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Messageboard Response 03


09 April 2013


Blinded by the pseudo-Prophet


09 April 2013 E Mail received... but of such importance that I am sharing it here with its answer



14 April 2013 : Update : On the 9th I started to record this E Mail thread but I did not state why I considered it to be of importance. I had received the unsolicited E Mail below, which seemed very dictatorial and rabble - rousing. I was sufficiently curious to do a Google search and discover the source. It took no effort and revealed two individuals who on the one hand appear to have developed cult notoriety and a small number of devotees around the world, while on the other hand had generated revulsion wherever they made their claims. They had even been deported from one country for their activities, and were alleged to have staged their own deaths before reappearing again three days later claiming divine purpose. His claim is that he is Christ incarnated and together they apparently waste no opportunity to propagate their wild intentions for the world.


One can only speculate what she hoped would be the outcome from trying to foist this dangerous negative nonsense in our direction. He, sadly uses his clearly apt mathematical abilities to try and prove an apple is an orange!       They are a perfect example of the material that Sheeple may follow at their peril! 



For now, please read the unfolding letters below (to date) and make your own mind up.

(The words of my correspondent are in blue)




Dear Richard and Judy,
The purpose for the existence of the Great Pyramid is very simple; it is the Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt a, you can read about it in Isaiah 19:19&20 in the KJV 1611 bible. The bible itself is a trap, only the numbers of the chapters and verses and the gematria of the words are Holy, the words themselves and the stories have been manipulated to devour the reader and lead them away from the blatantly obvious.
The Great Pyramid is the most Holy structure upon the earth, because it is the Bible in Stone. It is all about and built as the measure of one man, the Lord Jesus Christ who is re-incarnate in the man (Son of Man) whose name today is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the most Royal man alive as you would expect God in the flesh to be.
For years he has been revealing the Truth of His Altar in this God forsaken wilderness called earth; it is his record and memorial to himself, back in hell where all mankind has been devoured by one spurious doctrine after another, all of them so far from the Truth that he has judged all religions and includes the belief of aliens, extra-terrestrials, and any other doctrine of demons as insane.
The Truth will set you free and it is simple, nothing secret all very logical which is what God is, super intelligence and Love being the highest expression of intelligence, come to the earth through the womb of his mother once again to set the captives free and lead them into Paradise which is built upon the earth once all evil is evicted through the judgment occurring.
He would love to talk with those who have an interest in his Altar, however you must be prepared to become like a small child, in other words lay down all of the knowledge you think you have and be prepared to hear the Truth, it will set you free.
Sadly man is so arrogant and puffed up with their knowledge they reject the Truth and so will go the way of the evil ones.
The earth will not be destroyed this time, it is the footstool and resting place of God incarnate Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, what will be destroyed is all evil through death and then the vanquishing of the soul, extinguished not burning in some lake of fire forever, then those that remain which includes the meek, the children and the adults who have humbled themselves to arrive at the Truth will get about the business of building Paradise upon the earth for all people with God in control for the first time in the His Story of man.
The Christ family Skype address is ...**********  *********, you are invited to contact with a message telling who you are, then you can be an agent of Truth should you receive it..
In Truth, love and peace
Name withheld for protection.. but the following open access   LINK  accompanied this mail.



My first Response


To be honest with you *******, I am pretty forthright with the views I expound myself, - ever since the evening of a Supernormal event which I experienced over thirty years ago. This Event outshone all other Supernormal events which have been scattered throughout this, my life.
As a result of that occasion I have been able to speak freely in the first person singular with explanations of the structure and meaning of life, the universe and everything, from our physical levels through quantum, and beyond the infinite multitude of Branes which await.
However there is one proviso which I display with great effort before I share my understandings with anyone who opts to listen. It is based upon the fact that convictions are rightly gained from tested personal experience.
I offer my experience and the complete understandings therefrom in the definite article, asking only that the listener never take what I say as their final conviction. Rather, that if my understandings resonate in some way, then go forth and test them against your own experience and find your own tested validations - as in truth you surely must.
My opening words must ever-be therefore..... By my Understanding:::::
I saw no hint of any such sentiment in your post to myself and Judith.
Instead of addressing the specifics of your mail; which would be a work in progress for a very long time; I will instead, make the following point:
If Omnipotent and Omnipresent are ALL prevailing, then anything which is a derivative of that law-of-one condition cannot then contain the uncontainable.
We can feel the wind on our hand, but when we close our fingers to capture and examine it, its quality escapes us.
Enduring effort to do such a thing is a quality of the human condition, even beyond the confines of our physical body, even beyond the confines of our vibrational signature as a Presence after release from the physical body. In fact even beyond all the levels of Soul-Presence at loftier levels. It is only when we approach the quality of the wind itself that we may know the infinite oneness of is condition.
Until such time, while our Presence is confined to the lessons of this level, we reveal our inadequacy to those who have the eyes to see - through our actions to possess and contain that which is uncontainable.
In fact it is so easy to look around an see the naked forms of those who profess their degree of omnipotence. Those who would confine that which is infinite, when there is no grasp of the infinite condition anyway.
My thoughts speak of the line to the Mobius to the Torus and return, moving as Thoth described in curves, to those who understand.
These are thoughts far beyond the containment of men in the form of the Great Pyramid, though it was conceived from a derivative Presence of one.... and still, long before another divine derivative of one had condensed to take form as the Prophet.
Anyone has the choice and ability to proclaim themselves as a modern day prophet. The importance is not in the act. It is in the reciprocal reaction of others who subjugate their will to the word of another pretender - before the truth of their own tested experience.
However to go inward is to embrace the silence.
To do so is to embrace the infinite.
To do so is to embrace one's self; and that is to let go of all conditionings and containments.
To do so,  is for most too terrifying.
The fear is but an illusion for those with eyes.
The fear is borne out of a conditioned response to expect pain.
But why would the condition of one, diminish its own condition through the destruction of its own parts.
To even refer to one with the word its, is to contain it, and even that cannot be so.
As with all conditions of possession and containment created and offered by men through lesser levels, pain is a simple quality of resistance. Thoth rightly says again (on this level) if it were not so, we would not (here) exist.
Our resistance is revealed in our vibrational signature; which is a measure of the conflict in our world; which is a measure of our avoidance of self and subjugation to any other. It is as we choose it to be until the progressive lessons finally open our eyes to the truth - that the ultimate condition simply, is.
My pain was my Lesson
My Lesson is your Pain.
It was ever so....
What will your reciprocal choice be?


Richard and Judith





2nd Mail received....


To be honest with you Richard, 

You clearly missed the point of my email and again demonstrate the ego of the deluded which is why you have no answers and why also the world is the shit hole it is, your mind has been hijacked by your supernormal experiences while the Truth is simple.
I did not ask for anything from you since your understanding is bullshit to God who is on the earth in his flesh body the Pyramid is all about him.
If you were remotely interested in Truth you would shut up, stop whining, bring your mind back to earth which is where the battle for the hijacked mind of man is and want to know from the Lord Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall what the Pyramid, His altar to himself is really all about.
I hope you are offended because you and all that think like you offend God.
The Christ uploads all of his communications to the you tube as a demonstration of the stupidity of mankind, yours being a perfect example of it.
(signed - Initialled)
My 2nd Response....
Hmmm... Interesting..
Hi, I am .(******** ***,)   (***** ********'s) wife of 13 years. I wish to state that Brian and I are no longer together and I do not wish to be associated with what he is doing. I never was involved with his activities and do not agree with his beliefs. He is now with (*******,) a woman he met 2 and a half years ago on the internet and she believed who he said he was. The rest is history.
I am overwhelmed by your angelic spirit and refined eloquence.
Your Lord and Master has clearly been teaching you well.
Everyone gets what they deserve.
3rd mail Received....
Thank you for this, you have exposed once again the underbelly of the snake, she is Mary Magdalene the one who caused the Cross, my older clueless sister who was more concerned about her tap dancing in this life and sitting on her arse doing nothing in her last life.

It has been 5 years March 30th since I found the Christ looking for 9 years in the world gone mad a and she are of the same demonic spirit...

All souls re-incarnate...I believe you know that from the study of His Altar...






From someone who knows you

Wow what is it with Richard Gabriel. It's like watching fluoride in action, live.


1) He basically gives a long explanation of why he is rejecting your information, yet at the same time contradicting himself within his words.


2) He too quickly is wanting to focus back on himself, that common ego trait of alternative researchers who cannot submit and always have to be one-step higher.


3) His 'experience' he had might have been divine inspired but he egotised it versus keeping alert to other divine events, such as receiving an E Mail from Christ.


4) He is showing no desire to want to learn more, thus revealing he doesn't care about Trinity-Lee, Pope Peter II, Yah, or even Vatican III (aka humanity).


5) Even if he doesn't know the variables yet, his empathy/humanitarian wiring is not picking up on the unseen frequencies. His divine radio is not tuned into the greater good.


6) He rejects the Pyramid being the altar to the Lord without even knowing more. He's a researcher? I'm trying to use the Pyramid as a psychotronic machine BECAUSE it is an Altar to the Lord. Richard is clearly a rookie.


7) I too want to see secret stuff at Giza. But the way in is via God and via the Divine, in my opinion. I think I'll hang out with Yahweh instead, to increase my odds. Richard however has decreased his chances.


8) My prophesy: He will not do correction, will not submit, will not try, even if he knows he is wrong. That I assume is ego.

My 3rd Response....
Ah well, a few precious minutes to spread, so let's get this matter dealt with.
I guess I should be calling this reply for both you and your master, who hid behind your last mail with an anonymous mail of his own!
Tschhh! silly games and so unnecessary.
As divine people you would concur that those with eyes can always see, hmmm ?
After your initial - unsolicited evangelistic letter to me I gave you the courtesy and benefit of a decent study-search to see who had contacted me in such fashion.
I do have eyes. I can see, and you are therefore at a disadvantage unfortunately - because I know you have not extended the same courtesy to the understandings which my eyes were opened to.
You propagate your principles of belief, which in fact are principles of possession; which you claim to yourselves.
You seek to contain that which cannot be contained.
Another such man who required no Google searches to determine his notoriety; spent his life on the crest of an occult wave which mesmerised the gullible from the bottom to the top for many years. His following was great, and he was propelled by the cushion of fear borne out of the ignorance of his disciples. Those closest however, though knowing the fear, they had eyes and could see.
They were trapped however by their fear, from renouncing their naked king.
I extended the courtesy and benefit of a decent study-search of his life and his deeds also.
By the invitation of his own words I was with him at the end and observed his abject despair.
In his Book of Lies his secret was finally confessed.
He realised as he faced the end of this, his life, that for all the adulation and notoriety which had feted him throughout.....
For all the knowledge of the mysteries, the depravities and the earthbound incantations which he made his own, he had failed to achieve his lifelong quest command life.
By his own confession (for those who can see) ....he realised the way to such divinity was the opposite of all that he followed and propagated. At the end he realised he had failed the opportunity of his lesson and was about to enter new lifetimes of his own hell - in lessons which would finally teach him the truth. Alistair Crowley was terrified as he faced his death.
The reward he had earned from his life, was fear.
Though you also believe you can see, it is but the same vision as the few others who move in angles.
Deceit by the manipulation of fact and fiction, claiming and proclaiming your Principles of Possession, may have you feted in the same way as Crowley..... maybe.................. but the final result must ultimately be the same.
The Law of Cause, Effect and Consequence, is universal and inescapable.
Your outcome and the strengthening Probability of its Effect will already be generating the vibration that Crowley felt at the end.
You may not yet smell the fear at your own hands which will one day suffocate you.
I look in your direction.... and I can already smell your fear.
May the light come sooner to you both
Final Response received from my correspondent.....
The Christ who is sitting beside me said FUCK OFF
FOOTNOTE: As I said at the start, let everyone make their own mind up!









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