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The Holy Family Route in Egypt




It is known that Jesus travelled with his family to Egypt to escape the persecutions of Herod. They travelled extensively along a route that is mapped now by ancient remains and places of ongoing miracles. Some of these locations are more accessable than others, but their spectacle, beauty and interest are without compare, as we found first hand. 


On the pages of this section we will explore the history, tradition, routes, sites and the evidence of miracles. We worked alongside the Coptic Monks, who are the modern day carriers of the original Christian message. We were shown inspirational hospitality that is difficult to convey in print. Theirs is a heritage of protection for their own lineage and for many secrets of knowledge that tie to an ancient inhabited desert landscape. You will see some of the amazing photos we brought back.


Government resources have been working for years to showcase the legitimate claim that Egypt has beyond the Holy Lands, as the other true place of Holy Pilgramage in the world. Places along the route are visited by thousands of people of all denominations. Modern day miracles at some of the locations on the route Jesus walked are accepted locally as fact, and with dignity. We liaised with cultural offices, newspaper and travel agencies, and we hope to provide the means in due course for thousands more to experience a prepared journey, free from the profiteering organisers and touts.


Significant work must be done for the pages of this section to emerge, but it will be worth the wait.




@ July 2011... I just thought to give a reassuring update. On the subject of the Holy Family Route, we have a wealth of information and we know this section will prove to be a most interesting one to construct. It will however most likely have to wait until we are able to work full time at this overall task. We look forward in pursuit of that day hopefully for acceptance and successful support from everyone for the new Foundation site and this one revamped - and poised to go live.      Thank you for your help if you are able.





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