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SKULLS - More than simple anatomy 




When I want to listen to music I turn on the radio. I don’t have an alternative name for the instrument. It’s just the radio! Similarly I could turn on the computer for U Tube etc. I don’t have an alternative name for my computer… It is just my computer!

I remember one time staring - fascinated at the stream of rainbow colour that was emanating from a large glass prism in my hand. I had no other pet name for it. It was a prism!

I even once owned Walki-talkies which were great fun to use, but honestly, I can’t ever remember referring to the unit in my hand by the name of the person I was talking to. Nope!...It was definitely a case of press the button on the ‘Unit’ and then speak to the person who was listening on the other ‘unit.’


In all of these examples I was using some kind of instrument which was the medium for the transmission of music or speech. (Stating the obvious I knowww!) but to be more precise, they each provided a matrix for communication, and as we all know, a matrix has an individual ordered structure which is compatible to the task.

With electronics the matrix can be tuned mechanically.

With the prism the tuning depended on correct alignment of the incoming light stream to produce a light spectrum which could be displayed on an appropriate surface from the other side.


People have a matrix too. It is better referred to as a vibrational signature. Our vibrational matrix can be infinitely tuned depending on vibrational condition, our motivation, and mood at the time.

Our matrix is capable of reaching to compatibility with states from sub-base, to exalted levels beyond physical. Our inner and outer senses can be alert to a universe of information and knowledge which a neighbouring person less attuned will have no concept or awareness of.

We are capable of making use of all of the examples described for communication if we, or they, are tuned to receive.


Crystals each have an ordered matrix!

They also have a plus/minus potential for tuning dependent usually on temperature.

The Branes/states beyond quantum and their inhabitants have an ordered matrix!

They are perhaps more refined and sublime than this level, but no less valid.


In simple terms therefore, the platonic matrix of a crystal in the hands of someone who can attune to it, acts just like the medium of a radio, or computer, or a prism etc infinitum.

The knowledge/wisdom/information that can thereby be extracted depends upon the harmony of tuning between all elements of the transaction.


This transaction does not depend on the colour or shape of my radio; or the brand of my computer; or the size of my prism  ….nor on the fancy shape of my crystal, as in the form of a skull for example!

It is an endearing quality that some of us give a pet name to inanimate things. Many for example have names for their cars. I guess it must be true that a few people even have names for their radio or computer etc. and there are legions of people who have pet names for their crystal skulls. That is fair enough unless we imagine that the inanimate item has transformed into a sentient being where its individual matrix has become a living personality. Hehe… I know the notion sounds so silly written down on paper… but we ‘can’ sometimes become so close to something that we blur the reality of its purpose in this way. I guess our forgiving minders often sigh from the other place as they try to tune past the ego of a thought-form attachment, to reach the heart of its owner with much higher inspiration. I guess there is no harm in calling our crystals and skulls whatever we want, from Popeye to Freda, or the Grand Empress - just so long as we hang on to the true reality of their state, their capability and their modus for use.... Richard



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