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Secret Egypt and The Giza Geomatrix


Bill & Lucyna Lobos Brown  -  in collaberation with  Richard Gabriel & Judith Elter









  The Giza Geomatrix    is a name given to the Blueprint which uses the Star geometries laid to the ground, marking the location

  of entrances to either significant ancient underground storage sites - or for entrances into the vast underground facility built by

  the Ancients. The Blueprint was fixed to a specific Stellar time in history which  enables a Time clock to be constructed, which in

  turn allows an examination of the repeating life cycles of our existence on this planet. Work continues, to validate and unravel the

  information this is yielding. You will find the 'Once upon a Maybe' story in the Files which supposes the scenario leading to the

  appearance of the pyramids and grids across our Planet.







Hidden in Plain Sight - It is all in The Stars


The Files supply the background From the index page