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In a City far away, a Wise man came upon two Priests fighting.
He accosted them and bade them stop.
Their fine temples of worship stood opposite each other on the square and they competed with each other for the hearts and minds of the population.
Each claimed 'their' version of the Truth was more valid.

The Wise man told them,
"Bring your most sacred Altar stones to me and we will settle the issue."
The stones were laid side by side on the ground and the Wise man spoke again.

"I see a mist around these stones, each of differing colour, and the colours reveal your Principles of Possession. I look beyond the mist and I see the combined texture of the stones surface. I see even beyond their surface to the mass of rock in the ground they came from.

Deeper still, I see the particles of dust and dirt and gas in the Stellar sky that would one day become the Planet that spawned them."

Then before anyone could intervene he produced a hammer and brought it down with mighty force to smash the stones into grains of sand again.

The Priests were outraged.

They screamed at him,

“You have smashed our sacred Altar stones.”
“You have blasphemed and attacked our Truths."

But the Wise man held them back saying,

"No! I have attacked your Principles of Possession instead."

“How can you both claim the Truth when you each claim possession of its one symbol.
You both seek to possess the hearts and minds of men in the name of your sacred Truth,
and that your Doctrines represent the only path to find it."

"The stones represent all that has gone before to form them.
That is the Truth, …and it cannot be Possessed.

So it is with all things.

Your Temples and saints and rituals establish a Principle of Possession only."

He pointed to the ground and said boldly,

"Each of you gather a handful of sand and go forth 'together' to preach the real truth at last,"

..and he marched away, leaving them both in deep thought.





It is surely true that these Principles of Possession also apply to the learned and lofty who dictate their version of our origins on this planet !



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