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Our Direct Appeal to You





If you have read the contents of this site you will realise the amount of time effort and cost that has gone to gather the information and present it freely to you. If only for the sake of the suffering Animals of Cairo - please return our gift by reading the appeal below. Thank you, Richard and Judith



For longer than we care to remember throughout our reports, we have referred to the fact of the severe restriction we work under. Our circumstances are that we work in the service & care industry which does not pay great money. We live to our simple  needs  only so that we may save every penny and dime to pursue our calling to Giza.


From this, intensively for over a decade we have funded our visits plus our archaeological research and our passion for animal welfare in Cairo Egypt and in the Western Desert. As you see in the pages of our presentation, our ongoing mission is to bring this, along with any enlightenment it may generate - straight to the You.   We are aware of the powerful and dangerous movement to restrict this information and knowledge.


Our day work restricts our ability to keep up with the information and present it all to you in a timely fashion.We have amassed over 40,000 evidential pictures and we are currently trying to compile more than 20 major story presentations. We have plans to show video presentations on site and to organise seminars wherever we are. Add to this the fact that we need to be in Cairo so much more than we are managing because we are in at the very deep end of other major New story involvements.


More importantly we are deeply comitted to the ideals and intentions for The Giza Foundation, in advance of the unfolding animal genocide which is taking place in Cairo - where we hope we will make a positive difference in the situation.


In a nutshell we need to be your  full time  agents in this work. The archaeological stories and their implication can't wait .... and sure as heck, the badly suffering animals we are also trying to help cannot wait !!!  Whatever happens, we are absolutely dedicated to this task... but to do what we need to do, we now must ask you directly for help please.


Our credentials and the sincerity of our calling is wrapped up in the two websites and the many dozens of pages of evidence presented so far - which we hope you enjoy reading. We are simply asking you please - with however little or much you can manage - help us with a Donation. Your gesture will never be wasted and you will also directly benefit from its outcome. Thank you... from Richard and Judith


Our Appeal


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