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Messageboard Response 01


End July 2011




Of Conflict -  Resisting the Dark

& work waiting to be done Beneath the Plateau.


Whenever a wide spread of subjects are offered for debate, it would be simple to take them each out of context and into a safer catagory of their own. It is far harder to take them and any others which may seem independent topics anyway, and weave them into a reply that shows their connection - without diluting their purpose in the first place.

My opening statement may seem like a discursive tap dance, but I hope to show how a real understanding always depends on the widest viewing point. If the viewing point can be shown - not to be fixed (as it can only be if infinite and true,) then the understanding becomes unassailable.

When I hear discussions about religion in particular where one or another person argues from the ultimate authority of their faith, I automatically ask these questions:

What do you know of the concepts Omnipresent and Omnipotent; and do they apply to your paradigm of faith and its Leader?

The short answer inevitably is always that the Omni’s refer to all-encompassing ….and Yes of course they apply to this one’s Prophet/Messiah/Leader/Adept/Guru ....because the followers naturally regard their system as all-powerful and ever-present.

At this point the discussion starts to become frosty when I point to the obvious; which is...

Without exception, every family of faith has Exclusion clauses. For example, ‘If you do not agree with me you are a pleb or a heathen and I will not like you... or in its extreme... I will kill you.

The Exclusion clauses however follow a pattern which can be found in every belief systems. Firstly, a whole raft of acceptable moral views on life, the universe and everything can be found with similarity within them all.

But just like the imaginary monster under the bed, their Exclusion clauses conjure the fear which lures so many to give up their free choice. Like happy lemmings protected by their conditioned belief from reality and responsibility, they plummet into their respective darkness.

They all say their platform is Omnipotent and Omnipresent... which means they are all-encompassing. Hmmm!!  So how can there be Exclusion clauses placing non followers outside of something which is all-encompassing?  In fact the very notion of a Holy Rule Book being riddled with Exclusion clauses proves it to be a structure of Inclusion. A devotee has to demonstrate they accept the Exclusions to be a part of the Inclusion, so in fact the structure depends upon Containment!

Now stop me if I am missing something here! A structure of Containment cannot be Omnipresent or Omnipotent. In fact to suggest so is a complete contradiction in terms!

To these Masters, I propose they blaspheme their own faith because if they claim theirs’ is an all-encompassing abundance, how then are they empowered to arbitrarily deny their infinite Holy reward to some through bloody Exclusion clauses?

Can it ever be argued that if there be a structure to the Universe and its glory, the structure must exist by infinite strategic rules of interchange - following infinite tactical rules of engagement - which are truly and ultimately without boundaries – without Exclusion – without containment, and existing in a true state of Omniscence.

This Understanding is ultimate. This Understanding could never be packaged as a religion. This Understanding is infinitely encompassing. It is known by many as The Law of One.  It simply IS.


The same test of logic can be applied to all higher discussion. If the understanding out of Christian faith for example, is limited to its inception then what are we to make of the structure of the cosmos before the appearance of Christianity?

What are we to make of the Quran in a time beyond 6,000 years when more than a void existed?

In fact we know our earthbound ancestors existed as organised sentient beings at least 200,000 years ago. We know also that a great cosmic calamity took a huge chunk of the Martian crust into space along with its atmosphere in an ancient celestial collision. We know coincidentally that the Martian surface is covered with built structures which must have been knowingly constructed by default before the ancient Cosmic calamity..

Already you see with these small examples, we are stepping further and further from our considerations to a viewing point where the focus of universal truth becomes clearer and clearer.

Are we to say conversely that Religious movements are without merit? The answer surely is no, but only if we are able to separate that which pervades them as an expression of the Law of One.

Only if we are able to identify and reject all that is enforced from within them as a rule of Possession or Exclusion. Ironically, if this happened, than at a stroke, all tenets of faith would instantly vanish – to be replaced with a simple universal Gnosis which proclaimed and celebrated The Law of One – ie. the simple way things are.

Sadly in this time of modern history the Exclusion clauses and rules have been written to satisfy the containment beliefs and self servicing plans of the victor.

While discussing the shortcomings of Containment I am reminded Vladimir of lines you wrote, talking about when you felt god left you; where you questioned who you were and how the thought scared you the most... and when you began to feel empty inside. Can you now see how I would view these as thoughts of Self-Separation – and if so they reveal how you have strayed into the illusion of Exclusion.... which with apologies is blithe to say from me when I have already awakened again to the Matrix.

But now we must take our deliberations into vibration my friend to expose the other poisoned illusion we allowed ourselves to swallow from the Romans. Be it on an almost involuntary level or be it on a gross level, all things manifest by our own dumb choice. For 2000 years we have been controlled down an ever blinder path because we subjugated our will to the Roman victors. Before then there were still vestiges of the ancient universal knowledge. Before then the accurate word of the Kolbrin and the Incarnation Gnosis guided the conscience of the people. But that was before the councils and the rejection of the natural process on pain of crucifixion... as it was for thousands and thousands who would not submit.

However we have already stated that universal truth cannot be killed; perhaps suppressed ...but never killed... and always so clearly smothered when expression is contained and original belief is subjugated.

And the process has been consummate as it would be when so much universal good of the ‘One’ is woven together within the Containment of Our Exclusions. The good is tainted with the bad because we have opted to occupy a level commensurate with the bad. Evolution continues regardless.

Look how people point to their Holy Books and scream their word, often with twisted mouths, often with the deceit of total ignorance, often with hypocrisy when the words are twisted to suit service to self.




Where must we go next then, to identify and shatter the second great illusion?

We must return to ourselves, because if the higher Gnosis was once excommunicated, it can as easily (or painfully) be reclaimed; depending on how far our vibrational signature has raised in the last couple of thousand years.

The Genome mapping of our DNA has enabled the basis of our physical being to be categorised. In just the same way (even for DNA) all things can be represented in binary numerical sequence   ….at least until I demonstrate this to be an error!

On our third D level it is an easy convenience to seek the mathematical interpretation for everything; and it is achievable. But what of quantum and beyond?

All things exist as an expression of vibration don’t they? String theory takes care of matter at and beyond the quantum threshold doesn’t it ?  But mathematics are lost the higher we ascend through light !  In these regions where there are other cohesions, the motivation and impetus for movement is supplied by sentient expressions of the whole.. or the ‘One.’ It is intuitive and spontaneous, and is everything about vibrational attraction or unattraction.

We will be / are / and always have been the masters of creation ourselves. Hehe…what a joke when everyone is fooled into looking outside of themselves for the power of One. It is thus from within - that Matter is Actualised from Virtuality. It is thus as movement/ vibration becomes manifest to condense higher matter into the exotic matter of quantum…. Sorry, but you can’t do it if you are bogged down in containment of numbers!

Do you see? It is a process which comes as a breath from our Presence. It takes no calculation. It requires on our personal level the simple thought of the expression to break it from virtuality. On a greater level it requires us to synchronise our expression with others. The collective vibrational signature will do its job and another actuality will be manifest…. And so it continues from structure to structure until we are speaking of nations and planets….and so we end up with a collective vibrational signature for the whole planet and its people – seeking Reciprocal reaction within the universe.

But the Universe throughout has been progressing to the same orders of chaos, and in the passage of movement the synchronicities of interaction are of an order which will eventually Actualise in a spectacular way.  In payment for this progress, all participants will continue their pathway to unfold the Cosmic reciprocal changes which have emerged to Universal reality for all. It will be just so for us in the ensuing years.

These Cosmic convergences have always happened. We happen to be slap bang at the apex of this one. However, previous times have almost wiped us out completely and have provided the conditions for collective amnesia… almost. This has been helped by the victors in a material world who have managed to consolidate our worldly dependence on the material and service to self.

We are in a reincarnating process which functions either side of quantum within seamless laws of physics. We are one species within many species in the Cosmos, each functioning to their own conditions but still within a single Cosmic breath.

The majority of our kind are still asleep to these things. However more and more are waking up. Across the globe discussion and acceptance of the new (old) paradigm is normal.

On a much higher intellectual level there are those on the light and on the dark side who have always been aware. On the darker level there are those who wish to trap everyone to the levels of sensation – with absolute dominion and power vesting in them. It is out of this basis that people have incarnated to become the controllers of so many avenues which would provide an audit trail back to the real truth of our past and our heritage. It has most certainly been so on the Giza Platreau. We can attest to this, and to the fact of ancient technology. If those of the dark side get their hands on any technology remaining secure below ground, they could wreak havoc as we go through this transition.

I heard a Virtual Comment: ‘So you just want to get to the ancient technology first?’

The answer is Yes and No ..because for those on the dark side it would certainly be a case of grabbing any actual technology in order to reuse it for greater power and control. There is no way however if that was the outcome, that the authorities would own up to it coming from an ancient race… or a from elsewhere in the cosmos. It would be stitched up as new technology and then used to its full STS benefit.

For us however it would be enough to be associated with the full world disclosure to accompany any such discovery… and an admission backed by the circumstance that it did come from a higher level race. To do such a thing would awaken the world. It would shatter the illusion. It would demand a world Paradigm shift in thought - to accept we are a Darwinian race; later seeded by our stellar ancestors, first to exploit us …..and then to leave us to evolve almost on our own.

The transition was bloody as our ancestors fought for control of our territory and the gold it held in its soil. Nuclear weapons and worse were used, and have left their legacy in the radioactive soil in India, under the sands of Egypt, and in multiple locations around the whole globe.

We can continue to try and find ultimate answers and precognitive insights for our dramatic future in Numbers and in the tainted books which have been written since.

However there is a better way. It is the intuitive way. It is the way we have been completely equipped to handle. We need only go to where our Presence directs us and then allow our awakening abilities to conquer the vibrational barriers placed by Physical Men. It is the way we follow… be in the right place according to where our higher Minders direct us to be, and then to act from intuitive insight. It has always worked for us so far.

Note: there has never been a need for calculation or for the authority of grand exotic ancient guiding names, or for the protection of parchment or dusty books, or for the possession by external entities, or for any special incantations or fancy symbols. For us it comes down to the raw process, which will likely involve tangible vibrational barriers…. And also may involve discarnate thought forms… both of which will be yielding to us if we are to get the chance to face them.

If you wish to figuratively stand naked before the apparent terror of the darkness it must be understood that by simply acknowledging it as something to fear, is in itself a separation. In separation there is resistance. In resistance there is conflict. In conflict there must be harm as the expectation cannot be satisfied for all those who oppose.

Why should there be opposition. If it can be seen and accepted that all are aspects of the Whole and all are aspects of the One…. And this understanding is held as absolute within… then it is easy to see that the darkness need not be met with fear. Instead it must be embraced as a part of one’s self… and if you see no darkness within yourself, then there can be no resistance and no conflict when even faced with the darkest test. I can honestly confess to being completely overcome emotionally when I saw the movie The Matrix for the first time. When he is in the corridor… and instead of the corridor, walls, and his adversary - he sees the matrix, - represented as streams of binary code. It was such a perfect allegory for the Presence of One.

We pray we are given the opportunity to serve the purpose. We will certainly make certain we are in the right place. Our Minders will have to help us with the correct timing and an open pathway.

In Cairo the confusion and lack of leadership especially at this time is not an accident. We don’t know how we will fit between it all but we know that threads of action have been shown to us. The underground holds the key. We have been pursuing this for many years and draw closer and closer. We are desperate to return and continue. We will get at least one more chance this year and any further chance will depend on any support we receive. We can only do what our resources will allow us to do, and for those wishing to play a direct part themselves, there is now a donation facility on the Index page. For so long as the political confusion continues, so does the opportunity for access to special places. Remember we have no tangible need of the things we know are there ....but for their activation use for the GP and to help bring an end to the illusions of the last 2000 years. That is the promise we have to offer! …No fancy regurgitated books!.No blind academic superiority!.No official bullcrudge! ….We offer just ourselves and the promise of an honest result.

We hope we can do you and ourselves justice.

Please help us to do our job on your behalf.



Richard and Judith










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