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2010 - That was the Year that was !

..with a few home truths to clear the fog.






Judith and I managed to visit for a few weeks spread over a couple of trips to the plateau at Giza. We met with our colleagues Adrian (computer systems) and Bill Brown for some of the time to continue the Geomatrix research ; but we also found plenty of time to pursue our own specific interests.


The year was dominated by speculations arising mainly out of the controversy over NC2. It seemed that from the visit to NC2 by Andrew Collins when he rediscovered the system - after studying the freshly published papers of old explorers Salt and Caviglia ... and after our visit through the caverns, there was a sudden glut of information to speculate over!


However attention was driven away from considerations of the system itself by the public fracas between Collins and Zahi Hawass - as Collins vied for public acclaim and book sales against the denials by Hawass that the system ever existed. Then attention switched as Collins and fellow A.R.E. man Greg Little spent the best part of the year in vitriolic efforts to discredit us and anything we had to offer from our visit through the cave tunnels. We didn't give a damn who bathed in glory from new discoveries, but clearly this meant a lot more to other parties. Little went to ridiculous and often poorly informed - but cleverly manipulative efforts to publish us off the map! The A.R.E. were reported wishing to explore the system, presumably with the redeemed Collins at the helm. But fate seems to have thrown everything into the mix again as Mubarak and now Zahi Hawass have been ousted with promised discredit. The wind is beginning to blow from another direction and we will see in the final analysis from which direction the motivations flowed.


Out on the plateau, thousands of tons of age have been cleared from beneath the sphinx and the ancient harbour is beginning to reveal itself at last. However public attention switched in the mix. The overnight film we aquired, showed objects being moved covertly. It was fuel to the detrators fire for detraction sake. The article below finally reveals the truth about that night - and the truth about the other invented story which sucked everyone into misdirection again. Namely the fictitious 100 foot deep + shaft, decending 4 stories below ground, producing fictitious mummies and other mischiefly described atlantean artefacts! Once again the article below sets the record and the truth straight.


During the year, along with our colleagues Bill and Lucyna Lobos Brown we did a few radio interviews. You can also access one of these below , but on U Tube under Camelot or The Geomatrix, the others are easy to pick up.


There was one other issue which fell under the public spotlight again, despite (I can assure you) the highest desire possible by players-with-dirty-hands to see the issue buried ! It concerns the 6 men who's lives were also buried - under the corner of the village of Nazlet el Samaan. This story is not over. In fact it has barely begun. It ties with possibly the biggest story of all yet to be told; that of the Temple/Tomb of Khufu. As 2011/12 proceeds, keep an eye here and to the the site of Bill Brown for the next big chapters to unfold.


As volatile as the changing politics have been for the people; the situation has also been the reason why so many explosive stories still wait to emerge about the plateau and several other locations not far away! Many more important heads will roll when more layers of corruption and self interest are peeled away over the next months and years.



Now proceed back to read in the SHAFTED file and discover what really happened in 2010

You couldn't make it up!