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Close Encounters of the Karmic kind




All things of the Source, exist as states of frequency / vibration, or potential.

The only thing which enables something to Actualise from Virtuality is Motivation.


The only thing which separates sentient beings from inert matter is the presence of free will to produce Motivation through Cause ...which is Thought.


At Source, the Will of the Godhead is Omnipotent and encompasses all lower representations.

You could say, at Source, the motivated consciousness is a singularity; but is also ONE with YOU, because YOU are just as important as the whole, (ie. intrinsic;) here we have the impossible but real concept of infinity where singularity IS Omnipotent!


As our viewing point follows the descent of omnipotent substance, (Virtually) ...due-process ensues through infinite pathways & through infinite sentient forms in the cosmos..... to the lowest sentient form we have in our galaxy ie.Humans


Eons ago, before the descent was complete, when we occupied our Presence in the half state before taking upon us the full experience of material sensation, we existed in hermaphrodite form as neither male nor female. Our vibrationary Presence was complete in a higher vibrational balance.


As each evolving Presence took on the mantle of a physical being, it became necessary biologically for child forms to be created, enabling us within the natural laws of physics, the route for more of Humankind to continue with their chosen downward evolvement.


Separation of gender became more defined. Physical biology became more defined. The reproductive process became more defined and attached to the pleasure centres of the physical form.

If physical displeasure accompanied the process, then Procreation and the means to a progression cycle would not have been attractive and the cyclic process would have been prevented.


As a race, our intellect developed long ago to the point where we could have turned science to the task of proving and reinforcing our complete Understanding of where we evolved from and how the whole process works. We chose instead to subvert our Will to the authority of others who were vibrational masters in this lowest of blind levels. We submitted and allowed ourselves to be intoxicated by sensation.


Our true ancestors came from beyond the stars. Their experiments to (DNA) manufacture a slave race from the evolving forms on this planet enabled the collective consciousness of (modern) humankind to dwell from afar in a fresh cosmic experiment lasting aeons. Our first host forms were primitives from which better primitives were produced out of the laboratory, but were now sufficient to sustain our human (higher) vibrational Presence.


Having descended into service to self, the cycles of reincarnative progression continued without break.


Cause / Effect / Consequence ...but our Cause, now locked to the physical, made us blind to the fact that we were temporary visitors from a natural home in frequencies way beyond this world.



Effect produces Consequence born of Cause, and in our unnatural state we gathered an overload of lower Potential for the whole process. The power of free will and thought, converting Virtuality to material reality, loaded us with negative hot-spots of energy to bind us further.

However, the divine spark within us in opposition to the gross energy tethering us, inevitably produced the dawning’s of conflict as Karma for every individual.

The cycles of natural progression proceeded from our new material home, where the process of material creation to decay, guaranteed the space and movement for multiple evolvements within physical lives.

The gross attachment to sensation, draws us back each time. The divine spark within us strains like the cork under water to pull us back to our natural level. And in the middle of it all is our free Will!

For each descending trip, we had and have the choice, to either break the cycle by regaining our awareness, or to continue clinging to physical sensation in service to self.

Either way, until we free ourselves, the opposing influences will continue to build and discharge the excess negative energy we produce - as conflict within ourselves and our interacting lives.
This is an unbreakable process from which we cannot be absolved.
It is a natural progression.
The same is true on a collective scale as collective consciousness also struggles to return to its true level of vibration.

It is true that consciousness exists for nations as sure as it exists for pairings. From individuality, frequencies of close vibration ensure shared Probabilities in anyone's Birth Plan.
But most importantly, up to a certain level, the Cause, Effect, and Consequence formula, is wholly the Responsibility of the individual..

Any apparent sharing of a Karmic cycle, is simply a mistaken observation. The Effect and Consequence may be shared, but the state of frequency of any individual depends upon their individual Responsibility of choice.

For example, if someone harmed a member of my family I could campaign for a stricter process of Law to deal with an offender. In this way I would help to raise the vibration of collective consciousness by helping to elevate the moral expectations of society; thus raising my own frequency in the process.


If I actually forgave the offender his actions in the light of my higher awareness, I would refine my vibration even further. In this case my Vibrational Signiture would already manifest a vibration closer to higher levels than the gross level I still occupied.

If I generated hate for the murderer, my thoughts (Cause) would be actualising substance of lower vibration into (Effect.) My act to gather such lower energy to myself to then use against the offender would simply condense my own vibration to a similar lower level of (Consequence)


It would have an effect on the offender only if he had a vibration more refined than mine (which is unlikely,) and then only if he invited recognition of the Consequence of 'his' initial thoughts (Cause) to produce an Effect and Consequence of darker vibration in the same way within 'Himself.'

If his vibration was already lower than mine, my act of forgiveness would only affect his vibration by higher example.


His Reciprocal reaction to the Consequence of My reaction, would either tip the scales of balance within his frequency to a better level, or his Vibrational Signiture would remain unchanged until the weight of accumulated Consequence (Karmic debt) forced him to change. This would actualise as his excess of lower energy discharged itself to inert levels through singular teaching-events in his life, or through harder and harder reincarnative lifetimes and lessons.

No one can 'owe' a debt to another. It is all simply in the due process of vibrationary change by Consequence and consent.

Here is the twist! Between each incarnation, any Presence, willing or unwilling, is either aware and/or fully involved with their own process of Probability and choice for the next Birth-Plan cycle opportunity in material life!

The strategy of it all is very simple. The tactical application can have infinite possibilities.



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