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@ April 9th. 2011:  You should be asking the following questions at Giza :



Why the huge new drilling operation beneath the Sphinx

& WHY are they pouring thousands of gallons of water INTO the ground ?




Why have we heard no more recently about this (mud) tunnel and more, 

at the Bottom of the Osiris shaft ? (which has been left to flood)





Why has NC2 been blocked at its deepest accesssable part....

apparently from the LOWER end/direction !!!

(You heard it here first ! See what others do or don't reveal ~ and we will mop up later !)



Why is everyone local to the plateau talking about when statuettes were imported to a recent excavation for a faked-up (top man) photo-shoot for the world media




Why did the Top Man flatly refuse to protect the oldest pyramid

~ and then ignore the rape of its treasures via hundreds of illegal digs?

Surrounding this pyramid the ground is like a peppercorn of illegal digs,

and the Army base is right next to it !!



Why are the houses surrounding the site of the dead men in the village of Nazlet, stealthily being demolished - while their horrible deaths still await closure ?!!



Why has the massive excavation operation to uncover the ancient Harbor beneath the Sphinx Temple ground to a complete halt ? Where have all the excavators gone to ?



Why are thousands of modern mud bricks being constructed at the back side

of the worker's village beyond the Wall of the Crow ?



Why is the word on the Plateau that 'this' building conceals a deep earth dig into an underground tunnel/shaft system linked to one of the deep earth fissures next to the GP ?




We will be addressing all of the above questions and many

more soon with evidence and answers



Right now as before... our holdup is that we are unable yet to work full time

on all of of this, and we are carried by our own resources.

Efforts continue in the background to alleviate the situation.





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