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The Images from NC2, and the Ancient History waiting to be Decoded.




But, you cannot judge these results without first reading how they were discovered and extracted....




It does not matter inside the NC2 tunnel system if it is day or night outside. The darkness below, consumes everything. You feel you could cut it with a knife and even the light of powerful torches seems to be swallowed-up into the darkness.


In the many hours of our visits we examined and measured as we could and relied upon high definition (HD) pictures we gathered with our standard Canon digital cameras and camera flash. We did observe in places with the naked eye, the impressions of faded wall images and the sight of carved outlines and simulacrum. You can see a couple of these below - or in other page galleries.


I spent hours examining hundreds of pictures at home.

Quite by accident I made a discovery. I had been using Elements 9 software to do photo cropping but I was unsatisfied with its lack of dexterity to do initial examinations of the pics. I turned to MS Office 2010 software. I found this excellent because it allowed me to change the brightness or contrast etc. etc. and I was able to penetrate the photographs at last.


I had been using the colour filters to vary the colour density/frequency each time. The problem with many of the photographs is that the predominant colour of the rock surface is blinding to the eyes, and obscures faded colour differences in the surfaces.


Suddenly I found in one picture as I made the adjustments, incredible images appeared from the rock surfaces. These were not simple primitive cave art drawings. They were sophisticated images created by skilled hands. I used the same skill of approach and found there were images and scenes to be discovered on the rock surfaces everywhere. We have been working on these over the last couple of years and the results from NC2 and other locations have been astonishing. You will read of the others in subsequent pages.



I was faced with a fundamental problem however. Images appeared very large but also very small... in masses. I was working from HD originals, but the moment I cropped a picture to get closer to the image, I degraded the quality and hence the result. It was clear right from the start therefore, peer review and peer validation would require results to be produced from the very highest quality original pictures. These would have to be produced in Ultra High Definition!


We are saving money currently to buy such a camera.

Another problem was that in order to upload the best results so far for presentation, the site-building software required that all the pictures were small enough to be manipulated and embedded to the site pages. This process degrades the final result yet again!  For now the best we could present is what you will see. It is a poor version of what will be produced eventually with superior camera equipment.


Finally, In order to produce our best, sometimes hours have been spent on a single picture. This has been necessary because different filters and settings have allowed more exact delineations of the shapes through multiple combinations of settings. By viewing and referring to lots of different versions of the same pic. a composite-of-detail could be validated for the final delineation.


Ultra High Definition originals will eventually eliminate the presentation speculation and make it so much easier for those who are able, to entirely duplicate the process and the results. Our mammoth efforts will not be conveyed from the results that you will see on the screen yet - but we can only hope that visitors will see our passion and accept our promise that the results are very real. We feel even from these degraded results you will agree beyond all reasonable doubt - there is a worldwide generic order of ancient, sophisticated ancestral records which have been hidden in plain sight until now.


On a later page you will find the exact description of the software and how I use it. We also offer Free, nearly 100 original HD pics from the NC2 system. This allows anyone the chance to duplicate and validate our results - as they surely must. 




So, before examining the images, here is a summary of facts about the NC2 images and their underground environment.




The Environment

# Some surfaces although protected underground were subject to massive ancient inundation and water flow.

# Natural seams of red ochre in places.

# A section of traditional cave-art paintings of apparent prehistoric creatures in red ochre. 

# Calcite deposits randomly obscuring surfaces.

# Hardened Bat guano in some locations

# Layers of dust and dirt everywhere

# The architecture altered in places with plaster (often damaged), + cast or natural stone wall constructions.

# Surfaces showing raking which can be distinguished between construction finish - and deliberate markings!

# Many specific target areas have been clearly vandalised to obscure imagery

# Many surfaces - where later crude images have been applied over much older sophisticated images.

# Carvings/Simulacrum evident, but many of these have been deliberately vandalised.

   We have dated photographic evidence to prove in at least one location where this was done very recently

   while Zahi's team were in there. We also have dated photographic evidence to prove the removal of

   pricelessly important other items at the same time. We have dated photographic evidence to prove the

   tube tunnel at its current depth, was blocked from below!

# Evidence to show recent ransacking to add to the violent ransacking and disruption of previous raiders.

# Many places conceal deeper chambers etc, but require the removal of hundreds of tons of sand and loose rocks.


The Images

# Only visible to the naked eye in very few places; or detectable by subtle colouration/pigment differences.

# Noticeably where there are specific areas of markings or rakings, these tie to incorporated images.

# Images encompass the following list of types: Theomorphic / Anthropomorphic / Humanoid / and multiples

    of all animal species including extinct.

# Some separated images but mainly in complex three dimensional jungle murals within a wide vista.

# Characters often depicting Pageant or Ceremony

# Showing buildings of traditional jungle design, but also examples akin to modern skyscraper designs.

# Showing undetermined instruments, gadgets, vehicles or other devices.

# Image forms are often very large but always with their shapes filled with ever smaller images..

    (which we have likened to fractal imaging)

# Images often cleverly overlap to incorporate features of adjoining images to help produce their own form.

# Some use the patterned surface raking to give the three dimensional illusion of a water surface, through

    which the mammals, reptiles or fishes can be seen swimming.

# Some examples found where a changed focal depth reveals another complete picture layer.

# Images often incorporate the natural shape of the rock surfaces.

# The positioning of figure groups intentionally indicates direction and directional importance within the system

# Ancient Language script has been discovered, incorporated into the designs. (see later file)

# No examples of Pharaonic script have been detected.

# Software adjusted images often reveal almost holographic detailed three dimensional scenes.

# Using the same analysis technique ...the same generic imagery has been discovered beyond NC2 and Egypt.

# A cursory look at the pictures you are about to view - will be a complete waste of time. You need to

   actually STUDY the pictures until your eyes go to a focal depth beyond the rock surface - which then allows

    the images to appear.

# Apart from the direct Free downloads of many original pics we offer on another page, anyone can

   (save picture as) to their own computer. If you do this, you will get the best viewing results if you duplicate

   what we use to view the pics, and that is MS Office 2010. Anyone who seriously wants to be a part of this

    investigation should do this at least.



( The names you will see are simply names we have given to the pic examples for easier identification )



The Bull/Goat simulacrum: This is to be found close to the deepest part of the system before the tube tunnel

The Chieftain carving is orientated horizontally on the lintel of one of the entrance tomb sub-chambers.




This is the King, close to one of the reception chambers. In fact the picture contains multiple images. Look below the head for example and see the head of the dog type creature. Then perhaps look to the left of the (king)head to pick out the profile of another head of similar size. Further to the left, but smaller, there two cartoon creature images. Deep analysis revealed many more clear images within images.







The following pic is of the chamber at circa 300feet, shortly before the blocked Tube Tunnel (which was the forced tunnel mentioned by Henry Salt and Giovani Caviglia) This is a glorious chamber absolutely covered in images and with examples of ancient Ogam script. (we will deal with that on another page.) We used this on the back cover of the book Echoes from The Chamber. 


Following the initial pic, you will see a series of zoomed/cropped (paired) photos from the original - illustrating some of what can be found specifically on the walls. The cropped pics are in pairs showing the original crop alongside a clone where I have begun to do delineations.



Cropped Example 1



Cropped Example 2

Unabashed, this shows a section filled with snakes, script markings and many other creatures.

It should not require delineations to gain a naked-eye perspective.


Cropped Example 3


Cropped Example 4


Cropped Example 5



Cropped Example 6



Cropped Example 7

This is the main Reception (entrance) Chamber. The first pic is original and in a later file section its extraordinary anatomy will be explained and dissected. The follow-on pics are of the corner bottom left of the main pic. and apart

from the obvious image, we are sure there are still artefacts surviving. Remember, fresh photograph comparisons

will determine whatever else may have been plundered from this system in the meantime.




Cropped Example 8

We found this character on the wall of another chamber near the reception chamber. He has many other less

distinct images around him. Even at this degraded quality, i'm sure you will agree the detail is amazing.



Cropped Example 9

Standing guard before the tube tunnel; we thought this was an alien face until we saw it was a hooded snake

raised to strike. Other filters show plenty of images around it including a figure standing on the right




Other NC2 Page links throughout the site show hundreds more examples from the NC2 system. On these pages we will add new studies as we do them - and eventually we hope, much higher quality ones from

Ultra HD originals.


Look to other pages now for further examples on the plateau and from other countries.

Ancient - intelligent, Ogam language script has been detected in the NC2 system.

It will have its own page and photos shortly.




The implication of these images is enormous.


If a very Ancient people had good reason and a special ability to be able to record their culture and expectations in this way, then we do indeed have WALLS of Records hidden in plain sight perhaps in many places in the world. What knowledge awaits discovery? What truth may we learn from our genuine past?


If an ancient race were driven underground by global catastrophe when the ice melted, there could be no more logical place than beneath the Giza Plateau as one main cultural centre.


Perhaps the legend is right. Perhaps physical artefacts do remain air locked deep below ground in a former city refuge. Surely with time on their hands and special skills, the people would have had ample opportunity, motivation and intelligence to create a pictorial legacy for posterity!


We have just scratched the surface of the work that still awaits investigation. We have thousands of photographs still to analyse, and we have become very restless to get back to Egypt so we can begin gathering new and properly staged photographs. As always we will share the results with you.



If this has whetted your appetite, then it is time to read the entire story! Echoes from The Chamber pulls few punches and challenges our fundamental basis for belief in every way.  We welcome you to the book and hope you will enjoy to join us and support us on our continuing journey of discovery.


We will continue to try and open an awareness to Higher Understanding and this includes the need to not only trace our true roots, but to discover what messages of wisdom may have been left for us as we face an uncertain future on this planet


In the meantime we will continue as before to try and realise all the aims of The Giza Foundation. This embraces our initiatives to work for the betterment of the animals of Cairo first. A terrible tragedy is looming and we wish to help prevent it. You can read all about the dire situation on the foundation website, linked below.               EMail:

This is our core site describing the work and aims of The Giza foundation to help the suffering animals in Cairo






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