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The Whistle Blows Bigtime again at NC2  Part 1


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The Cave of the Birds / The Entrance of Agathodaimon !!


Did you seriously think you had heard the last word ?                                        .......If so...think again and read on !



Viewed from above


Important recap :


North Cliff refers to a location high on the Giza Plateau where there are tombs cut into the cliff. The tombs are cut into what were once water courses /fissures from when sea levels were much higher. The best known is the Tomb designated NC2/ North Cliff 2.     A large tomb at this location has been hewn from the fissure. Steps from the ground level of the tomb lead down each side into corridors and huge chambers.


Within the ground level part of the tomb at its farthest end, the hewn section of the tomb, opens into the continuing natural tunnel/cavern system which travels for an undetermined distance into the depth of the plateau.


The system in modern time was at least known to have been investigated in 1817 by explorers Salt and Caviglia. Their notes surfaced from the British Library recently. Writer, Andrew Collins and his band, including especially Nigel Skinner Simpson, studied these notes, and funded by the A.R.E. eventually relocated the entrance to the cavern system. From a number of visits they shared limited observations and pics with Zahi Hawass, and as Dr Hawass was completely unaware of the system, there ensued an ungamely public battle of ego between Collins and Hawass to claim possession of the discoverer's moral high ground!


By synchronicity, and for very different reasons of calculation, explorer Bill Brown had highlighted the area of this entrance as one of very special significance. His reasons are more to do with the Geomatrix layout and purpose of the pyramid fields per  His reasons will follow this exposure and will be vindicated with the same strength of authority claimed by others with 'their' stellar layout explanations.


In the period while all this was happening, Judith and I also visited and thoroughly explored the system as far as that of Collins and Co. We brought out detailed descriptions and hundreds of pics which we openly shared with the world. These serious articles and galleries are available from HERE and HERE  (There are multiple extra gallery / page links from the end of the first link.).   At the time the entrance was openly accessable.


The public battle however - led to their entrances being barred with solid iron grilles to keep everyon from seeking-out whatever treasures of knowlege may still be waiting there.


Dr Hawass featured the cavern system in his television series Chasing Mummies. In a Blairwitch style camera expedition, an excitable Dr Hawass led a troup of pseudo investigative film crew witnesses tramping like blind elephants throughout, and declared from this (professional) evaluation that the caves contained nothing and led nowhere! It can easily be proved, even from the dissection of stills from the episode, that the whole thing was an unforgivable deception which flew in the face of any serious archaeological evaluation.


Very recently Collins brought out a much hyped and expensive DVD (The Lost Caves of Giza) which promised much but delivered nothing that had not already been delivered ad hoc. In fact there was little surprise when it was cloned almost immediately for anyone to access on UTube for free. However the DVD is slick and certainly gives a broad account of the circumstances surrounding the trail leading to NC2.


We know that Collins and other colleagues have also previously claimed the moral high ground for delivering truthful and balanced journalistic facts. On this occasion it must have been a simple slip of the mind then after our early friendly liaison with them, that 'our' visits to the NC2 system and the information we were able to report, were purged from the chronology of events. 'We' are less bashful and are happy to confirm Collins & Co invaluable contribution via ARE's benefaction to rediscover the NC2 entrance!


However as already stated, the DVD was less to do with the actual meaning and purpose of the system than about Collins journey to its door and public possession of the cave system. Maybe that was the reason for the slip up. Who knows? ...especially as the only thing important is its disclosure, meaning and implication.


Our visit into the system brought out evidence of significant finds in the lower tomb chambers and within the caverns above. There were also extensive ancient pictures/drawings/simulacrum/ & scratchings etc. on the walls.


Following abuse from barrack room lawyers, the entire set of HD PIcs were offered publically for someone with professional equipment to challenge the hours and days of study which led to our conclusions. To date, not a single challenge has appeared!!  ... and we stand absolutely firm for our assertions of what the system contained / contains.


Furthermore.... since our first visit

....and since the metal grilles were welded/cemented in place over the entrances

.......several more hours have been spent exploring deep inside the system!



It must be explained, we are fully aware that every way imaginable has been tried - to coerce, bribe or persuade workers, guards, officials, police etc to find a way to get past those grilled entrances. We are aware that there is not a key available at any price which would be given up to open the huge padlock on the metal gate of NC2 to a clendestine visitor. Any new padlock exchange must involve 3 authorised senior officials, and such an act is done with grave seriousness.


On one occasion some while ago, I made official enquiries to see if it may be possible to regain access.

A generous free donation would be offered in exchange and in appreciation to the work of the plateau. Via intermedieries the negotiations were looking optimistic. On the day, I was actually in the car about to be taken for a final official meeting before I would be allowed very limited visiting time there.


However, unknown to me, a very senior person at the head of this chain, had mistakenly identified me as Andrew Collins. I learned later he had drawn a wrong conclusion when my enquiries had reached his level. He had a particular interest because following the Collins Hawass debacle about the existence of the system, many senior people including him had suffered wrath from the fallout as new security was put in place - as a reaction to the public loss of face suffered by Dr Hawass.


By the most mindblowing synchronicity, my host who had been with me a very short time earlier to drop me off to my connection, had left with an uneasy feeling. He felt compelled to call in a favour from a very trusted friend at the location I was to be taken to. He managed to speak to him on the phone.


The friend tipped my host off that as per my mistaken identity, my intended patron would be unavailable when I arrived.  Instead, I was to be met by a 'reception' committee. They were going to take me somewhere to re-educate me and set an example.  I do not know how severe the lesson was going to be.


The synchronicity was completed when my host returned across the desert at screeching speed and retrieved me from the car I was in. It was like a spoof from Indiana Jones, with great clouds of dust from his car as he screeched into the compound. He told me the whole plot later when we were some distance in safety, and there was a debrief with official friends next day which confirmed the whole story. I swear these facts to be true. I would take a polygraph to prove it and would stand in court to confirm. Such is the intensity and base feeling when it comes to the power playing and control of affairs of the plateau.


One would think there was much more at stake than a few old ruins under the sand !!!



So how could the system be explored again. My answer is to ask that the following question be considered... When did you know of a location or such an important system that was built with only one front door?  Hmm?


In this venture the system was indeed deeply explored again, but at no stage did this compromise the integrity of any official employee or guard of the plateau and associates. The way is always made clear and allowed to simply fall into the lap of the righteous. You can count on it !!  And Boy! oh Boy ! it sure yielded up a few little secrets that everyone needs to know about..


And I can tell you... the information that has been recovered outweighs by a zillion - any possible consideration or contention over how access was achieved to recover the information. Do not be distracted by attempts from ANYONE to place attention on 'how' the info was recovered..... It would be a cynical and calculated attempt to divert you from the core issue of the skulduggery that was afoot and the implications from what we found.



So what was discovered?



Everyone knows how excruciatingly long it takes to even complete a simply open trench excavation! Most will also know how painstakingly and carefully an excavation must be measured and recorded. It was for this reason and more that we never disturbed so much as a single stone, though it would have been so easy first time to have removed a host of valuable items while they were still there.


Here was a vast, complex underground system which potentially stretched miles, and equally may be stuffed full of items of heretage going back tens of thousands of years. So.... clearly there may be 'years' of archaeological work to be carried out at NC2. Around the time the entrance was barred, there was feverish activity at NC2. An official hand picked working gang was there for a few weeks only.... but you would not even expect them to achieve too much in such a short time.  (...And as the workers and Egyptial political life moved on, there would always be the iron bars and locks to keep anyone from looting)



The first shock !


I had the unique benefit of having spent valuable observational time throughout the tunnels and caverns.

I noticed immediately the whole system had been systematically raped of any large item that was there before.    All gone !   All removed ! !    .....It was like 'The Firm' had been in to do a good cleanup job.


The metal bars therefore were not protecting what was 'in' there.

They were protecting the knowlege of what had been taken 'from' there !


There were still lots of smaller items throughout... but anything large and meaningful was now gone. This included the sarcophigus or maybe two of them which were inside one of the lower hewn tomb chambers. You will be able to see the before and after pics for this and other things in the following galleries.


...The second shock!


From a place high in one of the lower tomb chambers where I had suspected on the previous visit there may be more to find, I saw a way had been opened to a new entrance. Difficult investigation of this revealed an extensive further natural system which was barred by fallen boulders. The same story awaited beyond the huge reception chamber where boulders had been cleared and the way was open into a continued cave system there also. Deeper into the plateau where we had previously identified plugged openings near to the Tube tunnel - These had been opened and pillaged of whatever had been inside them. It was the same story throughout! The official working party had been an official/unofficial snatch-and-grab raiding party. It seems our hundreds of photographs and our testimonies are the only substantial independent record of what was in the system before recent (official) activity!


Later in the deep inky blackness at one stage I turned off my light and stood quiet for a long time to try and feel the powerful vibrations we felt there before. It was hopeless. This part of the system had been so badly violated. My emotions were overcome and spilled out. I am consolidated by the fact that whoever was in there missed other very significant things which I am keeping shut about at the moment....  lest the same official antiquities thieves return again for what they may have missed !!



...The Third and most shattering shock !



At approximately 350 feet into the system the journey falters amid the stench of ammonia from the bat droppings and urine; though the bat colony was much reduced. The next section is via a Tube Tunnel barely big enough for a person to crawl through in any comfort. I was familiar with it sufficiently to still have a fairly accurate picture in my mind of what I would find. Alongside on the ground there was a discarded (ammonia) mask plus other items junked by the mystery working crew who had been in there.


Upon arrival my fears were justified even by the vandalism done to the plugged openings I had seen before in the ajacent chamber. These had been broken open and were clean as a whistle of whatever they had contained. I peered into the tube. I saw there was a blockage perhaps.  I saw the stone tablets which previously appeared to be plugging a small shaft, along with several objects some distance into the tube along the left hand wall, were all gone.


I was properly suited-up and had my mask & gloves and I crawled into the Tube. At about 2x body lengths into it I noticed a number of things. First there were small openings from the tunnel right side into extensive narrow tunnel niches. I could barely move and tried to take pics of these. Some worked out and they are shown in the pics gallery.


In the darkness by flashlight the camera struggled to find focus. Ahead of me the Tube was blocked by a mass of fairly fine multicoloured spoil. It gradually sloped away from me over perhaps 6 to 8 feet, rising until it nearly blocked to the top of the Tube. The spoil did not seem to completely match the colour of the walls of the tube, and there was no way it was all naturally in place!


More caught my eye. I saw at the bottom of this slope of sandy debris, slightly larger stones had rolled off and gathered at the bottom in front of me. It was the glint that caught my flashlight, because there amongst the spoil, was aluminium foil like workers may use from the shop to wrap food.


The special thing about this however was that we were, 12 feet or more into the tube that had not been blocked before.... It was now blocked with alien material for at least another 12 visible feet..... The material had been introduced by hand..... It had been introduced deliberately. The direction of the gradual slope coupled with the rolled off stones, coupled with the worker's debris under it... all told me two clear truths:


This was where Salt and Caviglia gained access into the belly of the Plateau. It had been blocked a short time ago.









Now maybe you are ready to see the first Evidence pics plus explanations.

Then we can begin to try and answer the ....WHY?  HOW?  & WHO? etc.



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