe


Yet again another time, I had been confined to my bedroom. My boredom was complete as I stared out the window at the passing cars. I was in my early teens and longed to be elsewhere. To relieve the boredom I started timing the cars at the end of our roadway as they passed by one lamppost and the next. I figured the distance and found I could calculate the speed of the cars. It was good fun for a while, but boredom took over again. As my mind drifted, I had another of my strange daydreams. I got a picture in my mind of someone in a uniform standing by the roadside with a gadget like a gun. He was pointing it at the traffic. I knew the object was automatically calculating the speed of the passing cars. Several years later I remembered my bedroom confinement as I made the connection to the Police radar speed-guns now in common use.


These were just a couple of tiny examples. My normal preoccupation was trying to understand why I functioned as I did. Who were the faces that came to me when I wanted to sleep at night time? They were certainly people. They saw me and I saw them. It was like in a busy walkway and when I cried in fright, some tried to comfort me and had the opposite effect. Why was my head filled with mysteries?  What did they mean?  Why did I have so many flashes of foresight? Why was it always of disaster? Why did I always have that euphoric feeling of invincibility – like if I jumped from a great height I couldn’t die? I would just zoom out before reaching the ground!  I must have been about four years old when I tried it from our garden shed roof. The fact that I almost broke my ankles and nose didn’t deter me. The bravado that went with my feelings led to me probably being the most accident prone youngster for miles around. What was I supposed to do with all of this? What was the pull I always felt to the Orient, Tibet and to Egypt?  I seemed to have been born with these obsessions. Why was I so unhappy?


I remained a loner through school and as I was growing I was more at home with gymnastics, javelin throwing or Martial Arts than with football and other team activities. My aloof attitude got me into serious trouble many times with teachers and with other pupils. I think I was saved from many beatings because others were a bit wary of me. I could turn a person’s head further down the bus on the way home from school as a party piece, just by boring into their mind. It freaked my schoolmates when I did it to order.


Funny; I just remembered also one time when I was 11 years old. There had been snow and ice overnight. At playtime, I watched from a distance as literally the whole school turned out to throw snowballs at a row of large icicles hanging from the high eaves of the school building. There was one giant icicle left. Dozens of the kids had thrown dozens of snowballs and no one could bring it down. I remember observing this for some time and I got bored watching; but as I was about to turn away I got one of those familiar strange feelings. It seemed as if my mind had gone telescopic and I felt a huge affinity with the giant icicle… like as if I understood it!  I bent down and casually rolled a snowball. I threw it and turned away, knowing already that I would hit the object. I turned back as a huge groan was replaced with a huge cheer from the kids when the icicle smashed to pieces on the ground.


There was no satisfaction in these little events. My unhappy mundane life continued through childhood and youth as I wrestled with far more important problems of higher understanding. Every once in a while I would be satisfied briefly with a eureka moment. But my mind was obsessional and any step forward led to another period of building depression. My mind would take me to a point where I could figure things no further. My frustration would build and build until I felt I would go crazy if I couldn’t come up with a better understanding than before. I knew how to pray, and I sure did pray.  I didn’t realise at the time how Synchronicities were arranged by Minders in spirit in answer to such prayers.


It was sometime later in my development… Out of Body experiences had already given me an acceptance of other dimensions of reality. I just couldn’t fathom how such places could exist. If there were these places then they had to function within laws of Physics that were undiscovered.  If there was such a place, there was no way all the people there would just be flapping around with angel wings strapped to their backs!  I had already decided any explanation of life in this hidden place would have to be explainable in normal terms. I had turned twenty. I was already a year married and on one particular occasion the thoughts had been building again to drive me crazy. I prayed for help harder than I had ever done.


Not far from where I lived, at the highest part of the town, the main road separated the housing estates from a long tract of disused ground rolling down into a shallow valley. Beyond the road, stood ruins of what was once the local brick making works.


Old working sheds and tangled mechanical equipment lay everywhere. An old tall brick chimneystack dominated the skyline and cast a wide pencil shadow across the site. The nearby claypit, filled with water, invited only passing ducks and foolhardy children. Away to one side of the claypit there was an old abandoned orchard; a hangover from the time when the site was part of a farmer’s holding. Bramble thickets grew everywhere. These hazards, combined with the dangers in the ruined sheds, kept all but the most familiar away from the place. If you did know the ground however, a beautiful secret walk was waiting. After dodging the thickets and finding the right trail, the old overgrown orchard could be found.  Here was a haven for wildlife of all kinds, and in season the remaining gnarled fruit trees hung heavy with fruit.


I sometimes took my young nephew and his dogs through the site and down to the old orchard for a run around.  On this occasion I was on a visit to my Nephew and was coerced into taking them for a walk. I didn’t really feel like it at all, so I was a bit grumpy when we set off.  We waited at the roadside for a gap in the traffic and despite my warning advice, my Nephew and the dogs started running as soon as the way was clear. I called for the dogs to stop. I called for my Nephew to slow down. Both ignored me and I was forced to spring from my heels and give chase.


Our route through the brick works took us through the main loading shed. This shed was intact and reasonably well preserved. From memory, it stood approximately eighty yards long by perhaps twenty yards deep. One side was open to the air, where presumably loading vehicles once gained access. The ground was formed from compacted sand from the nearby estuary beach. It was flat, smooth and almost undisturbed. I ran as fast as I could to catch up with my disappearing charges. As I chased through the shed I tripped badly on something and nose-dived into the sand like a torpedo. I spit sand from my mouth and cursed as I jumped up to brush myself down. My Nephew and the dogs had disappeared somewhere up ahead. I cursed again and turned to aim a defiant kick at whatever had tripped me up. I stopped dead, the dogs and nephew forgotten for a moment. Like a miniature monolith, an old book had been raised from the sand and was now standing vertical from the ground like a magician’s trick. I glanced around and apart from the book, the ground was bare. I was incredulous, and even more so when I pulled the book from the sand.


I shook it clean and examined its title. It read, ‘Life Beyond the Veil,’ Book 5, ‘The Outlands of Heaven,’ by the Reverend Vale Owen. As I turned the pages, I felt a tremor of excitement and anticipation flow through me. I also felt the tingling across my shoulders and my head, like a static electrical wind. It was familiar feeling and told me this was not just an ordinary coincidence. I feel it even now so many years later as I sit back from the keyboard and hold the book once again in my hands.


I later found the book was one of a series of 6 books written in the early 1900’s by the Reverend G.Vale Owen, and was received as automatic texts from his Minders in spirit. (See the glossary for details.) The Reverend had resisted the interest his wife shared in the popular Spiritualism of the time. He also resisted for some years, the discarnate thoughts that seemed to fill his mind during his quiet times of reflection. Eventually he was persuaded to sit and give a chance for these otherworldly thoughts to flow and be recorded by the pen in his hand. An amazing set of volumes were the result. The series describes everyday life in the levels of reality beyond the earth plane and gives details of all human activity beyond physical death. Readers are introduced to various helpers on a higher level who wish to add to the information. I discovered the series was still in print and I obtained copies. The original book is still a treasured possession. The experience left me in no doubt of the incredible power of the workings of Synchronicity. The book and its complete series gave me sufficient information for the time being to continue with my Gnostic journey.


I am aware now, that the workings from divine levels down through the levels of creation and life to physical matter, operate universally and are not bound by the constraints of our known physics. They are not the exclusive property of any human religious faith or any one belief system. Omnipotent means what it means! I understand now that it is only by the sheer ignorance, stupidity, arrogance or greed of mankind, that we have tried to package universal truth to suit our own vested interests or exclusive belief systems.


The appearance of the Rev. Vale Owen’s book was an answer to my prayers. I devoured the contents, and my mind was satisfied for a time as I tested the explanations. The Rev.Vale Owen was a Christian churchman and not surprisingly the information channelled through him was delivered with a Christian slant. This was forgivable, and didn’t detract from the universal nature of the actual information.


Some good time later, the rumblings of discontent were building up within me again. I had read the books. I had digested their content. They had given me considerable possibilities of explanation for many of the strange events that had befallen me. The books vastly described aspects of life beyond physical life and presented new territory for me. With my own experience now falling short, I knew I was approaching the next crossroads.


On weekends or in the evenings I occasionally took myself off for a long walk. This was just to blow the cobwebs from my mind and to get my thoughts straight.  So it was one late Sunday afternoon. I was in town walking the back streets and there was hardly anyone about. As I walked up a side road I noticed two pretty girls walking towards me on the same side of the pavement. They were a little older than me and my natural male instincts woke me up. It was so unusual for me to bump into two pretty girls in these unexpected circumstances on a deserted Sunday, and in this part of the old town. As they drew nearer I was surprised even more when they stopped to ask the whereabouts of the local Spiritualist Church.  Like an idiot I spluttered with surprise. It was weird enough to encounter them; but on such a subject! I knew there was a Spiritualist church somewhere nearby, but I didn’t know exactly where it was located. While I was discussing the possible location with them, an older man appeared from the very narrow road opposite. From the corner of my eye I noticed him catch to our conversation and move purposely in our direction. He apologised for interrupting but wished to introduce himself as the President of the local Christian Spiritualist Church. He indicated the location of the church not to far away, and the girls headed off to it. Now I was even more amazed!


Mr. B. remained chatting to me for a few minutes. He said that most people who visited the church were regulars. On this particular evening however, he was awaiting the arrival of a new guest who didn’t know the route very well. We agreed it was fortuitous that Mr B. had arrived at the right moment to direct the girls. As a parting shot he said to me that if I was on a loose-end I might like to join their Church service; soon to start. On pure impulse I agreed. The other new guest was nowhere to be seen so perhaps I was meant to take his place. We walked together to the converted house, which was now the Spiritualist Chapel. At the top of the stairs I caught my breath in groundless embarrassment. The place was full. I saw the two girls from earlier sitting comfortably in outside seats near the back. I humbly found my way past everyone to the only seat left in the middle and at the very back, then waited for the fun to start. I didn’t know what to expect, but by halfway through the proceedings I was feeling somewhat cheated. This was just like a normal Christian church service. Where was all the mumbo-jumbo that was supposed to happen?  After all, didn’t Spiritualists have really strange meetings where dead people were called up!


Hymns were sung. A couple of Bible readings were given. The service seemed as if it was going to finish. The President took the stage and addressed the congregation. He thanked everyone for attending, especially the newcomers present. He spoke a few words of introduction for the visiting Medium, (to my shame, I have forgotten her name,) and yielded the stage to her. The evening then seemed to liven up.


The Medium spoke randomly to a large number of those present. She revealed personal details of friends and family who had died and linked successfully to one person after another. The impact was astonishing. More than one person broke down in tears of shock and joy at the messages of verification given to them. Their reaction was spontaneous and impressive. The information given was very specific. The Medium was not leading anyone with her commentary. I sat inconspicuously, wrapped in fascination as my first encounter with Mediumship unfolded. The Medium announced that the energy was retreating and she seemed to be concluding for the night. But she hesitated, fell silent for a few seconds, then held her hand to her forehead in concentration and spoke again.


 ‘Before I finish, there is someone else I want to come to.’

Without raising her eyes she pointed hard towards the back row and said,

‘Yes you my friend. I wish to speak with you.’ 

From where I sat I was able to trace the straight line from my seat down the length of her arm to her shoulder. I melted self-consciously into my seat. She looked up and began a session with me lasting at least twenty minutes.


The impact of that reading remains with me to this day. She summarised the state of my life to date. She described all the main landmarks. She introduced me to my Guide, or helper in spirit. Special reference was made to the higher pathway I had chosen and the task at the end of it. She referred me (with very private details) to family members who were no longer with us. Most significantly, she described the probability of several key directions that were likely in my life over the next ten years,

culminating in a final gnosis. This event would arm me with the tools to carry out a task I was here to fulfil. The Medium was accurate in every respect, years ahead of events. These included working in Berlin, going back to College; close medical details, highly personal family details and much more; but importantly, she advised me on the Supernormal things, and spoke of a related book I would eventually produce as a part of my task. At the time, the probability of these events seemed too crazy to imagine.






Twelve years later I had been working for nearly three years in Berlin, Germany. I lived in a rooftop Bedsit, which I had prepared for myself before moving there to work permanently. After work, my small Bedsit offered considerable solitude from other hectic things in my life. I was able to read, study and write a lot in the late evening. On a spiritual level I had reached the barrier again. I was mindful of my session with the Medium so many years before, because she had also predicted for something spiritual and very special to happen to me while there in Berlin!  


By then, I had experienced so many Supernormal things and of such variety that my passive mind was consumed with the process of fitting them all together. My head ached with partial understandings. The brain-strain had been going on for a very long time, but I could get no further. I sent out prayers for guidance until it hurt. I meditated. I browsed the bookshops for inspiration, but nothing worked; until one very very special night.


I can’t understate the otherworldly experiences that I take for granted as a part of my life. Precognition, Premonition, Automatic Writing, Inspired didactic poetry, Flashes of deep awareness, Out of Body experiences, sight of people on another level, and much more. These occurrences were normal to me. However, the events of the one evening in my Bedsit surpassed them all and ultimately led to this book and a brand new adventure. That night became known to me as, My Event.


My work that day had been physically demanding and I was exhausted. I finished work late and couldn’t be bothered to cook a proper meal for myself. I bathed and made a light snack. My bed was an army camp bed and with the duvet draped over the side, it made a good floor sofa to lean against. I usually sat there comfortably to read or write. Very occasionally I heard a raised sound from the neighbouring family, but generally I was insulated from all but the most violent thunderstorms that flashed and crashed above my high living space. While fitting the Bedsit out, no restriction had been placed on me for the choice of lighting and wall decoration. One large wall opposite the bed wall was very rough and undulating. I had plastered it freely to follow its flowing shape. I finished it with the side of a tiling trowel to produce faint vertical and horizontal lines. In the daytime the white painted wall looked almost completely flat and untextured.


For lighting I had fitted concealed floodlights along the wall, but for atmosphere I had fitted a spotlight stalk with various coloured spotlights. These were directed at the textured wall and depending upon the colour selected, a range of completely different moods could be created in the room. Using the spotlight colours, the textured wall came to life. Every visitor swore they could see different pictures emerging from it. On this particular evening I selected the red spotlight, grabbed my pen and pad and flopped down against the duvet. Even though I was tired I had a very strong feeling of something preparing itself to inspire me at last. Whenever something inspirational was about to visit me, I always had a sense of its presence as if it was something discarnate waiting in the wings for the best moment to put in an appearance. For example, whenever I receive didactic poetry I have the similar sensation that some people feel before a violent storm - when everything goes quiet and still. Even the air smells different. Or like when others have that tingling feeling of premonition before something big happens in their life. On this occasion the feeling of impending arrival was overpowering. I sat there droopy eyed, writing pad in hand, with no idea of anything to write, but filled with increasing anticipation. I just sat there staring into the far distance of the wall; but nothing came to me despite the huge build-up of spirit power. Eventually, drowsiness overcame me and I must have dozed off to sleep.


My next recollection was of jolting wide-awake as if struck by lightning. My head was pounding and I was on my feet in a split second. For a short time there were flashes of light behind my eyes. I have tried several times to find the right description for the impressions in my mind at that moment. The closest I can manage, is to remind everyone of the blockbuster movie called Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. His active memory was false and had been programmed into his mind. Eventually he has a Total memory Recall of his true lifetime. In my case, as I awoke, Gnosis was complete. It was just as if my mind had joined with another; but the other mind was also me; and the other mind had the complete memory of the process of life beyond life. There wasn’t enough room in my head to contain them both instantly. The other memory was also my memory but I had to dive into it slowly to absorb everything. My God, I thought to myself, the actual structure of life and the universe was in my head!


I remember falling to my knees weeping and feeling as if I was going to drown in this sea of new information. I could see its complexity and its simplicity. Animated shapes evolved in my brain showing the nature of matter at its smallest. It all mingled and tried to burst out. Every emotion surged through me. I was seeing scenarios, I was seeing across vast distance. I was seeing how it all worked. I was overwhelmed with joy and fear and awe and humility; and questions, questions, questions.

‘This was huge, why me?  If this is true, what about that?’

The answers flashed even before I fully formed the questions.

‘If that is true, what about this? What about it all?  What If, what if? A thousand times, what if?’

It was there. It was real. It explained everything.

I rolled my own unanswered experiences through the knowledge again and again and again.

My mundane mind was screaming, ‘I have to test it. Is it real? There must be a flaw.’


On and on through the whole night I threw my every normal and Supernormal experience at it, and then I started with wider questions. Every time, without effort, without faltering, without fail, the bright light of an explanation lit up and spit right back to me. The knowledge begged to be challenged. I did challenge it with everything I could consider, and then I tried again from another angle. I had to know if there was a flaw. I tried and tried to break it down, but it was unshakeable. I remained bolt awake trying to make sense of this new gift, if it was a gift.  By morning I still had not wholly accepted it. Daybreak came. I needed more time. I telephoned my work boss and pretended to be ill. I stayed ill for the next day and then for the whole week. I was ill but in no way I could explain to anyone. I needed space to consider the implications of what had happened. Hour after hour and into the next night and throughout the week I kept looking for a flaw. I went for long walks around the leafy paths of the Steglitz district like in a dream or a daze. I had to satisfy myself to the final degree. My mind had been awakened to remember the universal process and that it is a truth available to all; but lies hidden to most for good reason. I racked my brain to think of every conceivable question on the nature of things and hurled it at the understanding until finally at the end of the week, exhaustion overtook elation and I rested deeply.




I recognised a distinction in the knowledge. It presented the Strategy for life, but also revealed how our divine choices create infinite Pathways of Probability. I could see therefore that knowing the strategy did not automatically fill my head with all the infinite Probabilities for living it. These are ours to unravel within our own chosen pathways back to the end and the beginning.


Many years have passed, but I am as certain now as I was then, I am charged with the duty of passing this understanding to others for their inspection and validation and to test against their own lifeline. Maybe my experience will act as one of the catalysts to reverse the negative spiral in our world today. Maybe, maybe, maybe? The Gnosis is something everyone is a part of, and which everyone will again recall. It returned to me externally, allowing me to test it fully against myself. It would have been totally wrong to have ever accepted it all at face value. Truth withstands any test; and each day I still find questions to test it. I ask you to do the same. If you are not interested, or not ready, or do not care, then fine! But if you are motivated to progress spiritually, then test the understanding against your experience and see where it takes you.


Whenever any new big life drama manifests itself to me, I offer it against the knowledge.  I don’t have to search for an answer. The process is like typing a question on to the computer and pressing search on the World Wide Web. The answer is automatically illuminated. So it is decades later. I continue to play my role on a mundane journey, dealing with the unknown tactics of living within the known Strategy of life, trying to get rid of my remaining negativity. I long for the day when everyone has overcome the gross level of physical vibration. If we as a world ever make it that far, human life will be able to work across the dimensions freely with fantastic creative force just as we were able to do once before. So here and now, my aim is not to win any great literary prize. It is to find a way somehow of conveying the same message of understanding for you to test. So let us begin...





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