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It has been a joy to share research and material with other like minded people who seek only the truth as we do. The official scene is awash with learned egoists who often flash their paper qualifications, but demonstrate a level of common sense and cooperation which is stunted and tainted by service to self. Their message is secondary to self-promotion, however disguised.


Gone are the days of the heady unfettered explorer. Now a person can be honourable - but still need the luck of the gods ...and the guile of a cat burgler plus a pocket bulging with bribery cash for the greedy corrupt shadows at the top.


In this section of the site we wish to feature and highlight those with whom we have worked and those who have selflessly shared the cream of their research and ideas.


Thank god there are more in the world who are willing to use of their own resources and freely share the product of their work, than there are the greedy ones who love themselves and have a high personal price tag on anything which would help anyone else.




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