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                                        VISIONS IN THE NIGHT



Night of June 1st 2010 


I was in a semi detached house with Judith. It could have been in the suburbs of any Western city. The house we were in was only a couple of houses from the end of the road which led on to park land. The land there rose gradually into a grassy hill which overlooked the estate.


The house was quite large and we were in the kitchen which backed on to a very large garden area. This was also laid out with well worn grass, and I remember bare patches here and there. It was bounded by a wooden fence about six feet high and in particular in one section the slats were broken, leaving a gap of about four feet down to waist level.


I stepped out into the garden because we could hear the loud barking of a dog.

Judith told me to be careful because it might not be friendly but I didn’t feel any danger.


As I stepped out I immediately saw a dog, built sleek like a classic black Doberman Pinscher but it was huge and its back would have been much higher than my waist. It seemed to be having a time of complete madness. I remember distinctly thinking to myself that it also looked like a perfect example of a classic Anubis dog.


As I walked out on to the grass I watched as the dog bounded from the fence one side of the garden to the fence the other side; then it turned and ran to the house before running and bounding in a straight line to where it started. It continued on the same circuit several times, gambolling, racing and barking, and I realised it was running a circuit that was triangle shaped like a pyramid.


From inside the house I could hear Judith shouting again for me to be careful. Finally the dog made a huge leap right over the fence to my left as I looked back to the house. It was leaping up and down in the next garden because every couple of seconds its leaping head and shoulders appeared between barks above the line of the fence. I picked up a broken brush head from the ground and threw it at the fence as if to shoo it away. I shouted to Judith to ask if she knew where it came from. She shouted back to me that it came from  (house?) Number 6.


The next moment the dog leapt back through the gap in the fence behind me. It trotted this time towards the house and bent down to lap at some rainwater in a small furrow. I realised it was thirsty and felt there was nothing to fear from it at all. There was a garden faucet/tap outlet on the wall near the left hand corner of the house where the side path was. I saw there was a bucket there and I started walking over to it with the intention to get a proper drink of water for the dog.


At that moment it was still a while before my alarm clock would wake me, but I was broken from the vision by a telephone call from Judith. Five hours behind me in the USA, Judith was in a detached frame of mind and was having difficulty getting to sleep. After exchanging a little conversation and in my dreamy state we completed the call without me actually mentioning what was in my head. I fell back to the bed and drifted off to sleep again.


I was immediately aware of myself in the sky a couple of hundred feet looking down obliquely to the garden I had been in earlier. The dog was still there but accompanied by several other identical dogs. As I scanned the neighbourhood I could see no people but there was a deafening sound of barking because there were dozens of these dogs all over the estate and the roads just gambolling about and playing excitedly together. I remember thinking this was crazy and they would scare the hell out of anyone they met.


In the next moment I was down in the garden again with a hose pipe in my hand from the faucet/tap, gushing with a stream of water. The one dog approached me still totally excitable. I was prompted instinctively to call out the word ZinUru (that of Emerald Tablets origin) while starting to make the King’s Chamber invocation sound. There was an immediate response from all the dogs. They immediately stopped barking and became very calm and placid. The first dog came over to me and drank thirstily from the stream of water I offered, and then another and another before trotting forward to make room for other dogs.


I saw other dogs leaping silently over the fence from all directions and as if in an orderly file, were waiting their turn to get to the water to have a good drink. All the while I continued the intonement and thought to myself that maybe I could get the dogs away from there with the sound. I wedged the hosepipe and turned the water on fuller so there was a substantial flow for the dogs in line. I then made my way through them and down the path to the road.


There were a lot of the dogs quietly milling about already on the road. I increased the loudness of the intonement and strode off towards the open ground and the grassy hill. I realised there was silence otherwise. No dogs were barking. I began to walk up the slope of the hill and saw the dogs were following a short distance behind me. As I got to near the top of the hill, I turned to see how the last crowd of the dogs were filtering through the watering spot. All the others were spreading out around the hill and climbing towards me.


Then a strange thing happened. As the nearest ranks of dogs got to within about six feet of me, they had begun to fade and become lighter, and were disappearing as if through a dimensional curtain right in front of me. Gradually all the dogs were catching up and the last stragglers were almost all at the point where they too would disappear completely.


Of to my right a few feet, from hundreds of dogs there was only one remaining. It stopped and sat down. I felt as if it may be the first one I had seen and I felt a great sadness that it ‘must’ go where the others had gone. I stepped forward and grasped it around its neck and gave it a big hug. I felt emotionally overcome that it had to go, but would not leave unless I helped it on its way. I stopped intoning and spoke to it saying I was sorry but he had to come with me. The dog obediently stood and walked forward with me.


I felt myself going through a vibrational veil of some kind and was startled with the brightness as I passed through. It was difficult to adjust my eyes, like the sun was shining directly at me, but I could see beautiful trees and grasslands and the shape of some of the dogs as they disappeared from view. I looked down still with sadness as the last dog turned to me and looked straight into my eyes with a piercing knowingness. He dropped his head and turned to walk away into the light. I turned too and walked back through the veil, spilling tears. As I stepped out I was confronted with a huge white tiger…. My tiger.

I looked into its powerful compassionate eyes and felt its strength course through me. I remember saying simply, ‘thank you,’ and I bent forward to give it a big hug too, and instantly woke with the tears and emotions still flowing through me.





The story does not finish here, because later I spoke with Judith again on the telephone.

She had been awake for some time and had something to tell me.


For many months Judith has been woken from sleep exactly on or around the time of 3.33am and has been obsessed to draw pictures; almost in an automatic state. These have come to her also when she has woken naturally at the end of the night, and she has built up quite a collection.


On this occasion Judith said she had a particularly strange feeling and had been induced to draw the following picture. (For at least a couple of days after this date, we both continued to have a strange displaced awareness)






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