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The Writings



Always there were the writings, and at a very young age these were just collected observations and poems I either wrote or liked from somewhere else. But even at a very young school age I had a love for the craft of words and instinctively knew there was power in it.


With I completed my school days I enlisted with the Military for a few years. I did not realise then, but I was fleeing from the oppression of my childhood and somehow to salve the imbalance - by proving myself with the elite in uniform.


As I packed my few personal possessions there was only one thing I wished to leave behind, but packaged and preserved for my return. I had gathered up all my written thoughts/anecdotes/observations/poems, plus some inspired & didactic/essays and other sundry writings. I had used a large shoe box for their storage. It was dilligently wrapped, bound and taped. To complete the job I gave it a banner headline which left no doubt of its ownership and its singular importance to me.


The package was safely tucked away on top of my wardrobe/closet. It represented everything of who I was from childhood. It was the only thing I left behind, and I regretted it as soon as I left to begin my journey into my future.


Around 3 years later following complications from a broken leg, I was civilian again! 


In the meantime my Mother and Father Divorced. I was no longer there to be the excuse for them to remain together - regardless the fact that I have a younger sister.  From the split, our family house was sold and the material benefits shared in my absence. I cared about one thing only. It was to retrieve my box of writings. But there was a problem!


It seems when the household effects were removed following our house sale, my box of writings were consigned - unthinkingly and unceremoniously into the trash can. I felt the trauma of a terrible loss that remains with me to this day. 


The experiences of my life since, have taught me why I had such an ingrained sense of importance for such things.

My Event of 1981 returned my ancient memory to me me.  I know the power of the word; or more accurately, I know the power of a vibrational signiture - which can be captured in the sound and the word.


Since then I have written somewhat more !

In fact I have a collection of work which fills my computer ...including my unpublished book which accounts it all.

The work is mostly inspired from another level. Some of it was received as automatic (didactic) writing or poems.

Usually it was instructional. Often it was a record of lucid dreams or to preserve the account from Out of Body experiences.

In recent years I have recorded many from Judith also; and in the files of this section I will present these for your perusal....



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