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Soon following 11.11.11


While we were there through 11.11.11 it was reported to us by a number of people, including police friends, that Zahi had turned up at the Southern police gate in the desert seeking free entry with tourist friends on horseback. According to the stories he was angrily set upon and punched on his way. Hmm. If the story is valid, (and we are still seeking verification,) it sure as heck gives weight to the saying of what goes round......We were also told very adamantly by all-comers that it was only a matter of time before he was sent to jail. Rarely have we heard so much hate expressed for one man by ordinary village people.


Friends also reminded us of the story we were told on our yet previous visit. It concerned the villa of Mark Lehner which we understood was arranged by Zahi. It had aparrently been raided and many items of antiquity had been found stored/concealed there. Friends and aquaintences freely gave an update which described the interrogative row - resulting in Mark being exiled from Egypt and any forthcoming work there. We are still seeking official authentication or denial to these stories.






We were ushered away from the area South of Menkaure a couple of years ago.


There was huge excavation taking place. No one would talk to us about it.

We discovered only a short while ago what the secrecy had been about.


The diggers were excavating ground fill for the new road infrastructure to the West of the Pyramids.

Nothing special in that !   But...we were given information by a driver there.


The workers had uncovered huge building blocks from the temple facade like the ones found beneath the sphinx recently in the harbour area. The shaped blocks were of polished Aswaan red granite. However many of the blocks had heiroglyphic writing which referred to the Sphynx!


Our worker source said there was an almighty fuss when the Zahi realised what they had uncovered.

He explained the blocks were quickly and secretly loaded to be spirited away from the plateau - heading for an undisclosed location for closer examination.


As we previously reported, we were told by another driver that similarly sensitive blocks and statues were removed from the plateau beneath the sphynx on the night our friend captured those poor quality shots of the previous nightime operation. 




Are these reports true, and if so, can someone in authority give an explanation ?


If there is a glimmer of truth, where is the storage facility and where are these hugely important evidential blocks now ??








Not very long ago there was another story publicised which still deserves an official reaction. The story told of a radioactive item, taken from beneath the plateau near the village where the men lost their lives in a highly financed and illegal dig, and was transported across Cairo from the Plateau to a military facility - its movement being tracked by military sattellite across the city ??











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