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'Echoes from the Chamber'

                 A work in progress                                                                                                                                  Richard Gabriel



The Experiment ... A truthful account




Judith and I looked across the chamber to each other. Our arrangements had been so messed up and I was in the wrong frame of mind. I was angry and frustrated. We wanted a night there to do what we had to do. We were supposed to have spent a week in deep preparation but the circumstances were against us. I could see behind the frustration in Judith’s eyes. She was saying,  “We’re here now. At least give it a try.”


I overcame myself and said to her, “OK let’s do it.” I quickly gripped the sides of the coffer and lowered myself into a reclining position. The coffer seemed bigger than I imagined. In seconds the years of practice kicked in and I stilled my presence to begin. Judith also knew what she must do. As my twin flame, she would be my physical and vibrational guardian.

She would try and stop me from being disturbed, and if I went too deep, she would be the one to bring me back safely again.


However in that first minute Judith could not resist to take a photo snap of me in the coffer. I was already deep. The camera flash was like an electric shock. I jumped as I saw my own skeletal bones through closed eyes. I resisted the sensation and concentrated again. I began to intone. Judith had focussed back to the script and assumed her position by the coffer in meditation with me.


I already knew from our previous visit with the tourists that my throat sound could set the chamber ringing. I had carried the weird party-piece with me all my life where the sound sometimes produced an-harmonic resonance in other places. The volume would crazily increase without any effort. It was years later I discovered I could produce a bunch of frequencies that matched the Kings Chamber and the coffer of the Great Pyramid. Now at last I was intoning from within the coffer. The instant reaction was another validation. I felt the vibration fold back to me as the coffer and the whole Chamber began to vibrate like a tuning fork. As I reached the end of my breath to draw another one, the sound did not decay. I continued intoning, breath by breath. At each breath it increased the volume and I was aware the whole Chamber was booming.




The Intonement:    A straightforward looped MP3 recording of my throat sound.

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My mind was telling me I should stop, because the returning sound waves felt like they would burst my head. I could actually feel the pressure of the sound on my skin. I continued and I felt my body start through the stages to lift me out. It happened quickly, but this time it was very different. There is a meditation technique for OBE - to withdraw from the body while reclining by imagining you are in a tank being slowly filled with water. As the water slowly creeps up the body it acts like a total anaesthetic. In the coffer with no effort, it felt like my body was slowly crystallising from the feet upwards. I felt the familiar floating sensation and I knew I was close to breakout.


At that point, my senses were disturbed by a voice that seemed a long, long way away. I fought the intrusion, but the voice intruded more. My concentration was disturbed as I heard my name being called over and over. At some point the intrusion broke through and I opened my eyes to the sight of Judith quietly but insistently calling to me, “Richard, Richard, you have to stop. They’re here with guns” The Chamber was still booming.


I could only have woken to Judith’s voice because I was primed to it, but it had taken a long time for her to get a response. It was only when she reached to me and put her hand on my shoulder that I responded. Howard had been at the entrance to the Chamber and had interrupted her to stop because guards were coming. He made an exit as first one, then two guards with automatic weapons came rushing up the Grand Gallery. She was helping me to my feet and out of the coffer as the first guard burst into the Chamber.




I was angry again. I was totally disorientated and my head was pounding. The other guard arrived and their faces were ashen. They were clearly scared. The first guard was screaming at us and frantically motioned towards the entrance with his gun. I still had no idea what had happened and allowed myself to be bundled along in the hands of Judith; though she was also disorientated. Two more armed guards had caught up and were waiting in the gallery. They were also hyper agitated. Our other watchful colleagues in the Grand Gallery had followed the guard’s orders and were nearly at the bottom of the gallery waiting for us to catch up. Under the barking orders of our escorts front and rear we made our way down the walkway.


From Howard I picked up the story. The louder and louder booming resonance had carried down the gallery and out to the plateau. It had taken tourists and guards outside by surprise, and for the guards it turned to shock as they realised there was some kind of experiment taking place inside the Great Pyramid without top authority, and it might discovered. We had been foiled before completing the job. Clearly it was not our time, and now we knew there were other refinements to make. Below the main entrance, tourists were gathered to see what was happening and the guards were thankfully satisfied to see us melt away amongst them.


We had secured special permission to be there, but only because Zahi had not arrived back from a trip to the USA. In the morning our motley group had been playing follow the leader to a guide specially appointed to us. We knew he was with us more to discover our plans than to play nursemaid on the plateau. We were all very pushy however and stretched the hospitality. This led to free entrance into off limits tombs and into the Solar Boat exhibition at the side of the Great Pyramid. Even with our reluctant permissions we detected a growing nervousness in our guide and in the official people we met along the way. Apparently Zahi was due back early and everyone was scared.


Zahi Hawass has the final word in everything that happens on the plateau. Woes betide anyone who does not receive his permission first. We timed our approach to the right people while he was away and won our limited freedom. We wanted our private time in the Kings Chamber. We were going to be allowed plenty of time from the midday closing time to tourists, but Zahi’s impending arrival and the worker’s paranoia cut our chances considerably. The startling effect of the intonement made sure we would be stopped this time. In fact we had not got off to a good start because when we arrived to the GP entrance, we found a guard there who was not the one that had been arranged. To our dismay, this one was doing a bit of freelancing himself. For a bribe, he had allowed an American couple to go alone up to the King’s Chamber. They would be the last tourists before closing time. We nervously waited for them to vacate while our guide argued with the entrance guard nearby. We knew time was against us and decided to head into the pyramid regardless. We met the couple slowly descending as we more rapidly ascended.


It is difficult to be exact about the time we eventually spent in the King’s Chamber. Time itself seemed distorted there. It probably took longer to reach and return from the chamber, than the time of action in there. It was enough to provide a validation I had waited most of my life to receive. One function of the chamber was indeed to assist the process of an induced out of body journey. But we knew this was only part of the story, and the solution.


We had plenty of time to think about what had happened as we recovered from the adventure.

Judith and I had kept our full story from even our colleagues, because the journey to this point was so fantastic we were sure no one would ever believe us unless we produced astonishing proof from our task. Even before we ever set foot in the GP we were fully aware of the undiscovered containment chamber higher in the pyramid. Off to the side beyond the walls of the King’s Chamber there was the passage that rose to it, and the separate shaft that linked deep down into the earth. This connected to chambers and passages below. I remembered them as they had been to me many times when we visited them out of body. Much later, from trusted sources in Nazlet, we would receive information that verified their existence; even without them knowing of my visits there.


We speculated how we should now proceed. We had no idea of the greater adventures that were waiting for us on the Giza plateau and in the deep desert. For now we would be taking stock and remembering the incredible synchronicities that brought us there and how we could complete the task. I will return to what happened next, but it is worth recalling some of the things that led to this adventure, and to the basic understandings behind it.




Judith and I have shared a private motivation which has been pivotal to our activities in Egypt. It has been there since our pathways came together in this life. It also has its roots in the supernormal experiences I have had since childhood; and especially in a culminating experience I had nearly three decades ago. I call it my Event. During this profound experience I had the total recall of a lost memory that exposed the detailed workings of creation through quantum and beyond. It went much further to explain the workings of a living reality beyond physical life, and the role we play in it. The things I experienced such as manifestations, precognitions, incredible synchronicities, clairvoyance, journeys out of the body, automatic writing and more, were now to be understood.


The sub-plot / Birth Plan for Egypt emerged from this. My probabilities therefore helped me form all my choices of association to fulfill its purpose. It certainly brought me together with my twin flame, even though we live thousands of miles apart. The result is the story summarised briefly here. However before our Egypt adventure began I had to produce a substantial first book to share the understanding of life I gained from my Event. This would be the Mechanic’s manual for anyone else to follow. It would allow others interested in the mystery aspects of life and the nature of the cosmos at all levels, to bypass thousands of other books and get right to the heart of the matter themselves, as it did for me. The ancients lived the knowledge I had been privileged to recall, and I know now it would be specifically impossible for anyone to perform the coffer task without an understanding that matched our predecessors. The book is called Down To Earth (the way it is)  & It seeks its Publisher right now.


The Recording

Preparations for Egypt were inspired from many out of body experiences I had in the GP and from lucid regressions of a former life there. My Event showed me how I chose to face options for a task that would inevitably lead me back to my ancient roots. After returning home from our experiment I was naturally overcome to understand the outcome. I knew the attempt had served its purpose as a validation, despite the fact that due process had not been followed. I meditated and prayed to my minders for new inspiration. So it was then that one night I woke from another lucid dream. In it I could see the intonement represented like vibrating particles in the air, repeating in a circle. It revolved round and round in the air like a vortex, and then into a disc. In ancient times, subjects were assisted by trained helpers who were able to enhance the intonement frequencies artificially, using musical instruments. I knew although my efforts proved a validation of the process, we would be more likely to succeed if I did not have to produce the sound myself. Ideally my senses should be totally undisturbed. The dream snapped me awake with the solution.


I turned to the telephone directory and found there was a recording studio not far from where I lived. I made arrangements. Before long the intonement sound had been captured, analysed, and laid down to CD disc in a loop. If I got the chance again, I would be able to play the intonement continuously from speakers, and with greater initial volume. I would be able to use my own intonement while being properly free for the experiment. At the studio we found the intonement was from a range of frequencies that hit the standing frequency of the King’s Chamber and the coffer. We were ready to return. We were consumed with the urge to be back in Egypt. We thought the doors would be opened to us yet again. In the couple of years since, they were opened to us, but in other baffling directions that were equally amazing.


I think back for example and remember the unusually tall Bedouin who appeared to us from among the tourists. He singled us out and urged us to follow him. We were surprised but went with him. He gave us over to another man who took us without question on a Temple tour, while giving us a detailed history of our surroundings. At the end of it he vehemently refused any reward and led us to the exit. The Bedouin was waiting. He beckoned reassuringly for us to follow him again. He led us away from the tourists into the Western cemetery and gestured for us to roam free and photograph. “No problems,” he said, and it was no problem! He just disappeared from us and we wandered there for half a day, exploring the ruins, the shafts and the structures. We took many photographs and were restricted only by the fact that we had no climbing equipment with us to descend the deeper shafts. Even when we bumped into a couple of resting camel police with a camel, we were amazed how they acted towards us with only friendly interest. They were only concerned to tell us the camel had stomach ache.


We came across the horse stable below ground. The stable boys were completely casual and friendly and happily introduced their horses. We were eventually satisfied with the information and photographs we had gleaned and made our way back towards the road.

We realised what a privilege we had been given as we saw other camel police preventing anyone stepping even a few yards off the road towards the Mastabas. We were somewhat dazed by what had happened. We wandered off the road again to the west of Khafre, still expecting the police to pounce on us at any time. We sat to rest and meditate for a few minutes.


Judith and I agreed we seemed to under some kind of extraordinary influence that day, but we still debated if it was just our imagination. I sent out a thought to my minder for a sign to show it was true. I turned to Judith and over her shoulder I saw a rock close by that was the profile of a jackal. (see pic. below.) It could only be seen from one particular direction. I had to ask Judith to sit in my exact position before she saw it too.  The sight reminded us of the little sandy feral puppy we had found earlier, lost on the sands. With the help of a plateau guard we were able to locate it back to the den with other puppies a long way away.





Back behind Khafre we saw an efficient camel policeman clearing tourists back to the road. He went past us with a nod and left us alone. We wandered again along the path and made a detour behind Menkaure. It was late afternoon and there seemed to be no one else about. From nowhere we were approached by a short Arab. He greeted us in a familiar way and we chatted. He said he knew us and we were completely baffled. We were carrying some photographs in our bag showing us together with various officials, including Zahi. These were produced and we identified the man as the father of one of the plain clothes police guards with us previously at the site office. The man offered to show us something special. He took us on a tour of the restricted areas of the quarry and rock cut tombs to the South East of Menkaure and Khafre.


We saw deep shafts and tunnels below ground. We saw the ones that linked to the complex below the GP. and far beyond. We went down into levels below ground. I felt like a child who had been given the cookie bag. We were not even surprised when we learned that Mark L. and his excavation team were elsewhere on just that day. We were shown the entrance only a short distance from the Sphinx square and milling tourists where inflatables had been dragged through to negotiate the underground lake. The plateau police melted away before us and we photographed where we wished. Our time with him only ended when we had to dash for an arranged appointment with a senior Coptic official. Our Arab friend bid us goodbye with the promise that we would meet him again in the future.


We realise now, all these things and far too many more to elaborate here, were simply validations to increase our knowledge and understanding of the past in preparation for the future. Other experiences however included actually living for a time with the people in Nazlet el Samman; making important discoveries many kilometres into the deep desert; and seeing first hand the covert work that is being done to uncover the distant past of Egypt.

All of the things you will have read here are grounded in our direct experiences and through validating evidence. It does not matter if the reader does not believe some or any of it. The time is running out before tumultuous changes are going to take place on our Planet and it is time for us, and so many more people we know of who are sitting on similar validations, to come out of the closet and speak up. If this, our first solid public explanation persuades some others to follow; it will have already been worthwhile.


We don’t know when, or if, we are meant to return to complete our task at the Great Pyramid. We know in the final analysis we will have given it our best effort.


Now I will offer you - the summary of our belief, based on all we have experienced and learned.It is the basis for our driving motivation to return to the Great Pyramid of Giza.






A Likely scenario : By my understanding


Our planet was inhabited pre 12,500 years ago and for a time over millions of years by successive higher civilizations; the last Atlantean people left a legacy for us to use in our time. The most enlightened among them not only had the ability to foresee their own demise and take precautions, they were also able to see the probability of the rise and fall of civilization again in our time.

For the most enlightened Atlanteans, interacting across dimensions and out of body was a matter of fact. They had a working knowledge of life beyond physical and were able to interact freely at higher levels. What for them was a normal reality, for me was a recalled memory in my Event. Their technology is the source of our shadow memory pointing us to something great in the use of Solar energy; Crystal energy; Scalar energy; and especially the use of our own higher energy.

Assuming their great knowledge and foresight, they laid down time-caches of their complete knowledge; hidden and protected from the world and its changes. These were especially protected from the ravages of nature and exploitive control in the wrong hands.
Of Course! They would have said,

"This technology represents our highest knowledge. No one in the future should be able to access it unless they have reached our level of awareness. It must not be misused again"


How then would they make sure the knowledge could only be found and accessed by the right people? The higher Atlanteans were expert at techniques for inducing out of body travel. They constructed buildings for the perfect conditions to assist an out of body state. Their knowledge of sound and vibration was complete. When they journeyed out of body across dimensions and to other galaxies; or even when they journeyed in pursuit of mundane matters, it was done under formal control. We have tagged a modern name to this process. It is called initiation! If only people of our time knew what the hell they were actually talking about!

The ancient knew exactly what they had to do for their descendants. They built the one structure that would withstand nature. It was a structure that would represent their advanced cosmic knowledge. It was a structure that would serve as a solar power harvester.
It was a structure that would function as tool for vibrational enhancement to induce an out of body state. They would have anticipated possible disruption to the chamber but still made sure it was capable for its purpose. Despite the vandal tunnels that have been covertly dug around the King’s Chamber, it can still be used. The last function for us is the most important right now. An induced out of body state can only work for those who carry the DNA and vibrational signature of these ancestors. We are their mixed descendants and it has taken generations for more of us to re-evolve to a higher vibration.

The prize is an induced out of body experience where, (just as the ancients intended) it would be possible at last to go out of body and discover by that means only, the location of their cache of knowledge, and the route to physically uncover it.


Despite the dangers to the world from the vibrational shift to come, and from our ignorance and mishandling of the Planet, their knowledge and technology is too advanced and dangerous to fall into the wrong hands now. It was the mishandling of their own technology at the hands of some of their own kind that hastened their own demise so long ago. They had to make sure at all costs it would not happen again. Covert action and many thousands of dollars are being spent by the wrong people to get their hands on it again first. I appeal to all those sitting on information that would validate what I say, to step out and speak up before it is too late.

Events will tell if it is time for the lost Hall of Records to be uncovered. I believe there are multiple people in the world who share the ability for this task, and who are at various stages of induction, preparation or motivation. If not us, then power to those who follow - by the Law of One, to do the same. A select few are not meant to misuse the power this would give them. Our story continues, and if we succeed, you and the whole world will be the first to know.





When I first presented the above in 2008 I received initial feedback

The tone of the feedback is carried my response.



The two articles above are intended as an introduction, but in them I make some very bold claims. Behind the first article is a 107,000 word book that supplies its own naked justification from my own experience and research. The full work is presented to ask the reader to test the evidence within their own experience, and form their own conviction out of it. However I concede I should at least provide some further justification or comparison now as an appendix to help everyone along.


I am no Mathematician or Scientist and when I recalled the geometry and process of creation from higher levels through quantum to physical, I literally had to go back to school to find the terms of reference to describe it. These are all explored in Down to Earth. Where we fit into it as human beings, and the interactive role we play across the dimensions is detailed in the main body of the book.


Over the last few years, many scientists are at last discussing the nature of our Multiverse. I can only smile with satisfaction as the scientific community of our lower science catches up to the huge existence of a multi-interacting universe beyond us in higher science; with acceptance that the level of our physical lives forms only a tiny part.


For just one example from the scientific community I highly recommend you visit and read the work of Professor J.Newcombe Hodges. From his own huge experience, Professor Hodges blends the metaphysical with the scientific to produce the brilliant work; Tamashii It can be read from the Link below. 



I assure you there are many more examples, but you can find them easily enough with Google as I did.


In Down to Earth and Echoes from the Chamber, it was never my intention to be a presenter of all evidence that supports their accuracy. I simply present the unassailable truth on life as I was enabled to remember it. Down to Earth describes the journey and the route-plan that anyone can test before surely awakening to the same conviction on life.


If Down to Earth was the invitation for you to share the journey, then Echoes from the Chamber will expose the whole fantastic adventure as I pursued my own Birth Plan out of it. It is the plan of my birth that is my total priority to fulfil.


Echoes from the Chamber is a work in progress. In it I make assertions about the ET existence and their working presence here on Earth for many decades. Once again there is an avalanche of credible evidence out there to support this. If you want reported evidence on the ET activity then explore these links for a start:



If you want evidence to support the nature of the King’s Chamber and the GP then start with these links:



From our own experience in Egypt, we have seen evidence for ourselves that points to a previous advanced technology and civilisation. We took many photographs. When faced with this knowledge, it is possible to figure out where there may be evidence.


We have been deep below ground at Giza, and can confirm the marvellous examples of construction, century upon century, that follow an archaeological timeline into a very distant past.


We have seen formed stone, depicting a clearly suited spaceman in one example.


We have inspected where explosives were used tens of kilometres into the barren desert by droves of covert workers to gain access into the ground. This alone would be intriguing, but even more so when the location ties to the shores of a significant water level linked to the GP in the ancient past, where the area may have been occupied.


We know of a huge man made aqueduct running for forty kilometres below ground, again in the distant desert, and only found by satellite radar. We know this is only one of a host of identified sites that reach back in time, and are waiting to be explored; and we know of scores of observed military vehicles leaving Giza several years ago laden with finds from the structures there.


Sound-bites from the books are inadequate I know, but all of this will be dealt with in full by them, when they are hopefully published soon.  In any case, these are just the pickings to what we accept as a verified, solid reality, along with the known outcome if we can achieve our final time in the Chamber. Although that is our ultimate goal, we have taken every opportunity along the way through our exploration and contacts, to discover new evidence that will support our overview.


I look forward to any other feedback in the meantime, and I will endeavour to respond in kind as quickly as possible, but forgive please from the fact that I am dealing with an avalanche of activity from my initial presentation.


I wish finally to respond to another line of feedback regarding my twin flame Judith.    Consider this:  If you were in a strange place for a couple of days and suddenly bumped into a friend or acquaintance you had not seen since childhood, you would be surprised at the coincidence. If on the same day it happened a second time with another long time friend, you would be scratching your head in amazement. If it happened on a third, fourth or fifth occasion, you would be on your way to being convinced of a higher process of synchronicity taking place.


Well, in meeting with Judith again in this life, and with particularly crucial timing, the scene was set from the circumstances of our meeting, for our lives since to have been guided to our adventures and ultimate task, just as if it was the third, fourth or fifth synchronicity from my first description.


There is even a plan behind the fact that we live in different countries! By our understanding, the task that is meant to be accomplished at the GP requires the balanced vibration of us together. We continue towards that goal. Yet again, reasoned explanations for all of this will be found in the completed Echoes from the Chamber.


Thank you to all who are reading here and also responding with feedback.


Enquiries and Feedback please






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