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The Re-opening of NC2

In the shadow of an Ancient Civilisation

In pursuit of an Alien Birthright

It is time for us to ignite a fire under this subject again!







COMMENTARY @ Feb 5th 2012: It has been a little while since we presented the new NC2 report linked above but we have not been in a great position to respond to the kind support we have received. This is mainly due to the fact that my life-long sugar diet caught up to me with a Type2 diagnosis ...and the need for a little foot surgery! Now with all matters in hand and me shaken nearly 50lbs lighter but not stirred, we can get back on track.


When the subject of NC2 surfaced, it seemed the world realised its implication back then... which was also not too long ago, even though the whole issue was bogged down with personality and politics. Nevertheless, an indication of interest came from the phenomenal page hits we noted at the time. With this new presentation, the page hits have not matched the original interest but are very substantial and sustained.


We have also had our fair share of mail correspondants with discussion that must still be followed-up. Originally the forums were alive with discussion and Learned speculation about NC2. However from Learned quarters we are staggered at the deafening silence now! We genuinely thought that the community who promote and present themselves as keepers of emerging historical knowledge would have been brave enough to swallow partisan interests to engage with this subject. It seems courage has deserted them. Surprise surprise!


For our part, we will pick up the baton and continue with our research as best as we are able.... and despite hard times... as best also as a few more kind patrons may offer us some tangible support. Thank you to all visitors and supporters.

Richard and Judith.




Time to return to the NC2 Files and feast on the probabilities