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Crystals and the 'Presence' of Illness.




I was presented with a simple question.

How may the use of Crystal help someone suffering the effects of M.S.



The question requires a depth of explanation, deeper than you may have realised -  about the very nature of illness itself. As always, it would be so easy to deliver platitudes, and this is what we often see by the thousand in Forums. But that is definitely not good enough!


We balance ourselves by knowing ourselves, and most times this means almost starting from scratch. For me without the freedom of my whole written book, that is impossible. But I hope my offering as a condensed version of the relevant parts will be sufficient. Follow with me and I will do my best.





To completely understand it is necessary to understand completely

So buckle up if you will, and we will dive into the subject.

There will be a conclusion regarding illness at the end!




By my understanding it goes like this


Our common knowledge tells us that all matter is in a state of vibration.

From sub-atomic to molecular level, those vibrating packets of energy seek the harmonies in each other to build up colonies, or matrices, which combine in ever greater groupings to become physical matter.


Regardless of whether those groupings go on to become a speck of dust, or a lump of rock, or a tiny insect, or the flesh and bone of a human being, they still conform to vibrational attraction, each in their own way.


We want to talk specifically about the human condition, so let us consider an unborn child. But first let us agree to presuppose an acceptance of the life force of a human form - being the result of a more refined Presence inhabiting and motivating the form it occupies. This being so, we can see how, at some stage from conception to birth, there must be an attachment or occupation by the incoming Presence to the developing new life form.


Let us retract a little to consider the baby life form more deeply before occupation.

It is possible to clearly identify a whole bunch of the major influences that will fix a ‘Strategy of Probability’ in the new child’s life, regardless of who will occupy the form.


The parent’s DNA will carry into the child and set a trait pattern.

The family background, their Nationality, their culture, their language, their material status, their location, their spiritual status, their peer status, their time in history; all these will be presets for the child. At time of conception there will also have been a cosmic fix on their DNA to produce recognizable governing traits.


For a team of social workers, friends, guides and family, on a higher and equally valid level of reality, the search to pinpoint these parents as the perfect prognosticators for the pathway of probability that would suit their charge most aptly, would not be hard.


These gathered influences would produce a combined field of vibrational influence; or ‘vibrational signature;’ and the awaiting Presence would have its own vibrational signature. When the need arises to match a Presence with a new life, the deficiencies in the vibrational matrix of the Presence would harmonise to the potential from the circumstance for a new child. Irrespective of space/time as we perceive it, the selection potential for host parents would be a done-deal, even before the choice had to be made.


To clarify further:

All things Actualise from ‘Virtuality/Potential when Motivation is applied.

The Motivation arising from a conceived child creates a Virtual pathway, requiring only the harmonised attachment of the incoming Presence, with ‘its’ Motivation, to adopt and steer the new born pathway into Actuality.


I take many pages of information in my book to describe the qualities of matter at quantum and beyond, but suffice here to know that as per the work of many modern scientists starting perhaps with Alain Aspect, it has been demonstrated how separated particles display an instantaneous recognition across distance.


This property is fundamental to an appreciation of how all matter at every level of being, is capable of instant connection and recognition with ‘everything.’


It is the property utilized for the bonding of an incoming Presence to the ideal circumstances of birth again, and to the pathway of probability most suited to the progression of that Presence in a new life. But now we need to examine the motivation and the potential brought to the new life by the incoming Presence.


The person will have lived countless lives before. Throughout those incarnations, every conceivable experience will have been sought; stage by birthing stage. Every stage would have presented choices, each with the potential to modify the vibrational signature of the person. The process is inevitable, because of the unassailable fact that ‘like’ vibration always seeks the harmony and attraction of ‘like’ kind. Remember this is as true for a complex gathering of substance in human form as it is for its smallest components at quantum.


The inevitable process ensures an endless cycle of physical birth to physical decay and back again. Anything within the vibrational threshold of physical matter seeks therefore to condense to ‘like’ kind.


The Presence however occupies a vibrational range beyond quantum. ‘Its’ vibrational matrix, as a motivated collection of higher substance is also subject to a cycle of rebirth, but in a constant cycle of ‘gravitation’ back to higher levels of refinement and reality.


At a physical level the process condenses all, through decay.

At higher levels the process gravitates all, towards an ultimate refinement of reconnection to all things. Viz: Perfect harmony.

When the cycles of influence combine in an emerging life, a tug of war ensues.

There is resistance between the two imperatives, and the conflict begins once more for the person locked into their new life package.

Without this conflict; ie. within conditions of perfect harmony, there would be no need for choice.


Through the attraction and repulsion process, everything ‘seeks’ that perfect state of harmony; but until all pathways of probability have played themselves out at some unimaginable aspect ahead, the life process continues without fail at every level.


But let us now return to consider our incoming Presence. Prior to them coming into the new life, their vibrational signature would represent the total experience for ‘all’ their previous choices. There are circumstances where a full knowledge of the detail of past lives can be useful, but it is far more important to accept we are the ‘culmination’ of that process. We can obsessively seek to know our past lives to try and understand ourselves, but it is far easier to profoundly understand the process, and then begin to unpick the qualities of vibration forming our own signature.


We need only to go back to the start of the life we occupy now to identify all the factors within ourselves and our parents. That done, we can begin to step outside of ourselves and by reverse thought, identify just what inadequacies must have existed within our vibrational signature that made this life so perfect to provide the unique choices on our latest pathway of probability.


All the preset influences and circumstances of our birth will have prepared a virtual cloak of conditioning for us. That cloak of conditioning is Actualised through our youngest years before we develop the authority to force our own important choices.


However the Presence directs the Body and not the other way around, and as such the Presence within its vibrational signature, will bring with it all the factors of conditioning the ‘Presence’ will have chosen to adopt through his or her previous lives.


The combined Probabilities arising from the parents with the Probabilities from the incoming Presence, will determine a ‘predictable’ Pathway of Strongest Life-Probability for the new person; and this brings us back to our predetermined starting position again.


With these understandings embedded, it is possible at last to examine a few of the tactical interactions in the life of ‘any evolving person.’


There are not enough sheets of paper and the ink sufficient on the whole planet to even come close to the variations of possibility and probability for every scenario. But a few key examples which lead back to the condition of illness, will be enough to trigger the thought process for all other interactions in a personal life.


A person will return through the incarnate process for many reasons, but always with the opportunity of choice to further refine their own vibration and shed their dependence upon the illusions of the physical world. This in itself is enough to form the basis of a Birth Plan for the individual.


The person however may make a Contract with other people who form part of a soul (harmonious) grouping to which they have belonged for eons.

(Bear in mind that vibrational progress does not rely on status, physical beauty, diplomas, grand names, or egocentric visions, it relies on the scars of experience.)

The person therefore, may return to life as an oppressed woman when previously they may have been the oppressing husband. In this case, strength of spirit will develop in proportion to the strength of empowerment the individual is willing to reclaim for themselves through their new life.


The person may already have a high vibrational signature and become a musically gifted individual, bringing inspiration to thousands. Thus they may fulfill their contract to lift the vibrational signature of other people - while further refining their own. Too often however we see where someone has been given noble choices of opportunity from such a pathway, and then suffer the outcome of self indulgence when they squander their gift. But in doing so, they provide a lesson to others who would do the same thing in their own less prominent pathway.


The person may be at a clearing stage with a whole bunch of insecurities to work out, where before, their indecision produced an individual who was willing to subjugate their will to others.


The person may have a vibrational signature that belies the fact of a knotted circulation in an otherwise refined matrix. This time the Birth Plan may produce even more perfect circumstances of Probability for the same thing to occur, but with an intensity - bound to throw up conflict from the resistance of discontent.

Thereby, the individual would be more likely to choose self empowerment at last to ‘leap’ forward into their awaiting higher vibrational matrix.


The person may have an elevated vibration, but suffer the effect of a physical impairment which, by their ability to deal with it, may be the contractually desired result as an inspiration to others. In fact the test of ‘how’ it is dealt with may itself be the purpose of the person’s Birth Plan.


It may be that the motivating Presence will bring with it, a condition of vibration that produces the acquired handicap of a medical impairment during stages of their life.

At this point we need to expose the distinction between a medical condition arising from a ‘vibrational imbalance in the individual;’ and a ‘Contractual obligation’ the person may have accepted as a part of their Birth Plan.


In either event we need to see things from the viewing point of the individual.


Within the mundane nature of our lives, saddled with the lowly state of our collective vibration on this planet, the appearance or development of a serious medical condition throws us immediately into the ‘practical’ implications first.


Put another way, it is a measure of our vibrational understanding that we look to the ‘sensorial’ impact first.


However with a wider viewing point we have the choice through understanding to accept the divine purpose in our condition; (whether it is for our personal progress or for a more noble Contractual purpose.)


If it is the latter, more often the individual will have a way of tranquility and acceptance to their situation, regardless to the fact that others may be humbled by the apparent awfulness of their impairment. So many stories can be quoted of such individuals, like the Presence of the famous, such as Steven Hawking; or the man a short while ago who attempted to climb Mount Everest with withered legs and in a wheelchair!


I knew a woman who became a dear friend. She was elderly in years, but made more so by her extreme bone degeneration. Most joints in her body had received one or more replacement. Her life was an agony of pain and disability. I picture her now, disabled to the point of a hunched shuffle, but still able with deformed hands to tend to herself in her small house since her husband passed away.


Kath however maintained the persona of person shining with a dazzling light of spirit. She denied her condition. She shone with cheerfulness and concern only for others. It was practically necessary to book an appointment to be able to see her, for such were the numbers of people who visited her to be uplifted by her Presence, that her days were filled with caller after caller.


I listened often to the recollections of her amazing journey and as often commented to her it would be such an inspiration if her story were captured.


A long time later I was summoned to visit her. I responded quickly, thinking she had deteriorated. She asked me to bring a large cardboard box to her from the other room. In it there were dozens of small schoolchild’s notebooks. Kath had taken it upon herself to wedge a pencil between her twisted fingers and letter by letter; word by painful word, record her story.


It had taken her months and months, but she had penciled enough material for her biography to be prepared. I heard some time later, by amazing synchronicity, her books were directed to an unexpected caller who happened to have Publishing interests. I still have not acquired a copy of her limited addition, but Kath’s story ‘was’ published, and undoubtedly continues to fulfill the inspirational purpose of her Birth Plan in the learning pathway of others.


Hers was definitely the prearranged pathway of a high vibrational Presence. She most certainly fulfilled her own Contract. But what of those who suffer physical or medical impairment rooted to their vibrational inadequacy?


I have a book called ‘The Messengers.’ Which relates the story of Saul incarnated, and describes first-hand the workings of Jesus leading up to his persecution.


When Jesus performed healing, he discerned who could be helped according to their plan of birth. When he asked if they believed in him, he was seeking an indication that they would subjugate their whole will to the perfect balance of what he embodied; ie the Christ Consciousness, (or representation of perfect balance.) By doing so, they instantly shed their whole attachment to the sensorial chains of their conditioning and were spectacularly helped. He enabled them to cure themselves through him and in doing so served their Contractual purpose of Probability to inspire others.


But Jesus did not affect a cure to all comers. For some, their condition was not the result of a noble wider plan. It was manifest to serve the ongoing purpose in the Birth Plan of the individual, and to serve a lesson in tolerance, humility, and compassion in others.

There is nothing fatalistic in this. There is the opportunity always in the choice of an individual, whatever their impairment or disability, to provide a leap forward for themselves, or a divine inspiration to others. Whatever the condition, it is truly temporary, and can never permanently impair the spirit.


I freely use the following saying:

“My Pain was my Lesson; But my Lesson is Your Pain.”

Perhaps you may understand its meaning now. It holds true for everyone, but especially the ones who carry the burden of greater impairment at the hands of their own choice.


The practical question begs therefore for such individuals: What shall they do to improve their impaired condition?  Biological conditions are treatable by physical medication, and this is something that must not be shunned. The input from our physical senses distracts our Presence from making the highest connection to higher levels. Therefore there is nothing wrong with medication and treatment that controls the symptoms of the condition.


Physical science can take care of the physical body, but what of the higher Presence. It too is handicapped by the symbiotic attachment of an imperfect body; but always remembering the physical body only ‘reflects’ disharmony in the Presence.


We can say the most powerful tool first and foremost to improve an impaired Presence, is the understanding of how it can be so. Thus the labour of this explanation.

Medicines can take care of the body. Reconnection to levels where the Presence really belongs, can take care of imperfections of the spirit.


By our current standards of general vibration this imperative would only receive a fraction of the motivation from an individual that it deserves. As John the Baptist told the man he was holding below water to the point of drowning, When you strive for the Presence of God, (The Christ Consciousness of perfect harmony) within you, as you now strive for air to breathe, then you will know you are striving deeply enough.


A person afflicted must therefore adopt a fresh frame of mind.

The person must dwell upon these explanations and seek the connections within self to strip away their conditionings. They must examine their motivations in all things and trace the connections that produce them. If they thirst for connection as the man did for air, they will have already begun the process to greater refinement. Their vibrationary signature and whole outlook will change for the better.


The process can be enhanced greatly by disciplined meditations daily and preferably at a regular undisturbed time. Those sessions must be centering sessions where the Presence is offered up without resistance to the power of light. Personally I manifest myself to the core of the Sun knowing I am motivating to a level of vibration that ‘cannot possibly’ allow the attachment of ‘anything’ physical or otherwise that would do me harm from a lower vibration.


On higher levels our Minders cannot subvert our free will, but if we aspire to such heights of refinement with a yielding command to be infused at that level, our Minders are able to act upon our higher command and help free us from ourselves.


I was in a situation one time many years ago at the edge of the abyss. From a point of misguided action and the depths of despair I cried out with my last breath for help.

At that moment I matched the motivation of the drowning man.


I had done enough to myself that would have ended the life of a fully grown Buffalo, but due to the commanded intervention from my Minders, I finally revived awake, feeling as if I had been on a leisurely holiday.


When the power of the centre of the Sun is experienced, a lá power of the ‘Law of One,’

the connection remains ever within you. Just so when a person bears an illness or affliction, it is equally possible for their condition to be resolved to harmony; improved to balance; or revealed as a Contractual obligation which was self selected for this Life. Whichever it may be, a person so afflicted can move beyond the illusionary burden they carry, in the absolute knowledge that it can be discharged, or will be rid of very soon anyway.


There was a question which led to this exposition which sought to understand how the use of crystals could improve a failing physical condition. I have already described how the physical body is a mirror of the vibrational condition of the Presence. In biological terms, disruptions within the energy circulations of the Presence cause disruptions within the biological structure of the corresponding part of physical body.


In other words, the working of cancerous cells; the impairment of withering in the body; synaptic disruptions within the brain function; blockages in the nervous system, and all other effects, are disharmonies within the motivational structure of the body. Put simply, the vibrational, cellular structure of the affected part of the body has an imperfect matrix.

This can be re-harmonised by the methods I have described, but additional help can be given by the use of crystal.


Perfect crystal exists as a perfection of harmony in nature. The matrix of a crystal can be motivated to excitement by a physical person or by a higher Minder; or both.

In fact the vibrational matrix of a crystal can be embedded with harmonious information. Someone who can attune with the frequency of a particular crystal can later access that same information. Different crystals have different frequencies and it is not hard to realise that the correct selection must be made to harmonise with the specifics of any particular Presence and their condition.


As such, types of crystal can be identified that could be beneficial to Actualise refined energy and help to restore the balance within disrupted parts of the body condition.


It would work like this:

A person with great skill could identify the best crystal type to work on a particular body disruption. Through the deep meditation I spoke of, the person who bears the affliction would be able to reach a state of connection with their Minder/s, and together motivate an excitement in the crystal/s. The powerfully extended field of vibration from the crystal would work to re-order the disruptions in the body. In brief then, the answer is ‘yes’ to the possibility of crystals helping to alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition, but I hope now you will understand there is a lifetime of understanding to be re-ordered first in preparation.


Whatever the outcome, if a person must still bear the effects of their condition because it is indeed part of an agreed Contract, the very least they will achieve, is an absolute tranquility of connection to levels within themselves where the condition can be denied. They will become an inspiration to awaken and rebalance the spirit of everyone else touched by their shining light.



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