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The Images from the Great Pyramid,

...Its Ancient History waiting to be Decoded.




So, I'm sure you would love to see first examples of the faded but magnificent artwork still surviving after thousands of years on the stones of the Great Pyramid. No delineations yet, but if you really study the depth of the next pictures from the Kings Chamber you will see an example of what

we have found to work with!


      The Original Pic. - followed by two colour filtered versions. The images are unmistakable and are to be found

            throughout the GP. They are not of the quality of the NC2 images, but those have been more protected

                from people and the environment. Note African huts bottom right; the large off-centre figures, the

                   foreground & far-ground rows of figures. It is even possible between the two filter versions to

                     see how the fractal imaging was used so expertly by the artists. If can focus your eyes to

                       the very large (light) central heads; look again and see how the far-ground blurred rows 

                               of figures cut across and are incorporated into the design of the large head. 



A word about the fractal imaging (as we have called it.) This is where Large sized images are filled with overlapping smaller and smaller images. These reducing images have been done so cleverly that they sometimes manage to lap the large images together - and they certainly serve to fill the whole surface. 


After centuries of neglect and abuse, only something like a watermark version of the original depictions remains. In one way it is a blessing that the colour if the stone is so strong. This blinds the viewer to the subtle differences which would reveal their presence to the naked eye. The fact they have been missed or never declared until now is a blessing - where some with a different agenda would see them destroyed completely.


When the software analysis is done, there is usually a choice. The surfaces present at least one or more stronger images. The skill is to determine if the image seen is fractal, or perhaps it is part of the larger mural.


It takes a lot of examination to avoid the focal depth and size of filler fractal images and seek the main mural depiction. Get it right and a whole pageant of information emerges. Get it wrong and you end up with a fabulous assortment of small theriomorphic images filling the canvas.


Just to give a final heads-up on the way they did this, I sketched a very basic drawing to illustrate the point......




For the millions who have visited the Great Pyramid, take a look at these next... Close to hand as you ascend, carvings in stone also. How many have touched them?  Has no-one ever noticed them ???    Same as before... The original picture followed by a zoomed crop from the mid section at the top of the original .. and then the head section rotated through 90 degrees. Incidentally, the rest of the wall is covered in hidden images also. Look hard and you may see some. Check the bird beneath the head. Focus one way and it is looking left. Focus another way and its head is turned to look directly at the viewer. (Clever use of fractals.)





The Southern Air shaft of the Queens Chamber / Gantenbrink's door


Recently there was an internet stir due to a U Tube presentation which showed there were markings right at the end (and in the roof) of the 8 inch square Southern (air?) shaft rising through the Great Pyramid from the Kings Chamber. These were demonstrated to depict stellar constellations which were traced back to a perfect match of 9200BC.


When Gantenbrink's robot penetrated the door at the top of the (air) shaft, photographs were taken in that small space. These were stitched together to form the composite below. Red Glyphs of lesser significance were discovered. I decided to examine the composite in great detail and put it through digital analysis. I cropped sections and you will see one result below. I found the same generic images for sure and I have paired them to make viewing easier.




The next examples were from pictures on either side of the head of the (air) shaft.

We must take it as obvious of course - all this artistry had to have been done before the pyramid was assembled!

(We can address the why's and wherefores' at a later stage.)


Left hand of the head of the air shaft



Right hand of the air shaft




Next we have the door face at the top of the shaft (with the copper handles) Quite an interesting result!




This is the opening from the Kings Chamber to the actual (air shaft,) only a few inches square.



A photograph into the shaft. It is incredible that the surfaces along its length also have surviving images.

In a moment you will see the delineated images on the left / right and upper surfaces.

Remaining pigment is obvious on the right.


Notice by the way, how the shaft profile is formed from solid rounded blocks on the right - down to the base;

while on the left hand side the blocks are square and sitting on the blocks below.



Did you notice the images on the face of the shaft opening? I tried to indicate the larger image shapes,

but it was impossible to completely ignore the smaller composite images. There are lots more there

that I didn't delineate



Now take a look at the adjusted images cropped from the sides.

Right hand side of air shaft- with a few delineations following


Left hand side - with just a few delineations.. hope you may be getting the eye for them now.


Upper side - With a few delineations.

With detailed analysis the whole top side can be seen crossed with lines of snakes


Back now into the Kings Chamber.

I spotted something on this corner wall-image

I cropped the lower right-hand block for deeper analysis. The result below; before and after.

But look out for the big bug-eyed snakes top-right which I did not delineate.



Another seemingly unimpressive blank stone from the Kings Chamber...

But after putting a lot of work into it... take another look.


Here is a third paired example of adjoining Chamber blocks and a few delineations



Let's not forget the massive Roof Lintels of the Chamber..

Before and after again; but this time I have not lined the images - to give you a chance yourself.

The larger images here do not seem to be filled with fractals: Apart from the creatures taking up the

lighter areas, there are a few quite distinct ones occupying the very dark central area.



Another roof panel... Another paired study.





The Kings Chamber Coffer !


Oh yes... It is covered with images. This example is an inside corner.

Just concentrate for now on the lower few inches where presumably it has had less wear...

You will see from what I have extracted, there is certainly a ton of imagery still to be delineated.



Here are views from either direction looking down into the base of the coffer. The creatures all seem to be orientated in the direction of the centre. From findings in NC2 and elsewhere we have found the directional focus is significant. It indicates (going-to) a direction of importance. Serious enquirers should read my file on the Arumu Muru Stargate to understand the significance of such a thing within the Kings Chamber Coffer.



The Kings Chamber - Ante-Chamber


Before you enter the Kings Chamber, you can stand up and look around the space of the ante chamber.

Attention is drawn to the slots cut into the blocks for the baffles that were once there.

However if you look to the higher surfaces you may distinguish something else hidden in plain sight....



Then on the opposite wall.. (It took a lot of playing with different filters to extract these initial results.)



We must not forget the Grand Gallery. Just one paired example below with a few delineations





The Entrance to the Great Pyramid



The story has been well told of how the real Great Pyramid entrance was found only after the current tourist entrance was forced into the pyramid. How many people however have compared pics of the original entrance with a current one?


Take a look below. You will see how the original entrance was excavated a few blocks below the restored height.

Now only the giant lintels are visible. The true entrance was apparently blocked up again. Hmm!


Notice beneath the lintels there is a triangular recess hiding carved reliefs as in the pic further below


Our focus was on the area of the carved stone reliefs.


A great deal of work was done for the final picture, and to view it properly you really need to be able to

 zoom in on it to see the detail.  We have been using MS Office 2010 and clearly this would be best if you

are able to save-as and paste/view with Office 2010 on your own computer. On the page here it may appear out of focus, but this is because of all the detailed delineations across the whole picture.



(We have a lot more to say about the script in this pic. in a forthcoming file)





Before moving on... You may say so-what!            Well, let us spell-out the basic implications:




The Great Pyramid has many areas hidden from the public which are therefore more protected.

This means there are undoubtedly better examples of the imagery to be accessed.

The images so far have been gleaned in poorest circumstances, using a simple HD digital camera

The original pictures were not captured with proper lighting.


There are tunnels and chambers within the GP that are kept secret.

We know directly of one access example from the area of the second Solar Boat pit.

So there are even more protected areas within the GP.


Images have been discovered in places only accessible to place them there when the GP was being built.

Images and murals are of the same generic type as those we discovered in NC2 and elsewhere.

For the absolute sceptic, if one single picture is genuine, it makes the case for their existence.

That being so, then Walls of Record exist, but hidden in plain sight everywhere, belonging to a common time of ancient ancestry.


If a most ancient ancestral people communicated their history by this as a main method, it is reasonable to assume that a proper photo-archaeological investigation with the right equipment, would uncover untold information about our past.


If advanced knowledge is still hidden - to match the sophistication of the depictions, it is also reasonable to assume that the key to unlock their whereabouts will be found in the images!


What happens next is a no-brainer!  A proper photo-archaeological study must be done.... but on the assumption that it will take a whole lot more to force the issue into action, we will simply continue along our private path of exploration and investigation until it does...   And of course we will share all with you. 




Now we have offered you a few samples from the Great Pyramid it is

time to turn attention to other Giza locations.


Please return to the index page and watch for subsequent files to be made live asap.

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