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Brief Out-of-Body and Lucid Explanations



Out of Body:


If an involuntary OBE, I usually wake from it suddenly at any time with a shock.


My memory would be in real time as if I had just been transported out of the experience.


I would be filled with awareness from my self-realisation within the experience that I had become excited or over expectant. This would have automatically grounded or dropped my vibration and drawn me out of it.


The memory of the experience would be as sharp as anything that had physically happened to me for example in the few hours before sleep. I would also be aware of it as a teaching or learning experience where I would often interact with one or more persons. The memory of it remains with me with the same strength and durability as a normal daytime memory of something important that happened.

Many people will remember an experience when they jolt awake from sleep suddenly as if hit by electricity!  

It is a shock to the system, but usually forgotten as they fall back to sleep.

This happens when the person is actually out of body.

Something disturbs the physical senses.

The stimulus to the mind causes a vibrational drop. The Presence has a sudden recall to balance with the body.

This sudden snap-back is a reflex action of self protection.

The Presence responds to the alarm by condensing back to the physical body instantly in readiness.

The (electric) jolt is the result.


Random Dream:


These would be disjointed thoughts and snatches of scenarios which had no apparent control or direction. I know this to be the process where we are freed from physical stimulus in sleep, and the product of the day’s sensual input is re~ordered (in vibrational terms) within our Presence.

During the process, the packets of vibrational energy generated by our reaction to the events of the day we have recorded in our lower consciousness - play themselves out amid the circulations of our Presence. Thus the vibrational signature of our Presence becomes modified.

Remember our vibrational matrix is a cumulative record of everything we have ever inputted or experienced and each daily input interacts with the product of our Presence, to line our thought patterns up for a new day.

During the process we go much further, because we have the ability to project forward and view all ‘scenarios of Probability’ in our world. From these we will adopt new pathways of Probability next day that are most compatible to our vibrational level; leading to bad or good choices and their outcome.

When we experience dιjΰ vous, it is simply us remembering one of the Probability-scenarios we considered previously in sleep. We were there before, but it was in our own forward-newsreel during sleep! We recognise this when we Actualise it ourselves next day.

(This is also the source by the way, for Precognition.)

It is highly likely during this process that our Minders on another level will pass teaching packets of energy to us. They may be simple vibrational prompts for us to consider a beneficial scenario, otherwise missed, and it helps to expand our sacred choice.


Depending upon how fried our brain is from its daily input, (topped up with a few hours of banal television) we may even recall wider Probabilities that relate to our environment or others around us. But most likely the combination of the whole process produces an overflow of unresolved choices and considerations that are carried into the next day as quickly forgotten mixed up dream thoughts and scenarios.

One way the process works for us to help ourselves despite ourselves is this:

We may have considered a scenario that is compatible to our vibration but is not necessarily the best choice we should be making, (ie the line of best Probability for us.) When we act out our choice next day, there is the a moment where a checking thought enters our head telling us not to proceed! (The source of instinct,)  If we listen to ourselves, we find we may have saved ourselves from an unpleasant outcome. It can also work in the opposite way to urge us towards a good outcome. The checking thought will have been our own reminder from the night before in one of our (what if) considerations of Probability.

Generally therefore, random dreaming holds mixed up clues to the whole process of our vibrational activity and progress.


Lucid Dreaming.


If the memory of an OBE is like the sharp memory of an interactive experience yesterday, then a lucid dream is like the sharp memory of watching a good movie yesterday.

The whole movie would have been profound, but dressed in a storyboard that is often fantastic. It would have been encoded with lessons dressed as metaphors from the story line. It would also have come from a dream scenario, but this time guided by Minders acting on our higher motivations. Their purpose would be to try and provide insights or hooks for our brain in daily life to make us think more deeply before reacting.

The Lucid dream could as easily have been created completely from our own higher mind when we have not condensed our vibration with too much clutter from the day before.


Through Lucid or Random Dream memories, there are other ways we receive help from higher levels. We prepare hidden (sleep time) hooks in our mind for when events unfold, and our Minders often do the same. An example would be when an activity leads to an exceptional inspiration or idea or solution. These just seem to jump to us out of nowhere.

The trigger may be something we are doing, or hearing, or something that has just happened to us. I often wake with a piece of music in my mind. It can be an obscure song or something I heard and forgot years ago. I have often woken with the music and a title, but the lyrics forgotten. I am compelled to use the internet to track down the words to fit the piece of music I have remembered. The lyrics, or snatch of lyrics always hold a clear message about something very relevant in my life, and so gives me direction.

Music or sound is of a higher vibration. It is therefore much easier to create a hook for the mind within a piece of music. The vibrational qualities of a piece of music are the perfect communication medium for the higher message to be conveyed.


The mistake with a Lucid dream is to take it apart literally when in fact it provides a Scenario of Metaphor.  When we are sure we have brought back a genuine lucid dream it can be invaluable to help us face ourselves. It provides a cold metaphoric snapshot of our vibrational signature, or more likely an indicator of the blocks we must overcome to move forward spiritually.


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