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16 October 2011




Under the Giza Plateau



13 October 2011 Tom wrote on the Message Board



Hi, I'm a big fan of your work and all that you've been doing over in Egypt and I check this site regularly. I only wish I could have found it several years ago and worked toward a degree in Egyptian archaeology!!! Bar an overwhelmingly passionate interest in these things, I'm a town planning student and I'm really interested in ancient cities and their layout, design and sustainable features in comparison to modern techniques.

I recently came across this link:


It discusses the idea of a whole city being beneath the Giza plateau, in part of the cave complex you have studied; as well many other bits of fascinating sci-fi myth such as ever burning lights. What are your impressions of this information regarding both truth and vague possibility and anything else you may have heard on it?

I'm debating doing a dissertation on the aforementioned comparison but thinking it may be a bit too far out!

Thanks, and good luck in all your future projects   …Tom


PS With regards my last comment, I also found this:




Thank you for your comments Tom.


Judith and I also feel on one hand we missed our vocation and would have been happy with hindsight to have studied Egyptology & Geology for example. However we check ourselves because we have still lived extraordinary lives, driven compulsively through our intuitive/genetic makeup to pursue an even stronger and higher calling in Egypt.


 For those out there who have half an attraction to antiquity and our ancient roots, please don’t hesitate to follow the pathway which will fulfil you. For others like you Tom we would only say: still yield to the impulses ...and the opportunities will appear for you somehow. You have your dissertation which we would urge you to proceed with.  You feel however your idea may be a little far out, so let’s take a closer look.


The best case natural scenario would be the open disclosure of a vast underground tunnelled city beneath the Giza Plateau - tying to similar underground cities all over the world. Then you could easily make your layout/design and sustainable features, etc. dissertation;  &  I guess this would be classed as using ( proof in the hand !)


So OK, for whatever reason, the books and collections are not full of disclosure proof all laid out in neat apology for our masters who would have naturally prepared and sanitised it all for the rest of us!

Remember the old saying: Absence of evidence does not translate into evidence of absence… and who said there was no other evidence to make the case anyway? On the side of the fence where we stand there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world, if not millions – who have been awake to the avalanche of anecdotal and experiential evidence which continues to emerge for a highly evolved people pre-earth catastrophe.

For everyone, this is the….(proof in your face) From these sources Tom, it is reasonable to extract a few fundamental points which you could use to support your comparisons.





Just about all cultures of the world support folk lore or legends with striking similarities.

(BTW Let’s not waste time for the idiots who classify all they don’t understand as myth!)

The legends (and desert topographies) support  versions of a vast inundation. Stories tell of ancient masters with immense powers whom they regarded as Gods and who were able to fly and use other fearsome technologies. All of this is embedded within cultures from an immeasurable time in the past and way beyond our current flawed history.


Multiple cultures record in their legend how their ancestors or others now extinct, hid from catastrophes in vast tunnel systems. These still exist but their exploration and meaning is systematically subverted from the public consciousness. However a wealth of information has survived to public record. We know this is true in Egypt,


..In South America, In Africa and multiple places all over the Earth. The records of these cities are captured in lore and legend; and now are being validated from fresh evidence which we and others are helping to bring to the public domain where it belongs.


Flawed theories by well-known explorers or authors have been built around this evidence.  Unfortunately this feeds the detractors who would throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We have to ask why it would be so important for this knowledge to be suppressed.

There are two obvious reasons which require little brain power to figure. Firstly, history is written by the victor. The nations of the world have been controlled by the keepers of faith and the keepers of cash and so between the church and the banking institutions, any knowledge which would transform the masses into free thinking individuals to challenge the power brokers; must be suppressed at all cost.


Furthermore, if we accept with reasonable logic that there was a highly advanced pre-civilisation with more advanced technology (in their own way) than ours, (i.e. not based on nuclear power but based upon sun/earth /cosmic/crystalline/ley energies ;) then it would serve the interests of all controlling factions to get their grubby greedy destructive hands on it first. We are aware personally however of a facet of that ancient technology which promises physiological harm to anyone venturing close who genetically/vibrationally is unable to sustain it.


At a mundane level  there are those who cannot hold a finger to experience and prefer to whine from their armchairs that it is all rubbish, and that everything is rubbish except the ignorant crap which emerges from their own mouths. For them it is absolutely necessary to always throw the baby out with the bathwater because only the mass acceptance of their ignorance does enough for them to get off big time on their own egos.


The theories of Michael Tellinger as one example, get their fair share of criticism. But step back and the detractors cannot deny the existence circa 200,000 years ago of a whole nation in Africa dedicated to the vast mining operation for gold.


Tens of thousands of people throughout their lives produced hundreds of miles of tunnels in pursuit of gold; otherwise amid a world of savages and wild beasts. You gotta’ absorb that for just a moment - and that is before even mentioning the phenomenal knowledge behind the accepted astronomy of Adams Calendar.


What say the detractors? …that a common Gene drove all new-born infants to pick up a damned shovel and obsess to dig gold for the rest of their lives from the miles of tunnels already dug by generations of their kind before them. And by the way,they were all inspired with the cosmic knowledge of 21stcentury astro-physicists? Doohhh!!


Consider the Dogon nation equally as old, who recorded astronomical facts apparently impossible without modern optical telescopes. They knew about, and recorded in drawings, the most important facts about Stars Sirius A & B

Facts such as these are damned inconvenient to the detractors, aren’t they?


South America/ Grand Canyon/ Peru/Europe/Beneath the sea…… all places where vast labyrinthine man made tunnel systems are known. Back then, the heathens must have had a tunnelling obsession stretching hundreds of thousands of years….. or another reason for building them + a much more superior technological way of doing it.


All of those are just common sense.  All this and I have not even started on Egypt yet !!!


In deepest Brazil you may just be able to still mount an expedition to explore the hundreds of miles of unexplored tunnels. Very difficult to get to - and very expensive to organise!


Forget the vast tunnel system accessible from the Grand Canyon. Those faceless men behind the new Military zone prevent anyone approaching the system. It is such an easy tactic isn’t it for denying the truth from the public.

The military has been used for years in Egypt for this purpose.


Other sites in their abundance around the globe present their own difficulties for explorers for the same reason

Again, you gotta step back and ask what is so damned important to precipitate a systematic cover-up throughout our known history of anything which would shed light on our very ancient ancestors.


If there is controversy behind learned theories despite plenty of evidence, the only thing to do is to develop one’s own theory based on experience and on the verified facts which ‘have’ emerged.


We know in Egypt there is a vast underground tunnel and shaft system, uncharted and continuing to reach down to the bowels of the earth. We have experienced some of it ourselves. We have seen below ground where ground level stone is built upon levels below of mud brick, which is built upon lower levels of sandstone, which is built upon lower levels of red granite sourced hundreds of miles away in Aswan. We have seen this. We have the photos and have shared some of them.


The excavations of the open plateau beneath the sphinx reveal how sandstone was built on top of mud brick. This is exposed for the world to see now. We know beneath that there is an exquisite red granite harbour basin and the scattered blocks from the old temple facades. Tens of meters of silt cover the age of the red granite construction. It seems appropriate after a global catastrophe involving inundation which obliterated everything grand under vast quantities of silt...that people would begin to build again in early Pharaonic times with the most ready material: Mud !


( BTW – In the desert,  tens of meters of silt topped by ancient coral reef form the desert escarpments where caves and tunnels with bones and artefacts are evident and point to very ancient intelligent occupation. )


But on the Giza plateau evidence is exposed and can be seen by the world right now beneath the sphinx. We know of similar red granite carved stones with writings referring to the sphinx which were dug from close to Menkaure and were made to instantly disappear. We have spoken to those who worked with these.


We know of tunnels on the plateau which are used by security to traverse the plateau when VIP’s are there. We know of shafts to tunnels which themselves have deeper layers of shafts. These tunnels are cut square and as sharp sided as a razor. Legend says that an ancient city stretched more than 10 miles in all directions away from the pyramid site.


The NC2 was once a main entrance into the sub terra system. However as soon as the system was breached, any access to the deep underground was deliberately blocked at 350 feet.

There is a twist however because the system was blocked from a deeper lower point.

 You gotta step back and think about that one also! 


Many other criminal acts have been carried out surrounding the NC2 system and we hope these will all see the light of public examination one day.


Judith and I are fortunate in that we are aware of other ways into the underground which have to be tested. We are under no illusion of the dangers involved. Those who wish to suppress and/or control these things make the natural dangers of the task doubly dangerous;  but it is our calling and we have powerful energies from elsewhere which guide and protect us.


With all of these sites across the world you have to step back and look for common denominators. Their time in history seems to follow a pattern. Their topography seems also to follow a pattern. They relate back to scientifically accepted times in the past when there was earth inundation for example – at the hands of pole shift/object strike/extreme warming or cooling – in a mixed combination of some or all of these things.


Seems to me that the logic therefore places very clever advanced people here capable of the high architecture at a time of pre-catastrophe. It does not take too much of a leap in logic to say: Well suppose these very clever people knew they were in for a cosmic/planetary hammering, isn’t it also valid logic to say they would have probably gone to ground to escape. This would have been made easier with superior knowledge focused  to advanced methods of tunnelling.


Modern man would not be able to immediately repeat the operation!

We can’t even accept the fact of the miles of ancient tunnels still in existence which connects countries!

On any aspect of all of this, please trawl the evidence on our site or pay a visit yourself to Cairo.

Check out the area above/ below and around the sphinx.


It would be easy for anyone to see how tens of exposed meters of excavation reveal the levels I have referred to. This whole topic could be carried into a book but I hope the point has been made. There is truly an avalanche of evidence out there to consider which needs only common logic for a conclusion to be reached.

Then if you come up for breath you could turn to the historically accepted facts that some kind of inundation / catastrophe did strike our planet in the distant past. This may have been a strike coupled with the ice ages ending, but for sure the legend and other in your face evidence is supported by the astronomical timelines.


Ophiuchus rose 13,000 years ago as it will do through 2012. It is the 13th ignored constellation. It is the serpent bearer. Agathodaimon  is also a quasi-serpent, but one of spirit, binding above and below and translated to common knowledge as The Good Spirit. Its believed Presence within the NC2 system has ensured native fear and a protection of the system until now. At the 350ft depth where the NC2 system has been blocked from BELOW, the tube-tunnel is undetermined in length; about 4 feet in diameter, and retains the remnants of plastered ribs within it. Anyone passing deep down into the sub-levels would therefore have to metaphorically pass through the body of Agathodaimon, which was guardian of the higher and lower realms. The serpent bearer of the 13th constellation, has returned to visit through 2012 and coincidentally visited us previously just when the last ice age ended; and when legend says the Gods left us with many of their kind; and when legend says the remainder took to the underground for survival and to await their calling again; and coincides with the greater cosmic cycles tying the legend of a revisiting planet into our system soon.


It is noteworthy: We know closely of an important site Guardian not far from the central plateau who has been doing the job for decades. All who have been deputised to replace him have fallen by the wayside. They all run in fear of the nigh time visitations and happenings from the deep shafts all around the site. Our friend spoke with complete relaxed candour. He referred to his friends from below who came to visit him sometimes at his isolated guard-hut. He described how they would take him to their home deep below where there was lush grass and everything was beautiful.


Tom, I would say to you - to hell with the detractors. There is enough material out there for you to fill your bag to the brim and give the best dissertation on the subject that we have ever seen. In the meantime we will continue to go wherever our minders and funds will allow. Everyone can rest assured the info will be given up to the world and everyone here without hesitation. Full time working in this field will transform us with fast deliver of what we already have and anything new,  and we just have to remain patient for circumstance to enable it.



Richard and Judith










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