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The Entrance of Agathodaimon (Gateway to the Underworld)



NC2 Entrance beyond the second Pyramid, Khafre showing the start line of the underground tomb and Caverns


Zahi Hawass dismissed the tunnels and caverns of NC2. He said there is nothing there to see ! Thankfully a pile of hard evidence proves otherwise. He calls us all pyramid idiots. Look at just the 4 following sample pics from the caves. and you tell us who is the pyramid idiot ?







Beyond the Western line of the 3 Pyramids where tourists rarely go unless taken in that direction by a horse or camel tout, the plateau drops away quite dramatically. Near the highest ground, and closest abreast of the centre pyramid there are weathered cliffs.


These cliffs are designated the North Cliffs (NC), and it is here where the most recently famous location of NC2 can be found. This is the tomb discovered first a long time ago, and assigned to be a tomb built in the worship of birds. The NC2 files give you sight and description of this hugely important location, filled in its deep secret cavern system with objects and wall art of great age and antiquity.


From the Discovery of the NC2 (North Cliff 2) Tomb and its extended cavern system by early explorers Salt and Caviglia their rediscovery by Andrew Collins from the published notes of Salt and Caviglia, and from our personal visits into the system, the evidence has accumulated to tell us this is a major entry point to deeper underground workings at the hands of our ancient predecessors. The line of the cavern system as far as it has been re explored, suggests it may connect with one of the identified deep ground fault lines close to the Great Pyramid.


Much of what we saw and recorded is flatly denied by the authorities. However you can examine our evidence and make your own minds up. We offer you our HD Pics Free so you can apply your own software to examine them. We spent hours over weeks examining the pics but we still felt someone with more sophisticated software may do a better job. The nearly 100 pics have already been downloaded by a huge number of people, but we still wait to see if a single informed person will emerge to contradict them.


The Agathodaimon File attempts a serious examination of the system and the possible origins or influences which governed its development. Please return to the front page and pick up on this file and others from the LINK index of the NC2 section.